One More Time 11:11


11:11…what does it mean?

Does it mean anything at all? Does numerology mean anything at all? Do numbers themselves mean anything at all without our human definitions being applied to a construct of said numbers

Well would 1 + 1 still be 2, somewhere else in the Universe? Hmmmm….


Certainly one must admit that the numeric connections between this dimension are fascinating, and this matrix would seemingly be impossible to navigate without them. How would anything be built correctly? How would counting work? You have to count something everyday, not just money, what if you wanted to eat 3 hard-boiled eggs, and 4 slices of fresh feta cheese like I’m eating right now? It would not work without numbers. 


So back to the topic…


As for this 11:11…

…one can go on the Internet, as I’m sure any of you reading this living in civilization would know by now, and find countless links to all sorts of characters offering viewpoints on why this particular number combination is special. You’re going to find a lot of information relating to the connection of 11:11 to your own consciousness awakening from the matrices of the ego zombies. You’re going to find information about how 11:11 connects to your eternal bond with your soul mates and your twin flame. Now you can watch these things until you pass out on your couch, as I usually do, and suck up all that new knowledge, which of course I recommend, but I also implore any of you reading this to find your own answers wishing as to 11:11 has related specifically to YOU, in YOUR life. Fuck whatever you read and think about what happened and/or what is happening if you happen to be one of the many discovering these strange recurrences of 11:11 imagery popping up all around you. 


In my experience, in what has become almost cliche at this point, I started NOTICING it around me more when I snapped out of the slumber several years ago. I emphasized the word “noticing” because it was always there, but I am not sure if I began to “notice” it more once I had seen information about 11:11 or not. This was like 5 years ago when I really started rolling along with my own ascent from the proverbial Platonian cave, and I bombarded myself with so much information initially, I cannot recall if I was or was not aware of 11:11 before I started “noticing” it. Nonetheless, whether I knew or did not know already, I could never deny the fact, that I myself witnessed gratuitously by all of my 5 3rd dimensional senses this thing, and was seeing 11:11 everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Clocks of course, constantly, billboard signs I remember because i thought what are the odds of one highway billboard sign flashing an 11:11 byte, much less literally several, it was in utility bills, I mean it was like everything with a fucking number written on it was doing this to me, over and over and over again, which at that point, I am for sure prompted me to really look into this phenomenon, and that was initially when I can for sure say that I became very familiarized with these 11:11 sightings and what they may or may not mean. 


The occurrences did fade though, there was definitely like a big crest and then a decline into a slow but steady “noticing” that it still pops up from time to time. Now was my brain just responding to the fact that I had stumbled upon that new information, and then making me “notice” it more? This might explain why I saw it quite prevalently, then not so much anymore, kind of like a new novelty, like a new pop culture novelty, comes and goes. A meme that caught on right as the new agers began to take greater strides perhaps?




…or maybe I found the info, which triggered a conscious reassurance that the “awakening” I was experiencing was in fact real, and these were numerical representations of the new synchronicity being formed with the expanding world around me. This idea may at first seem more implausible, but this reassurance is/was necessary particularly in the beginning, as many of you who have awoken and are in the process of fully awakening know, because that is the time when the battle between your ego and your soul really gets heated, more than ever before, and the initial reaction to the new energy makes you question whether or not you might be going insane. So the reassurance from 11:11 coincides with countless other synchronous moments that seem to start happening all around you once your 3rd eye snaps back open. These are to help you get past the struggle between your ego holding on while your soul takes back over. Speaking of synchronous moments…


This is one thing that has not leveled off in any way, in fact, this other phenomenon has been happening and continues to happen to me literally e-x-p-o-n-e-n-t-i-a-l-l-y more. Said phenomenon is synchronicity…

What is synchronicity? (<<<CLICK HERE TO READ MORE<<<)

Yes there is absolutely no refuting that this is happening to me on a moment to moment basis at this point. I’m like 5 years deep into the heavy curve upward, and that curve has become a rocketship accelerating faster and faster straight up and out of the matrix. Connections with people, events, things you perceive on a daily basis with the 5 3d senses, it all begins to connect and flow together more and more and more and more. Picture if your awakening started as one little star. Then your star became 2 stars, then 4 stars, then 8, exponential, like I mentioned earlier, so imagine how many stars are lighting up the sky in my mind by now, and in YOUR mind too, especially if you are well into your journey out, and that’s the best part. Everyone is making these connections, but those waking up are making them faster, and you begin to feel this not only the connectivity between yourself and your world around you, you begin to connect with others who making accelerated connections, which only makes more connections. It’s a state of continuous fascination. There is a very viral aspect to it, but maybe that’s all we are, a virus…


And on that note, I just passed 1000 words so I am outta here until next time. 

More to come. Be good.

Love to all. 

Cyber Attack False Flag


How coincidental that literally days,

more like hours ago,

the powers-that-be put out a global warning of a “9/11” style cyber attack against the West.

Well imagine this…

…the USSA Central Command,


has been hacked and is being further hacked as you read this,

and I type.

Look into it…

…the script continues…

…I/we told YOU,

more and more and more,

faster and faster and faster,

dredging up as much fear from YOU as possible.

Don’t let them scare YOU.

Rise above the duality master/slave paradigm,

ascend from the Cave.


