Mirrored GIF Creations

I started by creating these new GIF animations:




… and by simply adding a Mirror effect from FCPX, we get these…




Fun magic with free software.

It’s been said before,  it’s being heralded now, and it will be spoken again…


More to come. 

Love to all.


You may all be facing feeling of needing to be more creative with your lives, to devote yourself to writing or art or anything else considered artistic. Many of you go to your same crappy job that you despise, day after day, just to get paid. When you finish that, you have no time to be closer with yourself, to express your inner creativity outward. Do you like being so tired from a job you hate that you have no more time left for you?

Change that now, change it today. Start yourself one of these. A blog is a great way to express your ideals and visions, your creativity, to anyone and everyone. You will not get paid, the reward is not monetary. The love you get back from the love you send out is where the treasure lies. Being creative to make others happy is true benevolence. Time to wake up. Stop being a slave to work you do not like and where you are not appreciated.

Life is too short to keep doing this to yourself, so short now. Less than 4 months. Wow. that time is tick, tick, ticking away from you all isn’t it? Better start paying attention and getting attune with your Higher Self again. Find your creativity, remember something you did long ago, something or some way you created that made you happy and someone else smile. Embrace those memories and make them alive again. Return to yourself. Wake up and stop wasting your time. Love to all.