NASA Employees Gone?….

NASA is in distress. There are numerous links reporting this, so I won’t bother to add one. Bottom line, 97% of NASA employees have been furloughed. Do you know what furlough means?… CLICK HERE>>> furlough –  … basically means “leave of absence.” 97%, some 18,000 NASA employees are not working, and just as comet ISON passes Mars and starts to become visible in some places to the naked eye. The biggest celestial event possibly ever, and those who YOU all pay to work on it, are now off work. Why?

There is all sorts of speculation. Some are saying that bunkers are beginning to get occupied as ISON is about to start unleashing some sort of cosmic wrath upon the Earth. I AM NOT SAYING THAT. I am just pointing out that it is odd that 97% of our space program’s employees have been furloughed JUST AS THIS COMET GETS CLOSE. Also, many sites have been shut down “due to lack of government funds,” cutting off our once many resources to use to observe space via our own home computers. Remember all the times I told you to take this info while you can, because it can all be shut off in a moment’s notice. Helioviewer, the site I used to make vids for all of you, shut down. And I just keep seeing one after another after another, closing off any government funded sites. Is there something much bigger going on here that a government shutdown?

What exactly is going on with this “government shutdown?” Do you know? I don’t. That may just be the point though… confuse the shit out of the masses, keep them bewildered, but for what? What purpose? What do they know and/or what is really going on behind the scenes? They are shutting down websites already, what if they shut down more? Cut off the info, the news, the updates, mass confusion. This isn’t fear-mongering, I am pointing out the truth of the reality. Comet ISON just passed Mars… where are the images? We have a topographical map of the planet of Mars, yet we can’t get a reasonable image of ISON? Things just aren’t adding up right or making sense are they? I could write and write and write, but at this point, there is so much of a mess, seems best to just let this all play out over the next few days/weeks/months/lifetimes.

No matter what you believe, what you think, it is inevitable that change will come. This “way” of life cannot sustain itself. This monetary global enslavement where a fractional live like kings and queens, while the others are blinded into servitude to the special interests of those elite, this cannot go on. It is simply not right. Many say things like… “that’s just the way of things,” yeah maybe it’s YOUR way you monkeys, but not mine and not those who choose to free their minds and deprogram. What more can I say about that though, it has come to the point where you either get it or don’t. Most don’t, most won’t, can’t blame us, it’s “just the way of things,” remember? And if Comet ISON happens to annihilate the planet while those scum hide underground in some bunkers, if that all turns out to be real, better to die by a comet than to keep living in a world where you are all enslaved to money. All of this just foods for thoughts. I don’t believe nor disbelieve, I just translate the illustration of the current 3-d environment we are all experiencing together. You have an opinion?… Share it. You don’t agree, write something. Don’t ever waste your time hating, but so many of you do, and there’s nothing to do about it…”just how it is.”

Once again, 97%, YES THAT IS 97 PERCENT OF NASA’S WORKFORCE are now being furloughed, not working. Government websites are being shut down one by one “due to insufficient” funds. This Obamacare nonsense is the biggest joke of jokes, what does it even mean at this point? No reports from the Middle East, where did the war in Syria go, chemical weapons go, all that just poofed. Comet ISON, greatest potential celestial event any of you may ever see, just passing Mars, coming in close, no regular updates other than what gets dug up in the alternative media, and now with the government space viewing sites being shut down, who knows how much longer we will be able to see this, other than until it gets close enough to see with the naked eye. AND….. 18,000 NASA employees, again 97%, gone home. Everything seeming normal right now? Sure, paranoia and speculation could really fuel one’s imagination into believing the worst, but you know what the one thing is that we DO know is that we DON’T know all the facts. Knowing is what YOU need to focus on, because knowledge is the only thing that will get you through to the other side of this mess we all face, even if that “mess” just ends up being a relatively “normal” life, with no wars, no comets, no depopulation programs, but that just isn’t the way it is, is it? Wide eyes open. Love to all.


