Goodbye Glenn Frey


Another rock legend has fallen. This post won’t be long, just saying goodbye to a great musician and great song writer.

Rest well.

Love to all.


2015 or 2008?…


Here’s something many of you may find interesting…

…from me to you…


…the current Gregorian calendar which everyone nowish relatively adheres to,

is off by 7 years.

That’s right, I have mentioned this before, but in case you still aren’t aware,

the history you think you know

…has been re-written and re-written and re-written and re-written…


I’ll actually give some starter-links below for you to do your own research…

It has to do with Jesus…


There have been numerous calendars obviously throughout history from all over the world. Funny how many of those are more accurate then our “modern” one…

Nonetheless, many calendars from all over… 

for instance…

…have you ever thought about the Chinese calendar?

Or the Indian calendar?

Those cultures go back thousands of years prior to the Jesus-based calendars…

…yet here we are,

in this paradigm of using a calendar that has been intentionally manipulated for some reason…

…and what reason might that be?…



Here’s link One:

Here’s link Two:

Here’s link Three:

There is simply no way I can sum-up all of this info and keep this post around my 1000 word mark, so YOU will have to do some work for YOU…

Moving on…

Now if YOU read up on those links, you will see the recorded history of how these modern calendars came about, and why the 7-year gap exists because of a contested date around the life/death/resurrection/what-have-you of the one and only Jesus H. Christ… 


One major difference lies within the Ethiopian calendar…

Click this link>>>

Said Ethiopian calendar is based on the Egyptian calendar,

which would also include the 7-year gap,

…and since the Egyptian calendar revolves more specifically toward astronomical cycles,

as does the Mayan calendar…

…could this in actuality be 2008 according to where the calendar “should” be,

rather than the date is has been manipulated to?…

Today, January 2nd, 2015…

…really the beginning of 2008?..

Why in the world would anyone do such a thing?


Well there is much to speculate on here,

but you/we have links to navigate your/our way through a journey of enlightenment…

…and here are some of my thoughts…

First off,

if the Mayan calendar is supposedly one of most accurate calendars in the world,

why did nothing significant happen on December 21, 2012?


By numerous scientists?


…now hopefully my readers by this time,

should understand that I don’t believe in religion.

It is a mass control mechanism…

…but that’s my trip, not yours.

Believe what YOU want.

However, my un-religiousity has nothing to do with my soul,

and I am extraordinarily spiritual.

Anyone who is awake notices what is happening around us all,

faster and faster,

day by day,

speeding towards something,

but what?

What is out there that we all should know, 

but most do not know

The unknown known…

…and all you really know is that you know nothing at all…

…but you are remembering…

it’s not that YOU do NOT know, 

it is that YOU have forgotten…

…but I won’t digress into that segue today.


Back to this 7-year gap…

…my spirituality tangent had to do with the notion that ancient societies knew way more about what most of us/you have been led to believe…

the God-damn pyramids weren’t built by slaves or men for that matter,

and were probably there prior to what we know as the Egyptians.

Same goes with numerous places all over the world…

Puma Punku, Gobleki Tepe, look those places up if YOU aren’t aware…

And countless, I mean 100’s, of ancient stories speak of a Great Flood…

…so my thoughts are that they knew things most of us/you aren’t privy to,

but the scum at the top are,

and they all have varying “pieces” of this information…

…scattered amongst themselves.


Yet THEY change the Egyptian calendar…


Why are they intentionally throwing everyone off by 7 years?

And furthermore,

does that mean the Mayans still might be right about a December 21st-like date?

…but in 2019, rather than 2012?

It would be an exceptionally useful tool to control the masses,

would it not?

And what leader throughout the reported history of this world has not contemplated altering and/or changing dates to further glorify themselves by making up said history in their own benefit?


So when I say over and over and over agin to not believe in shadows and echoes,

it isn’t to get YOU to read/watch/integrate the Allegory of the Cave…




Mass deception on an unprecedented level. 

They have known of the illusion far longer than YOU,

do YOU really think that knowledge isn’t used in every devilishly conceivable way at this point to get your power?

To enslave you to them?

They don’t care about bettering YOU,

they care about bettering themselves,

because they have fallen into the ultimate ego trap of this dualistic 3rd dimensional paradigm,

and they are fucked.