More to come. 

Love to all.

Grand Bargain, Pfc Manning, Thoughts…

    I just watched Der Fuhrer Obama’s latest speech live on the MSM. He went over 4 or 5 points about different things he wants to improve. He actually hit several nails on their heads but the problem is… IT”S ALL TALK. I can guarantee you not a single thing he proposed to do will get done. His theme was this “Grand Bargain” for the middle-class. What grand bargain? Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. He said we need to export more goods, CEOs need to increase training for the rehiring of unemployed workers, blames a group of Republicans for the bad press on Obamacare and that sham of a plan, all fluff and smoke and mirrors. Nothing will come of this. This guy is a good actor, for a globalist puppet. That’s why he was selected as president, not elected.

The worst part about these speech events of Obama’s are the people in attendance. All hand-picked Obamadrones. No one allowed in with a real opinion, only those who follow this guy like a herd of sheep grazing under their shepherd. They clap on cue, they laugh on cue, all a big facade, a production, an orchestration. All the while, the President’s only real concern is getting back on vacation. This  seems to be this guy’s only real agenda. Nothing is changing for the better, everything is getting worse. What’s going to happen when it gets so bad that the pot boils over? How is this maniac still in office? Because he was selected, I told you. And his security is the tightest there has ever been for any other President, just as one would expect any mafia don to be. There’s no stopping this regime, at least in their mind. They have an agenda, and the Obama puppet just follows his real orders which are to fuck off while the economy collapses. They want it to fall so they can rebuild stronger from the rubble, divide and conquer, order from chaos, it’s a shame that 85 to 90% of the public has no clue what is really going on, but every day more and more are waking up. I’m not going to get into one of my rants. I’m not going to go off on all this President’s crap that he spews upon his followers like baby birds. I am only here to translate, and today I am translating that everything President Obama just made a speech about was bullshit. This post has a time-stamp. In one year, we will see how many of the objectives he outlines in this speech come to fruition. What do you think it will be like in one year?

Enough of Der Fuhrer Obama, another story just breaking is the announcement that Pfc Bradley Manning was found “not guilty” of the main charge, That’s what you see on the MSM report…”not guilty, not guilty.” What most people haven’t seen in the fine print is that he IS guilty of lesser charges that could still get him up to 20 years in prison. So he is guilty, but the MSM spin splatters the words “not guilty” everywhere. Why would they do this? It’s puzzling, isn’t it? Google his name right now and you will read “not guilty.” But just like an infomercial, there is always more in the details and those details are that he is in fact “guilty” of lesser charges that will keep him locked up. He has already served 3 years, and he faces up to 20 more,… where is the “not guilty” in that?

Just another example of a system that is so corrupt and maladjusted, it’s amazing that it still manages to function at all. It cannot keep functioning at this level, but for now, we still have these media spun court cases to distract everyone from what the globalist pig scum are doing behind the scenes. What’s next? Have we run out of people who are on trial for something on the news? What’s the misdirection away from anything significant really going on the world. Yet another jailbreak in the Middle East, I think a few hundred more inmates are now free, at least that is what they tell everyone. “What is that leading up to?” you may be wondering… give it a few weeks and that bee’s nest will be stirred up again, you’ll see. So much chaos, so much conflict, so much ignorance, can you imagine what aliens must think of us right now? They observe from  a distance while an entire species behaves and acts just like a plague or a virus or a cancer on this planet, when it has the potential to be the opposite… taking care of nature, compassion for one another, prosperity through the good will and benevolence of human beings that aspire to become their higher selves. I’m giving you lots of pictures, portraits of plausibilities if humanity as a whole doesn’t blow it at the crucial moment. Is that moment coming? As I asked above, what do you think will be happening one year from now? What if your money runs out or your lights go off, what will you do when the system comes crashing down on YOU? Is life still a time of happiness for most, are have most become mired in the depressiveness of being under-employed with the time running out? It’s a strange paradigm we are all together, a paradigm based on a fractional few that control the many via a global monetary debt slavery apparatus. Is that what it is to live and be alive? To be a servant to this apparatus, is that what life is? You want to say, “Not my life,” but how can you escape it, how can you truly be free from the shackles money? You have to eat, you need shelter, and without money, is it rationally feasible that any random person can just pop off the grid and live off the land? Like an infection that has spread to everyone though, this cycle of consumption via money never ever ends. On that note, I’ve hit a thousand words. I feel a thousand words is a good number of words for a reasonably informational blog post. Not too long, not too short, just enough to get all of you an information fix for the day. That’s why I’m here, helping all of you help yourselves. Wide eyes open. Love to all.



3-D Printed BioMech Spider

I’m still looking into 3-d printing and what it is all about. When I know, I will get back to you. From what I gather so far, it’s a highly advanced way of creating machinery at a fraction of cost. But I could be wrong. These things come as small as mosquitos I’ve read. With cameras, weapons, etc… But like I said, more to come. Wide eyes open. Love to all.

Talk to A.I.

Click this link and you can talk to an A.I. bot. The novelty wears off quick, it did for me anyway, but check it out nonetheless. Apparently there are several bot sites like this, all beta testing it would appear for A.I. intelligence platforms. Here’s the link… CLICK HERE>>>  Enjoy. Love to all.