Your Life in Jelly Beans

This is one of the latest uploads from our dear friend zefrank. This quick vid sums up your lives in the span of roughly 29,000 jelly beans. This vid is only a couple minutes long so I HIGHLY recommend you take a few short moments of what time you have in your life to get enlightened via this little jelly bean of philosophical insight.  Zefrank has numerous, numerous vids that are just great. I don’t know him personally, this is only what I have gathered from watching his vids. He’s quite unique and extremely sharp, here’s his link:    Have a look. Jelly wobbling      What if the remaining time is like this pile of Jell-o for some instead of individual jelly beans? Just one big quivering mass of a single giggly jelly bean?… Wide eyes open. Love to all.

They Keep Calling Me


They keep calling me.

they keep calling me.

they keep calling me.

they keep calling me.

they keep calling me.

they keep calling me.

Fucking calling me,

keep on calling me,

they keep calling me.






Donate Plz

There’s a big button to your right there that says, “DONATE” in big letters via Paypal. Unfortunately, government issued paper money is needed to get by… i.e pay bills, food, etc… Remember, it’s a game of Monopoly, except only 1 person wins at monopoly. Not all of us are down to nothing left though. I wouldn’t wish this brokeness on anyone, times are really rough financially. I could go on rambling and pleading and sounding needy but who needs that? So if you can, plz donate, your help is greatly appreciated. It helps me keep helping all of you, together we help ourselves. Wide eyes open. Love to all.


Alien Races

Martian in disguise preparing to take over Earth in Mars Attacks        Some info from my good friend Dante. These are 50 of 58 detailed alien races in a book called The Alien Races Book, very soon to be published. This vid is more-or-less a summary of said 50 alien races, leaving the final 8 for the book which as I aforementioned, should be getting published very soon. Here’s a link to his Youtube channel:    Have a look, whether or not it is true it is still knowledge, and this knowledge may save your human ass some day. Wide eyes open. Love to all. 


Click Here Animation


As you know, I do not watch television. I use a television as my computer monitor, but I rarely watch tv, a few shows here and there, that’s it. Do you know why I do not watch television often? Because televisions are designed to program you, hence the term television programming.  And how are these programs brought to all of you?… they are broadcast, like a spell. Casting a program over the broad audience, YOU. It’s all in the etymologies, all in the words. Think about the words you use before you say them. They have manipulated the language to honor themselves, yes, it’s a fact, programming is one example of thousands, maybe millions of double-speak work tricks they use against you. 

Colorful TV Animation

Do you know who invented television? When? Where? Why? Here’s a link >>> History of television    Turns out it was invented by a German guy. Despite the whole Nazi world domination ultimate evil thing, Germans are quite inventive aren’t they? Numerous contributions to technological progress can be attributed to the Germans. 1884, a German named Paul Nipkow created the scanning disk, but never developed his work into a fully functional television system. After that, several inventors from all over made contributions. A Scottish inventor John Baird broadcast the first ship to shore broadcast in 1927, but you can all read that for yourselves. I just show you the path, you must be the one to walk down it.

Simple TV Animation           Once it became apparent that a television could be used to control information, the deception began, and here we are today. The first satellite broadcast was done by the Nazis and is footage of Adolph Hitler giving a speech. Coincidence? The Nazis were going for global domination. Information is power. Those who control the information have all the power. To control the information, you need control of the media. Now we live in a world where the fractional 1% globalist pig scum have taken media control to an unprecedented level. Orchestrated false flags, misinformation, celebrity distractions, all designed to keep you complacent, docile, and predictable. And guess what, 85 to 90% of you let them do it to you, at least in this country. What was the USA is now a nation of brainwashed hypnotized programmed consumption junkies. That is exactly what the globalist pig scum want, so when they bring down the hammer, you are so disillusioned you will have no choice but to conform or die. That hammer is coming, the great change, weeks, days, hours, maybe minutes away. We are amid the Summer Solstice. The illuminati occultists love to do ritualistic things during solstices and equinoxes. They are into astrology because there are answers in astrology. Certain times and days have certain meanings and certain influences. Planets, stars, all of it is connected. It is esoteric knowledge that most of you aren’t aware of because they keep it from you. If you knew what they know, their illusion would collapse in on themselves. 

With the advent of the alternative media, we are discovering these truths however and sharing them with you all so you can open your hearts and minds to a more expansive reality than the one you once thought you knew so well. They have had the power for a long time, because they have had all of the information, but we are discovering that knowledge and translating it in a way for all of you to understand. We are “leveling out the playing field” as the expression goes. However, they vigorously try to keep the scales tipped in their favor via their control over the MSM, the Main Stream Media. All the fake news they tell you is real, all the shows, the sports, the televised events they distract you with, all peppered with commercials that subliminally program you to consume more and more. Most people succumb to it, blissful in their own lazy ignorance.

But not everyone, and day by day, more and more detach and reawaken to the feeling of needing to return to higher self. One by one becomes two by two as they Fibonacci spiral expresses itself everywhere everyday in infinite and mysterious ways. More people are tired of being programmed, tired of being enslaved to a life they do not like, just tired of this insolvent machine that feeds of humanity like a cancerous parasite. And the great first step is to turn off the television. Do it for just one day, one whole day with no tv and see how you feel. If you already do not watch tv, encourage others who do to turn off their televisions and have a conversation and/or do some sort of activity, think of things to do, what are some things you want to do but never do them. Try doing some of those things, read a book, play an instrument, take a walk, go get a coffee, just don’t get caught up in the ritual of watching television all the time. There are many people, I know them, I see them all the time, they come home, turn on the television, and depress their brains down to full alpha wave state by staring at the television programming…. for hours, occasionally getting up to get more food, drink, go to the bathroom, but ultimately it boils down to go to work, come home, turn on tv, consume, go to sleep, repeat. And sadly, may people are stuck in that cycle and they either can’t let go or have convinced themselves that they are happy by doing nothing but living vicariously through television characters and situations. It’s very sad, it’s depressing, but instead of allowing it, do something about it. Turn a tv off for someone. Show them. Now of course most people won’t be very receptive and I do not mean to literally just go turn off tv’s and say,” Get off your asses and do something.” I just mean to be smart about it. Suggest something. Because if one person is sucked in to their tv, the other people can either do something, or get sucked in to. Encourage the do something part and like I said, use some tact in your approach. Don’t ever run to fuck one person, walk instead, and you can fuck them all. That’s a variation of some proverbial thing I heard somewhere sometime I don’t remember long ago. Post 401 is now at it’s end. Only YOU can deprogram yourselves. Wide eyes open. Love to all.