10 Dimensions, 2 Minutes

This guy has numerous videos that break down each dimension. VERY informative. This is not complicated. Anyone can understand and comprehend this knowledge. The narrator explains everything clearly and provides brilliant visualizations…otherwise, he makes it easy for you. Now I make it even easier, all you have to do is click “Play.”

Have a look at his channel, here’s the link:

Inform yourselves. The knowledge is out here, free to take for everyone, get it while you can. Also, there are a number of unverifiable reports about something global going down tomorrow… the 22nd of March. Yes, “3/22” has some symbology elsewhere, just Google away and check out what you want. I myself have a… sensation…if you will about tomorrow. My thoughts…just stay alert. What else can you really do? If the proverbial impact of any sort of calamity is heard/seen/felt…whatever all over the world, what could one really do to prepare themselves? And if you are in tune, you are already prepared, we are always prepared. No, not bullets and guns and bunkers and body armor, be prepared where it really matters…inside. You are a being of energy, experiencing the paradigm of a 3rd dimensional reality accelerating through the 4th dimension of time. Accelerating, decelerating, almost one in the same from a fractal point of view, isn’t it? The 4th dimension is fractal, in the sense that it is a Fibonacci spiral, forever in flux between infinite greatness and infinite smallness. The fractal closes in on zero point…13, 8, 5, 3, 2,1,1, 0… and then the outbreath… 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13… and it goes on and on, beginning and ending within itself infinitely. Time is now approaching a zero point, hence the “feeling” of life moving faster and/or going by quicker. No, that is not from aging as some might lead you to believe. You cannot claim that time seems faster due to aging because it can in no way be objective. If time were in fact…speeding up, then you have objectivity, a fact, and it’s quite difficult to argue against fact, is it not? So here it is, here you all are, here we all are, in this…happening…together. All existing in a spatial 3rd dimension while moving forward through a 4th durational dimension of time that spirals into and out of itself for infinity as far as we know. It just so happens that right now at this very moment we are all on the precipice of being witness to whatever may happen when the sequence gets to zero point. Such a unique time to be alive, isn’t it?

It would be nice if everyone understood and had access to the real information, but sadly, here we are in this insane asylum of a reality. Oh,…I didn’t remember to mention dreaming, so now here you go; what is dreaming? I have explained this before but as you can see, it is good to repeat some info as it is deemed appropriate, and guess what, now sounds like a great time to refresh you all on where you go when you dream. Of course you will see all sorts of misinfo when you look it up…dreams are just mental feedback, dreams are just dreams and aren’t really relevant to life, dreams are all in your imagination, blah, blah, blah,…and you’ll see some trying to make a buck selling their interpretations of dream imagery, again, blah, all just crap. Here is the one answer, the only answer, the answer that you do not have to think about in order for it to make sense. Like,…say you picture a car, does that car have wheels? Was it moving when I told you to picture it? Moving on it’s wheels? Either way, the car has fucking wheels, same is going to apply here. This just MAKES SENSE. Ready?
The dream state is often referred to as the subconscious, meaning “below” consciousness, but really, the subconscious is the higher consciousness. The subconscious is a lot more aware and a lot more…knowing you could say, then your conscious consciousness. Only way to access the subconscious is through dreaming and/or by altering your state of consciousness with certain plants, herbs, etc… Now the 2nd method varies from person to person and that is a trip you must define on your own. Have fun. But the 1st, dreaming, I am going to reveal some knowledge to you about. The knowledge isn’t complex, like I said earlier, I will make it easy to visualize. Now remember earlier, we are all in the 3rd dimension going through a 4th dimension of time. As you saw in the video, there are 10 known dimensions. The 5th dimension is accessible if your frequency is resonating appropriately. As dimensions go up, they are no longer subject to the restraints of the lower dimensions. The 5th dimension is free from time. The 5th dimension also liberates the soul from the confines of matter and form in the 3rd dimension. You are energy and you must but will it in order to manifest your intentions in the 5th dimension. Look more into it and find some discoveries for yourselves there. In relation to dreaming, this is where it all comes together. When you dream, your subconscious resonates at a frequency which allows the soul, think of it as your astral body, to travel BETWEEN the 4th dimension of time, and the 5th dimension where you create your own world at will. Think about how that makes perfect sense. In dreams you can fly, you can do incredible things, go places, see people, all in a moment, in a flash, on the spark of a thought but… you aren’t in total control are you? Occasionally, lucid dreaming offers a sense of “greater” control, but not total control. That is because you are not completely free of the constraints of the 4th dimension of time, which connects to your perception of reality as a 3rd dimension, therefore limiting your 100% potential as you dream in the astral plane between the 4th and 5th dimensions. If you were completely in the 5th dimension, you would be fully free, but you are not, because again, you are BETWEEN dimensions, between the 4th and 5th dimension in what is called the astral plane. Take a minute to let it soak in. If it sounds complicated, read it again. If there is an explanation you can offer to better complete the picture, by all means, step up to the plate and be recognized. Do something. Make your own difference, that’s your trip. This is the trip I take you on. My trip is here helping all of you help yourselves. Just translating knowledge. I have detailed an interpretation of string theory in previous posts and here it is again, refreshing to those who know, enlightening to those who do not. And Mr.10th dim here can explain it all in much greater detail if you’d like, more from the scientific angle, quantum theory,… I just wanted to share with you what dreaming is, and I may be right and I may be wrong, but just just use your brains and think,” What makes the most sense?” And find your answer there. Check out 10th dim, he’s great, the link is above and I’ll put it here again for you lazy bastards:

Have a look, only YOU can make YOU smarter. Stop relying on their programming. WE are like eyes dilating, YOU be the eyes dilating. Enlighten yourselves for YOU, not for someone else. The information is out here for everyone and anyone and no one at all, which are you? Today is March 22, 2013. Keep those dilating eyes wide today. I don’t know what, if anything, global may or may not go down, but the forces apparently have some flags up. Just keep it in mind as you enjoy your Fridays, no worries. Thx for reading/watching… Love to all.

Funeral Pyre

Breaking news…white smoke is coming from the Vatican signaling the beginning of the reign of the final pope and the end of your humanity possibly, hence why I entitled this “funeral pyre.” Look into the prophecy of st. malachy…yes, I intentionally do NOT capitalize certain words. Also, look into the zohar. Start with those two trinkets of info and go from there. What is happening right now is not seen by most of you yet, but will be soon enough. Eyes wide open. Love to all. Image

Enter Petrus Romanus

Yep, the old pope is out after today, ushering in what very well may be the final pope and the final era of the beast called the vatican. Will the Prophecy of St. Malachy come true? It has so far, nearly exactly in fact, so what does that mean? Leaves a significant amount of room for well-arguable speculation. The lightning struck St. peter’s dome after this resigning pope announced that resignation. Something tells me that we may being seeing not only one, but many more signs like that, more and more as the spiral tightens. Pay attention, these signs will be as obvious as a meteorite streaking across the sky or a large sonic boom after an atmospheric explosion or a CME or lightning striking a church. Image Here it comes everyone, the forces tell me that in the next three weeks…. in the next three weeks or so…that is all I can say. Eyes wide open. Do not be afraid. Love to all. 



Saint Malachy

How credible this prophecy is varies with individual perspective. I personally found the descriptions of ALL of the popes before they were actually popes was really interesting. The final pope is on the way?… we shall see. Eyes wide open everyone. Love to all.


**UPDATE** Be Ready…

This is my video update to a vid I made a few days ago. Check the archives, you will find it if you haven’t watched yet. or just click here:

I had a sensation that something of global significance was impending, and here we are. The video speaks for itself as does the blog before this. Thanks for reading and watching. Stay informed and be safe. Eyes wide open. Love to all.