Mirrored GIF Creations

I started by creating these new GIF animations:




… and by simply adding a Mirror effect from FCPX, we get these…




Fun magic with free software.

It’s been said before,  it’s being heralded now, and it will be spoken again…


More to come. 

Love to all.

Look at the Pretty Flowers



Fun with masking and green screen effects.

Be the creator.


More to come.

Love to all.


Massive Halo Solar Eruption Live

Made by yours truly courtesy of helioviewer.org once again. It’s late and I’m tired so I’m keeping this short. Basically, a massive filament erupted from the Sun not too long ago… footage is still coming in, but this is relatively close to the latest so far. I’m sure in a few hours there will be more, but for now, you can clearly see the power of this eruption from multiple outlets. Check it out, have a look for yourselves. Again, THERE IS NO DANGER. This is not coming at Earth, although it looks as though it will glance our planet, causing colorful auroras, possibly some satellite interference, but doubtful. Just more spectacular auroras from the Sun’s radiation reacting with our atmosphere. Enjoy the video, more to come. Wide eyes open, love to all.


Image   Today’s word of the day is going to be bailiwick. This will also be the topic of my 400th post, yes my FOUR-HUNDREDTH POST. I come across this word every day, but how and why is my business. I’m just here to tell you what the word means>>>  bailiwick  <<< CLICK HERE for the dictionary definition. My definition is always simpler, a bailiwick is a person’s particular skill and/or talent. In a sentence… As a detective, the man’s bailiwick was homicide. A bailiwick also refers to the district that a baliff works in, such as in a courtroom. Take a minute and find a use for bailiwick in your own sentence. My main interest is writing, and you might say my bailiwick is blog-writing. See, not so hard. So happy 400th post to me and whatever your bailiwick may be, put your heart into it. Wide eyes open, love to all.


Learn How to Watch Our Sun…MUST WATCH


A GREAT video from our friends at SuspiciousObservers. This guy does a daily report focused mainly on solar activity, but also with updates in Earth climate extremes. WATCH THIS VIDEO if you want to learn how to look at the Sun. He goes into all aspects of his daily 3 to 4 minute updates which you will be more apt to watch if you know what he is always referring to. It really isn’t that complicated if you just use that big egg on top of your neck. So, one more time, this is a MUST WATCH. The Sun is very beautiful, but that beauty is ominous. One hiccup from the Sun could shut down this fragile electric system on Earth that we all depend on so much. The globalists have been very thorough in covering up the fact that we do NOT need electric wiring, nor the aforementioned fragile electrical grid system we are so dependent on. Nikola Tesla solved that problem 100 years ago, but Thomas Edison sank that boat bc we was making so much money with his electric gig and so were his globalist pig scum investors. Free electricity means no profit from selling it, and so they hid Tesla from history up until relatively recently. But that is another blog for another time. I may have already written about it, check the archives. if not, here’s a quick link: Free Energy | Nikola Tesla  …have a look, you’ll see, if your eyes are open. Surely we are well passed that point by now, so with wide eyes open, as always, love to all.