North Sentinel Island

Do you see the “A” on this map? That location is an island called North Sentinel Island. Never heard of it? Most people haven’t. This is a very unique island, unique in several ways. First of which is the fact that no outsiders have ever encountered the island’s native inhabitants, and those who have were murdered. Secondly, no one knows how many of them there are exactly. Third, the language they speak is unknown and undecipherable, yes even in these modern times. There’s a 4th, and a 5th, and a 6th reason and so on, which you will find out if you read more into it. Let’s look at this close up of the island…

     Do you know what that is surrounding this island? It is a huge coral reef, protecting the island from ships coming in, while also keeping the natives confined. This island is around 30 square miles, and is covered with forest. The coral reefs provide ample seafood, so those natives have all they need to remain self-sufficient and isolated from the rest of the world, which is exactly what they want.

I came across this discovery randomly earlier, and as I’ve said before, every day you learn something new. There are actually several links to more info on this island and its strange inhabitants…


Not many up-close pics are available, because these people will literally kill anyone who imposes on their island. As you can see, they have an African-esque look to them. Kind of odd, considering how far they actually are away from Africa. The Indian Navy has agreed to protect the island and these inhabitants from any outside influence, and make regular patrols around the island. Heavy fines and imprisonment are also enforced on those who try to get in, so it’s no joke, STAY OFF OF THEIR ISLAND. There is a report of 2 fisherman who got caught in the reefs, beyond the boundaries. They were drunk, fishing, and passed out, at which time the natives quickly came out to their boat and killed them. See what I mean?

Oh, here is a link for you… CLICK HERE>>> The Forbidden Island    … and as I informed you of above, there are numerous other links that you can find if you Google “north sentinel island.” Look into it, it’s quite interesting. I just came across it randomly, which is common when you dive into researching knowledge. That is why I always encourage all of you to go out and find this info for yourselves. There are countless other little factoids like this out there. Knowledge is strength, get stronger. If there were no Internet, how would you ever know or be able to know about North Sentinel Island? The Internet runs on the flick of a switch. Think about it. Now get out there and discover. Wide eyes open. Love to all.

The Council of 5



Some are saying that there will some kind of global alien disclosure of sorts occurring this Monday, September 28th, in conjunction with the 4th Blood Moon. As always, no one here claims to believe nor disbelieve such an event will take place. However, you may want to google search this term… “september 28 2015 alien agenda.”



…now continue onto the ARB links…

The information I am about to give you is just that, information. As always, I do not claim to believe nor disbelieve what I am about to tell you. It is up to you to take it for what it is and process it however you see fit. On that note, let’s talk about the alien races that make up the Council of 5…

Before you begin, pop this link up on another window


This is a new link to the ARB, the Alien Races Book. This book was put together by a guy named Dante, and his friend Petro. Petro died, but Dante has lived on to reveal to the public what the governments of the world have known about for decades, that we are in contact not with one, but with numerous alien species. This book details many of those species/races, where they are from, if they are friend or foe, their general appearance, etc… As some races are foes, we have races who are friends that have protected humans and the Earth from those foes. According to the book, humans were created by a race called the Annunaki, yes the same Annunaki mentioned in ancient Sumerian scripts…   


Since our creation, alien races have been there, but you never hear about these things because the powers that be have rewritten and distorted history into a packaged story that isn’t true. Then they really confused everyone with organized religions and look how many people bought and are are still buying into it. Isn’t it about time to start figuring out the real story? Is a story about being genetically created by an advanced race any more bizarre than the creation story from your bible? Think about it, think about how many people just blindly follow a bible, still even now, with all this information. Maybe it’s the slave mentality of the herd, because the Annunaki did, according to this book, create humans to be a servant race to themselves. Perhaps the 85 to 90% just cannot break free of their own bondage….


Enough of that though,

you can read more about the Annunaki’s role in humanity’s existence in the book.