So don’t worry about them,

just worry about freeing YOU from their master/slave dynamic…

…because media manipulation, re-writing history, broadcasting programs, before all that whose to say they weren’t just changing calendars at will? 

Coincidentally, the Gregorian calendar was conceived at the beginning of the 16th century,

just when Columbus “discovered” America, 

and we all know what a bullshit story that is.

Note when the Jesuit order came to power…

…look into these things, more coinciding coincidental coincidences,

over and over add over again,

…so why wouldn’t YOU question when YOU are clearly being deceived?


Calendars are bullshit anyway,

you can gauge that for yourself from the links in this post,

so why would YOU give so much credit to what “day” it may or may not actually be?

It’s all about cycles, and I think the ancients knew this…

…and I also think their calendars have an almost flawless accuracy, 

when interpreted correctly. I’m almost at 1000 words, but in the next post, I’ll go to the Mayan calendar converter and see what day is what as far as it relates to 2019.

And for you Bible-thumping Jesus fear apocalypse doomers,

…does your Bible not say that the Tribulation lasts 7 years?

Now with that being said,

…see if YOU can put all these little puzzle pieces together…


so YOU can look at the complete picture and achieve an understanding for YOU,

and no one else.

Hope everyone has a great New Year,

whatever that actually means…

…to rehash an earlier quip…

…it’s all about the spirit, right?…

Wide eyes open.

More to come. 

Love to all. 

The Great Change

You are all on the precipice. As soon as the North Korea psy-op fires off, the planet falls into global conflict. Any day now, YES, any fucking minute you are going to see breaking news, ” North Korea fires nuclear weapon” and the the world will really start changing. Think about the events happening since dec 21,2012…were the Mayans right? Think about it. Has it not all been changing since then? Numerous firsts and as that spiral tightens, now it’s at 2… Maybe 1 and 1, closing in on zero point. And guess what, the globalist pig scum are planning on it bc they orchestrated it. If you only new the dynamic of puppetry, mind control, hypnosis, but you 85/90%, clueless. It’s coming any moment, how aware are you? Can you handle it? It’s going to be very intense, but there will be the silver lining. Where do you stand? Do you even know? When day turns to night in a flash, what do you do? These things aren’t meant to frighten you, they are preparing you. What kind of illusory ideal of a future are you stuck to? Let go. The war is real, the war is coming, the collapse, the great change, the rebellion. But I’m just some crazy guy that knows nothing more than my paranoid delusions of some nonexistent apocalyptic future. I know nothing. I just translate. YOU take what you take, I am just what I am. Trying to help you or I’m feeding your subconscious with fear… What do you think? I’ve told you to wake up, find love, find your true divine self, deprogram, detach, ascend,but sure, I’m just some madman midget troll follower, all I say is insanity, right? I have haters, everyone does. They do not get it, so they instinctively aggress. The mumpsimuses, the real trolls, that know nothing but the hatred that comes from the fear in their ego. The 85/90%… I told you, the herd. They are lost, grazing on that grass of ignorance. Their fear will dictate their demise when the great change comes. Believe me or not, hate me, call me crazy, if you all knew what I know…. Never mind. Eat your GM food, fluoridate yourselves, watch your tv, call us crazy. So many throughout history were “crazy” until the masses of asses finally got it. What are you? Do you like the herd, following, slave from birth to slaughter,you do… 85/90% of you DO. How I ended up here IDK… To help you help yourselves. All 20 of you that actually read what I put do much into, is that it? Write a fucking book or two that most of you will never know of bc you don’t read, that another contribution? This world is do fucked up it breaks my heart so bad my soul hurts. So many of you are gone, or maybe I’m gone. Either way, the distance is real and all I want go do is help you see before it’s too late. These words are just wasted time. None of you listen, but I’m still here for you. Love to all.





Not something I usually do, but I am writing the lyrics down for Joy Division’s Ceremony. If you don’t know who Joy Division is, at first, my mind says,”Tell them to kill themselves.” But that isn’t right now is it? Joy Division is an amazing spark of genius from the late 1970’s. Ian Curtis was their frontman, yet another being not of this world. Too light for this dark existence, as are many true artists. Sadly, he hung himself at age 23, but what he left behind for us lives forever.
I cannot express how sad it is to me personally that this young life was lost to the chaotic madness of this reality. There is a pain, inside all of us, and some are just more sensitive to that pain than others. It’s a pain with no remedy, it’s like a cancer, and it eats away, driving you mad as it consumes you. Breaks my heart.

