Mirrored GIF Creations

I started by creating these new GIF animations:




… and by simply adding a Mirror effect from FCPX, we get these…




Fun magic with free software.

It’s been said before,  it’s being heralded now, and it will be spoken again…


More to come. 

Love to all.


This is an underwater image of a city off the coast of Cuba.



Ancient it is believed, and complete with pyramids, sphinxes, roads, houses, etc… Could it be Atlantis? There are numerous sites like this all over the world, but you don’t really hear about them too much do you? Ever wonder why that is? They don’t want you to know what they do not know first. that is why it up to you to take the responsibility to learn and educate yourselves as much as possible. There are numerous stories about Atlantis, great floods that submerged whole civilizations, but the information is just made available to all of you. That is why you must do your own researching, your own fact-finding. The information is out here for everyone. Take it while you can. Time gets shorter and shorter by the second. Love to all. 


True History

The real history you were never told of, never hear about, has been kept from you. Yes, this information has been kept from public eyes for a long time. Now here it is, believe what you want to, draw your own conclusions. Ask yourself what really makes sense. Love to all.