Here’s the link again for you…


You will see that there is a section titled “The Council of 5” just after the “Alien Races” section. From there, you can read about what is known of this council. In fact, there apparently IS NOT much known about them. They are years beyond us. They have been watching us since we were microscopic, therefore you can imagine their sense of time is quite different then ours. Once the Annunaki had tampered with primate DNA to make humans, the Council decided to monitor us and to protect humanity from alien races that seek to use humans and this planet for their own means. The last time they visited Earth was in 1944, just before the end of World War 2. According to Petro and Dante, there was a hand-written note in the ARB stating that the Council would be returning during the last 10 days of August, 2013…. that would be TOMORROW, yes, TOMORROW. Now again, I do not claim to believe nor disbelieve in any of this. This is only information I find, and then share with all of you.  It is quite interesting though, isn’t it, whether it’s true or not. And remember, people DIED to get this book out to the public. YOU can read it now for FREE. Make sure you keep that in mind when you are checking out this book and be sure to share the link.


Big thanks to Dante and Petro for their work.

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Wide eyes open.

Love to all. 

Train Crash, Royal Baby, Outbreak, War

Yes that’s right, yet another train crash, this time in Spain. CLICK HERE TO SEE>>> Spain train crash on CCTV – horrible footage of impact in Santiago de Compostela – Truthloader  Notice that there appears to be some explosion or something else causing a puff a smoke to arise around mid-train just a split second before derailment. Will this turn out to be a bombing incident? We shall see. Or was the train just going to fast? It does seem to be haulin ass in that vid doesn’t it? And this is the second crash in just a few weeks. remember the one in Canada not so long ago. What is going on with the trains? Random coincidental accidents? More firsts? Regardless, condolences go out to those who lost their lives and/or those who know someone who lost their life in such a horrific manner. Can you imagine the terror, the noise,….horror.

So the week is proving eventful somewhat yes? I told you all to expect something on Monday and what happened, the birth of the new royal baby, another super-priviliged son of English royalty. Can’t blame the little fucker, but it’s disturbing to think he is already worth more than almost everyone else on earth combined. He will never want for money, he will never worry about his electric bill, all he has to do is be noble, and what is it to really be noble? There isn’t much real nobility among the globalist pig scum royal family now, so is this kid going to be an icon of change to better the world, or to do as his family does and control everyone via the monetary system. All of these things he must face, and he’s only days old. He won the baby powerball, if you look at life in terms of wealth and status. To us though, it’s just another elitist in the making. More to come from him I’m sure. And as a side note, he was born on an illuminati ritual day, something to do with the stars, you can look more into that on your research time.

An outbreak is occurring in the USSA. Yep, an unknown stomach virus is spreading, now to 9 states. Here’s a link>>> Stomach bug going around puzzles CDC   Apparently the CDC doesn’t know what it is. Could this just be one of those news stories designed to promote a heightened level of fear and paranoia among the population? Another distraction perhaps? Maybe it’s the beginning of a bio-terror attack? How else would one begin? You can speculate all day and night, but I would say that this story dies away in a few days. Another part of their script. Oh, you didn’t know that the news was scripted fake reality drama. Sometimes yes, it’s based on actual events, but more often than not, these stories are orchestrated to an extent, crisis actors are brought out, it’s a whole big production. Google “crisis actors” if you don’t believe me. YOU could get a job as one and when there is an emergency, you get called on to fill the role of a victim. No, I am not making this up, in fact I’ll give you a link, here>>> Crisis Actors – Trained Players and Actors Making It Real   I am just here to translate this information for all of you, remember that. What I report is all documentable and plausible and is for you all to better equip yourselves to process the real information from the misinformation. We are here to help you be free. They are here to take and divide then conquer you. Do you prefer the we or the they?

And of course there is always war going on. Seems that lately the news reports have been rather vague. What’s going on on the other side of the world that we are being kept in the dark about? I did come across some news that most people do not know yet. There is and has been a civil war going on in Somalia since ohhhh… 1991ish I think. Anyway, the report I cam across claims that our government, the USSA, is promoting a “secret war” there. What is this war and what is the purpose? Well we have to first back up and look at the bigger picture. The USSA wants an Islamist uprising so they can justify going to full-scale global war. That is the only way to get out of the financial mess they are in, at least in their eyes it is. So just like in Syria, America arms these soldiers and trains them to rise up and form militias. And when these militias get organized, they will be an army, which the USSA then plans to annihilate, along with significant collateral damage, so that they can then come in an establish their new world order. This government is a fucking snake, a serpent of evil, a tyrannical regime that is hell-bent on global domination. Here’s a link for you>>>  Is the US Ramping Up a Secret War in Somalia?

