One More Time 11:11


11:11…what does it mean?

Does it mean anything at all? Does numerology mean anything at all? Do numbers themselves mean anything at all without our human definitions being applied to a construct of said numbers

Well would 1 + 1 still be 2, somewhere else in the Universe? Hmmmm….


Certainly one must admit that the numeric connections between this dimension are fascinating, and this matrix would seemingly be impossible to navigate without them. How would anything be built correctly? How would counting work? You have to count something everyday, not just money, what if you wanted to eat 3 hard-boiled eggs, and 4 slices of fresh feta cheese like I’m eating right now? It would not work without numbers. 


So back to the topic…


As for this 11:11…

…one can go on the Internet, as I’m sure any of you reading this living in civilization would know by now, and find countless links to all sorts of characters offering viewpoints on why this particular number combination is special. You’re going to find a lot of information relating to the connection of 11:11 to your own consciousness awakening from the matrices of the ego zombies. You’re going to find information about how 11:11 connects to your eternal bond with your soul mates and your twin flame. Now you can watch these things until you pass out on your couch, as I usually do, and suck up all that new knowledge, which of course I recommend, but I also implore any of you reading this to find your own answers wishing as to 11:11 has related specifically to YOU, in YOUR life. Fuck whatever you read and think about what happened and/or what is happening if you happen to be one of the many discovering these strange recurrences of 11:11 imagery popping up all around you. 


In my experience, in what has become almost cliche at this point, I started NOTICING it around me more when I snapped out of the slumber several years ago. I emphasized the word “noticing” because it was always there, but I am not sure if I began to “notice” it more once I had seen information about 11:11 or not. This was like 5 years ago when I really started rolling along with my own ascent from the proverbial Platonian cave, and I bombarded myself with so much information initially, I cannot recall if I was or was not aware of 11:11 before I started “noticing” it. Nonetheless, whether I knew or did not know already, I could never deny the fact, that I myself witnessed gratuitously by all of my 5 3rd dimensional senses this thing, and was seeing 11:11 everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Clocks of course, constantly, billboard signs I remember because i thought what are the odds of one highway billboard sign flashing an 11:11 byte, much less literally several, it was in utility bills, I mean it was like everything with a fucking number written on it was doing this to me, over and over and over again, which at that point, I am for sure prompted me to really look into this phenomenon, and that was initially when I can for sure say that I became very familiarized with these 11:11 sightings and what they may or may not mean. 


The occurrences did fade though, there was definitely like a big crest and then a decline into a slow but steady “noticing” that it still pops up from time to time. Now was my brain just responding to the fact that I had stumbled upon that new information, and then making me “notice” it more? This might explain why I saw it quite prevalently, then not so much anymore, kind of like a new novelty, like a new pop culture novelty, comes and goes. A meme that caught on right as the new agers began to take greater strides perhaps?




…or maybe I found the info, which triggered a conscious reassurance that the “awakening” I was experiencing was in fact real, and these were numerical representations of the new synchronicity being formed with the expanding world around me. This idea may at first seem more implausible, but this reassurance is/was necessary particularly in the beginning, as many of you who have awoken and are in the process of fully awakening know, because that is the time when the battle between your ego and your soul really gets heated, more than ever before, and the initial reaction to the new energy makes you question whether or not you might be going insane. So the reassurance from 11:11 coincides with countless other synchronous moments that seem to start happening all around you once your 3rd eye snaps back open. These are to help you get past the struggle between your ego holding on while your soul takes back over. Speaking of synchronous moments…


This is one thing that has not leveled off in any way, in fact, this other phenomenon has been happening and continues to happen to me literally e-x-p-o-n-e-n-t-i-a-l-l-y more. Said phenomenon is synchronicity…

What is synchronicity? (<<<CLICK HERE TO READ MORE<<<)

Yes there is absolutely no refuting that this is happening to me on a moment to moment basis at this point. I’m like 5 years deep into the heavy curve upward, and that curve has become a rocketship accelerating faster and faster straight up and out of the matrix. Connections with people, events, things you perceive on a daily basis with the 5 3d senses, it all begins to connect and flow together more and more and more and more. Picture if your awakening started as one little star. Then your star became 2 stars, then 4 stars, then 8, exponential, like I mentioned earlier, so imagine how many stars are lighting up the sky in my mind by now, and in YOUR mind too, especially if you are well into your journey out, and that’s the best part. Everyone is making these connections, but those waking up are making them faster, and you begin to feel this not only the connectivity between yourself and your world around you, you begin to connect with others who making accelerated connections, which only makes more connections. It’s a state of continuous fascination. There is a very viral aspect to it, but maybe that’s all we are, a virus…


And on that note, I just passed 1000 words so I am outta here until next time. 

More to come. Be good.

