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ANYTHING helps. I just want to keep writing & creating for all of you & myself…but I need some money to get back on my feet. Been a rough year medically, & the bills killed & are still killing my hurt wallet.




I’ve been creating & documenting & trying to give to all of you what I have found on my journey during this spiritual awakening. It began in the summer of 2012…with visions & dreams about sacred geometry. From that time I have been progressively evolving, eating well, exercising constantly, turning off the television, yet it’s almost surreal to have all of this knowledge, but the reality of living in a world that revolves around money needs to be addressed. Had a good job, but the company closed its doors 2 weeks before this last Christmas. I send out resumes daily, drive around & drop them off also, sometimes just walk in to places trying to find work, but it’s been tough, & I have a college degree, yet still…nothing yet, but I’ll keep fighting and trying until I get back on my feet. 

In the meantime, I’ll take ANYTHING, just throw me a dollar or 2, it will add up, with your help I can step up the pace to when I am back to a state of financial stability. ANYTHING helps, & I will be/am eternally grateful to all those who pitch in. Read through my website, see my animations, I am not an idiot, not here to scam anyone, not a loser, I just got wiped out this year after paying off a bunch of medical bills and some other bills, AND apparently I owe the IRS around $1000 this year…ugh. I will be strong and get through this, but if you can, PLZ help me out. 

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I had a long gap between the daily/semi-daily posts I used to do but now I am back with a ton of new information along with several art projects, so to my thousands of subs, I thank you & love you all. Let’s get through this.

More to come. Love to all. 



YUGE cheers to President Trump on the victory…

…Trump wins…


…Cher blows…


…time to Drain the Swamp…


…& Make America Great Again…


…Cheers to ALL true patriots… 


…DJT finished her…


…with WE the People & the Trump Train…


…more to come…


…love to all…

Trump 2016

Be a Creator…


Vote Trump 2016,

and let’s make America great again.

More to come.

Love to all.




Just something I created for a cool band from the 90’s called Pulp. Check out the vid for their song “Babies” below….

The GIF is a 2 second GIF so it should match the 4 count metronome of the actual song and if you play the vid, the GIF should follow the rhythm…

…art is fun…

Be a Creator.

…great song…cheers…enjoy…

More to come.

Love to all.

Haunted By You

Pensive and quiet
Like forever was
In a chrysalis, she waits for us
And she takes from us
Oh sweet life, why give and take from us?
It’s all for you
It’s all for truth

Feels like I’m holding you down
But you won’t leave me alone
And you’re holding me now
But I’m so far away from you

There’s no home
No home like the one I found in you
Now you’re running away
Oh to feel like a child again…

And the song he sings, he brings to life for you
It’s all for you
It’s all for you…

And the words he places on the page just can’t admit
This song’s for you
This song’s for you…

Feels like you’re holding me down
But I can’t leave you alone
And I’m holding you now
But you’re so far and lost to me

There’s no home
No home like the one I found in you
Now I’m running away
And I feel like a child again
Oh to feel like a child again…

And I’m haunted by you
I’m haunted by you

Every song I sing, it brings me back to you
I’m haunted by you
I’m haunted by you
I’m haunted by you…

Yet another gem from my old friends.

Listen, love, share.

I know it’s been a while dear friends…

…more to come.

Love to all.