You can see the puzzle picture before it’s complete, I’ve told you this. So look at it now. It has been a plan for the last 20+ years that they have followed nearly flawlessly. They orchestrated the 9/11 attacks to justify attacking Iraq and Afghanistan. They didn’t take any oil, but they took over the world’s opium trade, making the USSA the world’s greatest drug dealer. The mess with Benghazi, the obvious lies and cover up, how far do you think they would go? We only know what they got caught with, and we don’t even know exactly how factual all of that info is. Again, they use misdirection, just like magic. How hard is it to make a news broadcast about anything? They have 85 to 90% of the public fooled, but more and more people are waking up. More and more sheeple are becoming people and they want answers damnit. This country is being run by a mafia, and you let them get away with it. “well what can I do?”…. I hear that so much. Maybe start a blog. Write down your thoughts and then broadcast them. I may not get a lot of viewers, but the ones I get are reading what I’m writing and getting it, and then they share with their friends and so on and so on more and more people become enlightened to the real living truth of this reality. Make a difference. YOU can make a difference. Knowledge is power. They know more than you, that is why they have power over you. Beat them at their game. learn. Improve yourself. Stop watching Dancing with the Stars, get off your couch, stop eating unhealthy food, and do something. Are you really happy to be brain-washed and fluoridated? Ignorant? A mumpsismus?

Every day that goes by brings us closer to something, but what? What is this something that is coming for us all? When will the spark ignite the fire? This chaos can’t go on forever. People are getting broker and broker every day. It’s getting harder and harder to survive. Most people do what they do because they have to, not because they want to. You have to have paper monopoly money just to live, while a fractional globalist pig scum elitist ruling class lives lives of luxury and leisure. Did you sign up for this? I don’t recall signing up for this. We have keen minds, we are smart, we are strong, we deserve more than to be forced to scrape paycheck to paycheck wasting our lives away for them and their bullshit system. This world monetary system is a parasite on our humanity. Money is the cause of so much pain and strife. Some might argue that money is what built cities and paved roads, but come on, let’s use common sense. When used to benefit society, money can make sense, yes. But the concept of money alone drives men to become greedier as they seek to profit more and more. That’s what their system is about, more, more, more, consume, consume, consume. And the USSA is the worst. So many people CONSUMED by their television, CONSUMED by their job, CONSUMED by bad eating habits, CONSUMED with drug addiction, CONSUMED with a relationship, it’s all about mass consumption, created by them, but ultimately, YOU are to blame for buying into it.

Everything must be given and taken in moderation, everything must have a balance. Otherwise, we get to where we are all now. This planet has nearly 7 and a half billion people, and with a population that high, it grows faster and faster and faster, which means more and more consumption. The mechanisms that maintain that mass consumption though are giving weigh to the weight of the demand. Where is all the trash going? What about the shit and piss and whatever else people leave behind themselves? The population is killing this planet. This planet is an entity, it’s own being, and we are like a plague. We can choose whether or not to be beneficial to our host, or to destroy it. Right now, the consensus is leading to more and more destruction. The Earth will only take so much before she shakes humanity into oblivion. Do you think this hasn’t all happened before? If a society like ours existed a million years ago, then got completely wiped out by mass cataclysms, how would we know? Maybe that would explain some of the unexplainable artifacts found around the world, many of which I am sure you aren’t told about. They control history, just like they control the media, because they want you all to be programmed the same way. But as I said, many people are waking up from that program, more and more every day and they are asking, “Why?”