Love to all. 

Summer Solstice


 Animated Gif on Giphy


That’s right, today is the beginning of Summer Solstice, the 1st day of summer and the longest day of the year. Most of you have heard the term summer solstice, but do you know what it is? CLICK HERE>>> Summer Solstice – Overview of the Summer Solstice  The solstice lasts 3 days and ends this Sunday with what is called a….

Supermoon               For those who use astrology to guide their lives, this is an important weekend. Many have gathered at Stonehenge…                ….because the solstices and equinoxes are important among some who follow the occult.     So what does this mean for the rest of us?

         That, as I mentioned in earlier post, is to remain secret until the time comes. I actually don’t know, don’t know a thing. I can tell you what is happening even though I already did, but to refresh: Major flooding in numerous parts of the world, more records broken. Archaeologists have discovered a Mayan city. No not a Mayan temple, a CITY, complete with pyramids and houses and stores and art, one of the structures is said to be 75 feet high. And have you heard about what happened to this Michael Hastings guy? CLICK HERE>>>  Michael Hastings Was Assassinated  FBI saying he died in car accident, yet his car engine is found over half a football field away, intact, as if it had been blown away. I’ll get into all this more below. Oh, and we can’t forget to mention the world markets, which all took a big downward swing yesterday, what is happening today though? 

Now I am not exactly a reporter, but from time to time I like to catch myself and all of you up on some news that everyone is somewhat aware of, you know, MSM news. The MSM is shifting, albeit at a snail’s pace, but nonetheless, shifting toward more open-minded and more importantly, TRUTHFUL reporting. But of course they still lie, and they do it every day, so if it’s real truth you want, stick to the alternative media. We have no scripts, we just tell it like we see it. So just like an entry level college english class I am going to go through each of these as I’v already summarized them in the previous paragraph, but going more into detail. You ready? Let’s have fun.

Flooding, flooding, flooding, flooding, flooding. Seems it was global drought, now mass flooding. You all know I’m not religious but that sentence sounded biblical didn’t it? In Calgary, Canada…      Nearly 100,00 people,

being evacuated at this moment. Locals claiming it’s worst flooding ever…   News for canada worst flood ever   <<< You can click there and read more.

Over in Germany, they are still recovering from what has been reported as the worst flooding in 500 years. Damages estimated so far at around $8 billion, but the greatest loss is the loss of the history. Whole towns underwater, rivers where streets once were, the architecture ruined, most of which was already rebuilt after 2 world wars….   … they are again, forced to rebuild from the ruins.

Now moving over to India, where monsoon season started a record two weeks early this year. Thousands missing, over 600 known dead so far, and it is still going on right now… CLICK HERE >>>Northern India Flooding   I know many of you know the word monsoon, but do you know what one actually is? Monsoons are seasonal storms, therefore more predictable then say a hurricane or tornado, but the damage can be just as devastating as they sweep across South and Southeast Asia…      The downpours last for days, weeks, and the flooding is extensive. This year however, the monsoon season has come two weeks early, and is spelling early disaster for thousands of people in North India…                     This village in the last picture looks as though it is moments from being swept away doesn’t it? I don’t know if it it was, but it does appear to be in great danger. I believe there has been some localized flooding in areas of Russia from the same systems that have flooded Germany. Here in the US, there has been some flooding in the south central region along with a “storm of storms” which spawned several tornados and killed several people. I quoted “storm of storms” because that was said by a resident of the area who claims to have never seen anything like it. Yet more firsts and records. A record wildfire is burning in Colorado right now, already having destroyed several homes…


        …and you can read more about those wildfires going on at this moment if you CLICK HERE>>> Massive wildfire threatening to destroy Colorado mountain town

Quite a bit going on around the world as far as climate extremes,, isn’t there? Yet some people still want to act like it’s just normal, this happens every year. Bullshit. That is mumpsimus logic and it’s irrational and out-dated. These extremes are just the beginning of something greater around the corner. The great change, oh yes, walking up your front stairs right now to knock on the door. Will you answer, will you open the door? Or will you cower in fear and hide in your room and hope the great change goes to the next house and spares yours? Stay alert. 

On to brighter news, a major discovery is underway as you read and I type. In the western Yucatan peninsula, researchers have discovered an entire Mayan city which they have named Chactun which means ‘red stone.’ Here’s a linkAncient Mayan City Discovered in Mexican Jungle  The site is 54 acres of pyramids, houses, plazas,palatial remains, sporting arenas. They are estimating the site to be from 600 to 900 AD, at the time of the fall of the Mayan civilization which may hold some major clues as to what really happened to the Mayans and their culture.                     

                   As you can see, preserved paintings, sculptures, all of these were used by the Maya to not only ornate, but to detail events that they encountered during their time. I think that there is a lot yet to be revealed here, if they let the general public in on what they really discover that is… but you can read all about it in the link above.

