Massive Halo Solar Eruption Live

Made by yours truly courtesy of once again. It’s late and I’m tired so I’m keeping this short. Basically, a massive filament erupted from the Sun not too long ago… footage is still coming in, but this is relatively close to the latest so far. I’m sure in a few hours there will be more, but for now, you can clearly see the power of this eruption from multiple outlets. Check it out, have a look for yourselves. Again, THERE IS NO DANGER. This is not coming at Earth, although it looks as though it will glance our planet, causing colorful auroras, possibly some satellite interference, but doubtful. Just more spectacular auroras from the Sun’s radiation reacting with our atmosphere. Enjoy the video, more to come. Wide eyes open, love to all.


Coming from the Sun

Yes, right now there is a CME otw, supposed to hit our magnetic field sometime tomorrow morning, but that isn’t a big concern. There is quite a bit of significant activity to keep an eye on over the next few days however. Have a look for yourselves…narrated by yours truly. Thx for watching. You can see more at and you can always go through the archives here for more information to enlighten yourselves. Did you get that pun? You did now. Stay informed, wide eyes open. Love to all.

Carlos Allende Update

This is a link to a PDF file. This file is the actual annotated version of the book The Case for the UFO by M.K. Jessup. Jessup died under mysterious circumstances, possibly a staged suicide, have a look into that on your own. This post is just a connective article to link you to this link:

Why was Morris Jessup suicided? We may never know. But have a look at the link so you can see the actual annotations made by the 3 unknown readers. The red pill will take you in, do you really wanna know how far the rabbit hole goes? Be sure to Google “Carlos Allende,” “Morris Jessup,” and/or “Philadelphia Experiment.” The is also a movie called the Philadelphia Experiment, based on Carlos Allende’s proclaimed observation. Good movie, although it has that touch of Hollywood added. You do get good visualizations of what may or may not have occurred to the sailors aboard the USS Eldridge. If you don’t know about anything I am talking about, here; inform yourselves:

Knowledge is your light in the darkness. Stop fumbling around in the darkness of your own ignorance. Stay informed, eyes wide open. Love to all.

Carlos Allende


I highly recommend that all of you click this link:  and read up about this guy. You won’t find his name is any history books and you won’t ever hear about him on your fake MSM. If you have seen the Philadelphia Experiment the movie, then you have been exposed to Carlos Allende. Know why? Because if it weren’t for him, no one would know about it. Numerous witnesses, all afraid to come forward, all but this mysterious fellow, who only really revealed himself on his deathbed. 

His works illustrates the secretive government work into invisibility and teleportation as it it relates to military application. He always feared for his life, as you will read in the link above, but also claims that he was protected by the US government. You can read it all for yourselves. Start by clciking the link above and go from there. This is one of today’s discoveries. Remember, every day, a new gem is found. You just have to pluck it from the trees. Read up on Carlos Allende… for YOU, not for me. The more you know… stay informed. Love to all.