A source of mine informed me that from 2013 to 2016 is when the Islamist movement will unite and rise up against western influence. Remember earlier I said their was a plan they had been following for like 20 years. Well we are in the next to last phase of that plan. 2013 to 2016 is the gathering and unification of the Islamic forces. Then after that, full scale global war will be unleashed. Millions, maybe billions will perish. That is their plan anyway. I cannot tell you whether or not that plan will come to fruition, just watch for the signs. There will be many signs along the road. You have to learn to pay attention and not to be oblivious to what is coming when it’s right in front of you. Most of you who read my blog know by now what it is to be awakened. You know that when I sound harsh or direct, it isn’t toward you. It is directed at the 85 to 90%. As blind and brainwashed and fluoridated and ignorant as they are, I have to help them. It is just like the Allegory of the Cave. It is one thing to be enlightened, it is a whole other thing to enlighten others. We must help them help themselves, while there is still time. Time, time, time. Soon, there will come a time that everyone will remember. A moment that will etch in the minds and eyes of the world. Watch these globalist pig scum. It’s about time for them to make a significant move. Know as much you can. The knowledge in your mind and the love in your heart is all you can take with you to the other side. Material wealth, possessions, it’s all just stuff. This is only a beginning, a beginning to see if some graduate, or if some have to do it again. Wide eyes open. Love to all.

Unknown Known

animated question mark photo: animated swirl alphabet pink question mark anna_marek w_que.gif

Oh how this world throws you, me, us, all around and around and around again. All the while, drenching everyone in some backwash brew of seemingly infinite melodramas. All is a spiral, all is sequential, go back through my archives if you are reading this and are already getting lost. You’ve seen the many images and read through the links, yet do you ever question why this information is unknown to 6 out of every 7 people? It all seems rather obvious, once you know, do you know what I mean?

No worries though, …when you are all dead, what will the minor setbacks really mean to you? I don’t mean that in some ominous and/or threatening way, I just meant in general, what will all these little episodes add up to after this incarnation? Do you remember your last incarnation? Do you remember being here before, doing all of the things you are doing right now? We know what and where dreams occur, but do we know why? The questions can go on and on and on, but there is less and less time to answer them all as these moments hastily fall away.

Since I’ve been uprooted into nomadism, I am quickly finding out that a new macbook is going to be a handy investment, although my mac mini does the job, as long as I have internet access. I would in some ways like to document this time of no home to call home. Not sure what tomorrow is bringing, that whole sort of vibe, you know?… No one knows definitively what sort of tomorrow will come, so why stress? This is what I always tell you all about the moment, living in the moment. Yesterday kind of sucked, sometimes negativity is unavoidable, but it’s in the past though so fuck it. Contrarywise, as I aforementioned, the future is not written, at least in a language you can understand, so why hassle with the stress of an encroaching future that you cannot change, even if you think you can?…

In this moment, I have both my literal and figurative shadow, a few close people, my connection to all of you, so as you can see, this moment, this one right now, re-la-tively isn’t so bad, is it? No concerns about any fake MSM hypnosis broadcast programming. That’s the herd’s trip remember?…not yours, ours, the 10 to 15%, the quickened if you will, or enlightened, or the all-time fad favorite that the new-agers have raped…awakened. Yes you new agers, just because you can see the windows and doors, doesn’t mean you know how to open and/or walk through them. Get out of your uber-positivity fluffy fake clouds,…no one is always fucking chipper and exaggeratedly happy content, not in this dimension.

Oh no, this dimension is barely above primality,…that’s right, apes with the ingenuity to create just enough to stay in conflict with each other, that’s the majority, that’s the mumpsimus herd. Look in my archives if you don’t know, I repeat myself constantly and tag a lot of stuff, so use the search widgit accordingly. You will find a virtual treasure trove of knowledge, knowledge that ALL should possess, yet few are aware of. Knowledge that should be known from the earliest of ages, yet here are 6 out of every 7 of you, running around clueless, bumping into one another and breeding more of yourselves. Again, YOU know which YOU I am referring to, so if what I say doesn’t apply to YOU, well YOU figure it out. I am only the translator, your translator, whether you like it or not. It really has nothing to do with any of you, but that is for another time. I could dive in, but not right now…my mojo is hurling through some kind of asteroid field. I wouldn’t say I am off, but I’m not quite on either. Anyway, I digress, and that’s enough for now. Until the time when thoughts become words again my dear friends, readers, watchers, listeners, those of you who have the courage to see what is outside of the cave. Wide eyes open, love to all.