On to what may be the most important topic, at least in some people’s minds right now,…Michael Hastings. Two days ago, I had never heard of this guy. Now I am finding out more and more by the minute. CLICK HERE>>>Michael Hastings (journalist)  Supposedly, he died tragically in a fiery car accident in Los Angeles. Here’s his picture:  

Young guy, 33 years old, about the same age I am, but this was no accident. The FBI is already hushing it which is their dead giveaway. Every time there is a cover up, when they hush it away without investigation, it’s the obvious dead giveaway, but they bank on the fact that most of the public is so fluoridated by now, that they will buy any story they are told via the MSM. Now, Wanna know why this was no accident? Of course you do, so see here:     Burned up car looks like it hit into a tree and caught fire…pretty obvious right? Witnesses say that the car was moving and on fire when it jack-knicked as if it hit something, then subsequently rolled to a stop at said tree. Okay so let’s start from these two versions, because they are the only versions so far. There is a variable that I haven’t mentioned yet however that makes everything really get interesting. No matter what happened to this car, what do you think may have happened to the engine? And here’s the variable,… the engine was found intact and unburned nearly 60 yards away from this car that is clearly head-first in a tree….                                       .

Ummmm…. what? First, why would he be wanted dead? Well he called his lawyer only hours before claiming that the FBI was after him and wanted him dead. That is documented and damn if it doesn’t just seem simply honest, right? Tells lawyer FBI wants to kill him, car explodes, engine ends up 60 yards away, FBI says no foul play, case dismissed. A very very very very obvious murder/coverup, right in all of our faces, and they are going to get away with it. Hastings had a past with the government, he brought down a General, that’s a big deal. Oh, you probably need links, here you go >>>  Michael Hastings Dead at 33 | Politics News | Rolling Stone

RIP Michael Hastings and while we are at it, RIP James Gandolfini:   These things seem to happen in 3’s but I really don’t wanna add any more decent human beings onto the obituary page you know. I watched Inside the Actor’s Studio with James Gandolfini >>>   …and I found James to be kind of shy, somewhat introverted, calculating but in a slow way, you could see how he did so well at playing Tony Soprano. Very honest guy, he seemed like a really kindred spirit so thanks James for your contribution and also let’s definitely not forget a huge thanks to the work of Michael Hastings. Both of these men died before their times. Hastings was only 33, murdered, another one murdered, by these shadowy government agencies that are still trying to run their machine even if it is running into the ground. You will be missed, but your souls live on in all of us who must remain here a little while longer, and in some way, after that as well, into an infinite spiral of time.


Those are only some of the things going on now, but there is much to come this weekend. It is the Summer Solstice, think of it as a long weekend if you count today. Longest days of the year are upon us at this time, along with several nights of bright full and semi-full moons, brightest of the year, until ISON gets here. But that’s for another blog. Oh yes, there will be more and more blogs as we get closer to the day that Comet ISON becomes visible to the naked eye, then gets as bright as a full moon, and let’s see…that date is….. Big sun-diving Comet ISON might be spectacular in late 2013 …   looks like around November 28 this year so mark your calendar although I don’t think you’ll need to if this thing is as bright as they say it’s going to be. Another post for another time though. Only 2 away from 400. 400 posts I’ve created for all of you, my beloved readers/watchers. You are the ones who make it all worth while. Thank you. Love to all. 

The Energy Tells Us

Every new day reveals a new layer of the Great Onion. Many of you might be finding that you are getting seemingly exponentially smarter on some semi-subconscious or extra-subconscious level. By that I mean if you are awakened and/or awakening, there is a sense of… getting it all. Not all at once, but piece by piece, day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, there is this feeling inside of getting closer and closer to the truth of everything. There is such excitement and anticipation to that. We are all in uncharted territory. 

At this rate of progression, what will it all be like a year from now, two years, five years? Seems so uncertain. There are so many probabilities now that were never there before. History has repetitive patterns, but now we must weigh in factors that are unprecedented. On top of that, there are more people to deal with than ever… 7 Billion+… and growing, fast. Think of all the different tangents everyone is on, all the different trips, all the love, all the fear. All this occurring as we hurl through space, riding on a giant sphere, advancing toward destinations unknown.

It is all so vast and infinite, yet can be contained in the slide of a microscope, only to become infinite again. We are all so small, yet as great as everything and anything can be. We are all, and we are nothing. We are eternal, yet here in this 3rd dimensional paradigm, it appears we are not. This reality is but a chapter of your book, a section of your records. There is a power in everyone to remember what we have all forgotten. When you experience death, you remember, you remember it all, as if you never had forgot or could never forget. 