Here are some links to info about Joy Division:

And here are the lyrics:

This is why events unnerve me,
They find it all, a different story,
Notice whom for wheels are turning,
Turn again and turn towards this time,
All she ask’s the strength to hold me,
Then again the same old story,
Word will travel, oh so quickly,
Travel first and lean towards this time.

Oh, I’ll break them down, no mercy shown,
Heaven knows, it’s got to be this time,
Watching her, these things she said,
The times she cried,
Too frail to wake this time.

Oh, I’ll break them down, no mercy shown,
Heaven knows, it’s got to be this time,
Avenues all lined with trees,
Picture me and then you start watching,
Watching forever, forever,
Watching love grow, forever,
Letting me know, forever.

Read up about Ian Curtis and Joy Division. Music is like a vibratory glue that binds us all together into a similar wavelength. The energy in that wavelength is what you feel when you hear your favorite music. It rides up your back, curling around your spine like an electric snake, sending waves in and out of you, with each breath, like a pulse. Ever wonder why it is that you like the music you like? All has to do with resonance, yours, the Universe’s, the frequency between those resonances. I will go more into music in a future post. For now, focus on Ian Curtis and Joy Division. If you know, know more. If you don’t know, inform yourselves. For your sake…to not know Ian Curtis is to not know… well, you’ll either get it or you won’t. Happy hunting. Ears wide open this round. Love to all.

Great Pacific Garbage Patch


You humans and your garbage…I don’t know why this would surprise anyone, I thought it would be much worse to be honest, although it’s still pretty fucking bad. The cancerous plague of humanity, ravaging and raping this planet. This planet is an entity all it’s own, how long do you think she will let you continue pillaging her? Not much longer, don’t worry about that. The Earth is very alive and very conscious of this parasitic society called the human race. Do you think we have not been here in some way before? If this planet is indeed 4 or 5 billion years old, and we have about 6,000 years of recorded history, how is it not conceivable that this couldn’t have all happened a million years ago and been wiped out to start over, maybe even before that as well. Millions of years are fractional in the span of 4 to 5 billion years, do the math. The most bizarre part is that there are still so many mumpsimus mutants out there who STILL believe that we are some how the center of something as if we really matter. We are infinitely tiny, we are nothing. Only the fragments of a greater consciousness… and most of the fragments aren’t even in touch with their Source any longer. Again, reduced to a metaphor of a cancerous plague killing it’s planetary host. That is all a cancer does; distorts, corrupts, consumes, finally destroying it’s host and therefore collapsing itself under it’s own mindless purpose. Look at these pictures and before you hasten your need to point the finger at anyone and anything else but your own ignorant selves, point that finger back at YOU… bloody savages, 7 billion energies, 6 billion of them just wasted potential. See for yourselves: ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage     

Look at how dirty the ocean is. Here read up on this:

Read up, don’t turn the proverbial blind eye, YOU are just as responsible as anyone else. This is what happens when the plague becomes overwhelming. There are too many people, let me rephrase, there are too many uneducated, miseducated, uniformed, misinformed, too many over-consuming fuckwits that have no conception of the responsibility that comes with existing in this reality. They just eat, shit, and breed, more and more of themselves, consuming more and more, trash piling up and stinking up the whole planet…more and more and more, every day. Sad to think that all of these innocent animals have to endure life on this planet with a human population that for the most part, behaves more animal-like than any actual animal. Murderous, thieving, conniving, barbaric, all part of the psyche of humanity, supposedly ascended above the beasts. Yeah sure. Let’s see just how much further this humanity can go before it collapses under the weight of it’s own ignorance. How far will the planet let you all push her before she pushes back? Do you think Mother Nature shows mercy? Fools. Brain dead ignorant hypnotized zombie drone mumpsimus fools. You will see. This just disgusts me. Love to all who see this atrocity among so many and wonder why has humanity set itself up to fall so hard? Like I said, you will see. Inform yourselves, smarten up.