You also remember it when you dream. Dreaming occurs between the 4th and 5th dimension, on the astral plane. Remember, this is an incarnation where you can end the cycle of reincarnation. Life has been a series of births and deaths since the beginning. The purpose: consciously, to gain knowledge through experience and balance karma~ subconsciously, to reconnect with your divine counterpart and resolve karma. All centered around experiencing consciousness from the 3rd dimension, progressing through the 4th dimension of time

The acceleration of the 4th dimension is quite noticeable. Think about it… time is moving a lot faster, you can feel it. No, that is not part of getting older, the resonance of this entire existence is rising, faster and faster. What does that mean? Well, let’s look straight at it. This is the 3rd dimension. The 4th dimension is speeding up. Everyone is feeling it, whether they know it or not. The ones who are aware of this change are awakening, they are becoming conscious of what truly is and what they truly are. Global enlightenment did not coincidentally occur, it is part of the quickening.

The Schumann Resonance, remember? And humanity’s connection with that resonance, rising, faster and faster along with the pulse of the planet. You can feel it everywhere, each new day. That feeling I mentioned, that sense of growing closer to something, does that have anything to do with the overall vibrational frequency acceleration? Perhaps that is all in my head. Perhaps nothing will change and everything will progress in somewhat of an orderly fashion for years to come. Am I the only one who sees it this way?

So many theorists and ideologists have reckoned out that this time is a the time for a world-changing event that will either guide humanity to it’s glory or doom it to it’s demise. If you take all of that away and just close your eyes and feel the energy of the world around you, truly feel that boundless energy between yourselves and this entity we call Earth, what does that feeling say to you? Quiet your mind, listen but do not listen, be patient, feel what that energy has to tell you. 

The electricity in that energy has the power to heal everyone and everything. Some of you were not even aware that it exists until right now. They will not teach you about it, but you do not need instruction. You already know how to use your power, you have only forgotten. The time is coming very soon when all of you will re-discover what has been lost to you for eons. That is what those who control you fight so diligently to suppress. That suppression gets weaker and weaker as we all get faster and stronger, day by day.

This is what the energy tells me: We are all moving exponentially faster toward a point of great metamorphosis. That is why we feel closer to something. Everyone is in this together, just because many are not yet aware does not infer that they do not feel what those of us who are aware feel. This power escapes no one. if you are conscious and have a brain and a heart, you will be part of this. The part you play is where the differentiation lies which is why is is more crucial than ever to get back to your Higher Self. Body and form are but shells, what is coming extends beyond matter and beyond time.

Let go of your fear. All negativity stems from fear. Lose your fear and you free yourself from the constraints of anger and hatred and contempt. You realize that you are One with everything and that we are all bound together in this reality through love. Love is all that matters, it is all you take with you on your Great Journey through the Cosmos. We have all been misdirected to incorporate fear into our lives. Fear of death, fear of government, fear of sex, fear of terrorists, they want us all to be afraid. Let go of all you fear. it is NOT as hard as it sounds. Believe in yourselves and let those fears go.

Here we all are, accelerating towards what? What will the Great Metamorphosis be? Nothing to be afraid of. We are about to level up, we are about to ascend into something greater than all of this. That is what ascension really is about, everyone taking personal responsibility to better themselves by fully opening their hearts and minds to all that truly is. If this is the final incarnation, we bypass death and go right into the 5th dimension, if that is what is indeed happening. But doesn’t the theory of dimension and accelerating resonance just feel right?

So do not get caught up in these 3rd dimensional melodramas of fake war and fake news and fake celebritism, fake, fake, fake. We are only here for a flash and then it’s either new incarnation, or the paradise of the 5th dimension and/or higher. In that aspect, does any of this really mean anything at all? Do you not feel like deep down inside you are so much more than this? Do you not feel that you are restricted and limited by the rules of the 3rd dimension? You know you can be and do so much more, but at the same time, you do not know or do not remember how. 

Focus on your Higher Selves. Become One again inside yourselves, let go of the separation between your ego and soul. You must first become One inside yourself before you can become One with others, even though you are already One. Do you see the parallel in all of it? You know, yet do not. You are small, yet you are great. You are light, and you are dark. You are separate only to yourselves, when all along, you are all One.

There is a Great Metamorphosis coming. Open your eyes and see this Change without fear. Let go of it all and become One with Love. Embrace this Change with Love. Realize what you are and do not be afraid. You can never die, your energy is forever. Time is moving faster and faster toward a time of no time. Your resonance will move faster and faster with that time until you no longer are limited by time anymore. The 5th dimension awaits all those who are ready and the time to be ready is now. Stay alert and stay informed but remember, all that really matters is to be conscious of the Infinite Love in your Higher Self. Be your Higher Self, that is the real You. Let go of the ego, free your soul. Love to all.