A Metaphor

Ever feel like you are stuck?


Like in a glass box with a few sticks and leaves and rocks, a little food dish, and a water bowl… 

I have been looking into some information lately about how we are are really stars, and that we have been captured here in these dense ‘bodies,’ continuously being tricked into tricking courselves into reincarnating over and over and over and over and over again to serve the will of something greater than ourselves. It’s very interesting information, has to do with Saturn and the Moon. Now you know I don’t believe or disbelieve in anything until I experience it for myself, and even then I question it…

…but I do find this fascinating.


Can you imagine if that were true though? And the strange thing to me its that it makes a lot of sense. Look at most of the population, I’m amazed they can wipe their own asses, easily deceivable, tricked from birth, and birthed by the tricked, in a bizarre seemingly unending loop. However, now there are those of us who are waking up and recalling our real selves, so what happens to us, this fringe group that has become of aware of the possibility and plausibility of the trickery and the trap? Again, not saying this is real, but what is for sure real is that the bullshit story they sell everyone from the get-go is total crap, a complete and continuous deception. And if everything they have told us is/was a lie, who knows what is really real and what is really not? So it seems to be of utmost importance that all of us who are “awakened” understand that we are still very much students of the Universe and still naive to the true nature of who and what we are, yet somehow in this life we are advancing inward at a much higher level than any lives we experienced before, at least here on this Earth plane. But here we are, still stuck in whatever this madhouse is, among a vast majority of people who are all so asleep, I just don’t get it.


Feels very limiting, like when a baby figures out that there is huge room to play in outside of the crib, although the ones in charge keep the baby stuck in the crib by repeating over and over to the baby that there is only the crib, using fear to keep the baby in behind the bars of the crib. But the baby can clearly SEE that there is something more, so the baby finally lets go of that fear and now the baby must crawl out of the crib himself and jump, falling to the floor below. Of course the baby will catch a few bruises and cry, but when he sees he isn’t really hurt and that no one is coming nor does he need anyone to come help him because he can now see what is really happening and that he is okay, he will stop crying, then realize for himself to get up and stand alone, and WALK around to SEE what is in the room outside of the crib, which is of course new at first, BUT…once you’ve walked around the room, it comes together and makes sense. You figure out that you are in a house, and there are other rooms in that house. Furthermore you come to the understanding that you’ve been trapped in this house, and that is NOT your house.


How long do YOU like to stay at someone else’s house, trapped in a crib in a room in their house? Is it not time to leave already? Do you like being a baby confined to a crib? FUCK NO. You want to boldly walk out the front door to see what is outside of this strange house you and everyone else are seemingly imprisoned in. Here’s the rub about that though… you’ve only been tricked to keep imprisoning yourself, tricked through fear. No one was ever in charge over you, they only convinced you otherwise in the crib. Who owns this madhouse? Who was there when you finally jumped let go of your fear and freed from your own confinement? YOU. No one else, no one but you. You didn’t realize you were you though until you hit the floor and you woke up, and now that you remembering who you are, you want to remember everything and anything about what you really are. Is anyone ever really “learning,” or are they simply “remembering?”


Back to the metaphor…

…so obviously you will be brave and walk out that damned front door, that wasn’t even locked, and what do you see next, probably more houses, maybe part of a little cul-de-sac of similar houses, and it hits you like a screaming freight train that you were just trapped in one crib, in one house, in one neighborhood, but by who and for what reason?…so then what’s next obviously?… you get back on the super-highway, you take the road out of the neighborhood and keep going, and then who know’s what’s next? Vast open frontier, other neighborhoods, differing geographies of sorts, point is that we are travelers, soul travelers made of stars, that have somehow been deceived into this dimension of matter and density, limited to only what is possible via these bodily vehicles, while someone somewhere for some reason initiated this deception and keeps it recycling into a never-ending circle of life, death, and reincarnation… but for what purposes I do not know, one can only speculate…


You following this metaphor?…I’m totally just ad-libbed all of that straight off of the top of my head, which is good because I wanted to express that outwardly somehow.


Just a quick sum-up:

Are we really explorers of the Infinite, anything possible, yet somehow some entity or entities have “trapped” us in these bodies by convincing everyone the “real” world is the crib, and there is nothing outside of that crib? And now some of us, our souls are remembering themselves, and are remembering what they truly are, want to get back to being soul/star travelers, so how do we escape the trap? Again, please understand I do not know if this is any way true or untrue, just one of many many many may many “ideas” that seem to keep bombarding me from I-don’t-know-where. But I have never felt anymore alive than in this moment now, know what I mean? The journey accelerates along with the time, moving faster and faster toward….

…maybe next time, we are over 1000 words…

Be good dear friends and readers.

Love to all.

Manneken Pis

Image    This is a famous replica of an even more famous original which now is known all over the world as Manneken Pis. Translating… “little man pee” one clearly gets the impression, or do they? Image    This little character is dressed up in various themes from time to time marking holidays and what-not. Not to mention being the inspirational style for many types of fountains all over the world. That’s right, now every time you see a statue of a guy pissing toward all of you, there is a reference in your brain to Manneken Pis.

Now here is even more you didn’t know until right now and that something is that this style I mentioned above, comes from the functioning architecture of ancient drinking water fountains. Apparently those who provided drinking water back then had a distorted sense of symbolism or a really distorted sense of symbolism, whichever way you want to perceive is up to you.

There are several reported origins, but only one is real, so all one can do is really speculate. Just Google Manneken Pis and see what house the breadcrumbs lead you to. Came across a tale about a battle several centuries back in which the soldiers secured their new infant lord up in a tree and waited for him to piss on them so that they would be stronger in battle. They lost…imagine that.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsaNkMh0lN0   And if you are too lazy to copy and paste a link yourselves or to just make it easier, start here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manneken_Pis   Image

Again, something I knew but did not know I knew being known again. Now think of all those statues you have seen in your life a little guy pissing and how you you now know what that little statue is. Knowledge good, ignorance bad… got it? Look for a Manneken Pis moment or 2 in the future.

Want another metaphor? Not going to be nice, but how often is the truth greeted with an inviting handshake? Think about that, now think about this; Most of you already get pissed on by the global entity that keeps you chained to the floor in your cave. You get pissed on when they deceive you, pissed on when they manipulate you, pissed on when the enslave you to debt, but you know what the irony of all that is?… It’s really just you all pissing on yourselves. Do you know why you piss on yourselves? Because you are chained to the floor in your caves. They piss on you, then you piss on yourselves. One feeding off the other, both feeding off of you, you just sitting there, drowning in piss. All you have to do is get up and walk out into the sunlight, but you don’t. And just like the Manneken Pis, you all would rather iconize something pissing on you, then wake up. Hmmm…wonder why these statues ARE everywhere…always pissing right at YOU…what do you do? Drink it? Pee brains in pea brains? 85 to 90% of 7 billion, drenched in piss.

Okay that’s all I’m feeding the trolls and mumpsimuses for now. Again, I am well-aware of the high intellects of many of you who read, but keep in mind what I just mentioned, 85 to 90%…clueless. You that are in the know are awake, you understand, you are aware, and the truth is known not to many, but to few. Control of information, suppression, that is what they want. Doesn’t bother them to piss on every one but more and more every day piss right back at them. So it’s a pissing info war. Crazy does that sound, ridiculous perhaps? And why is that any more ridiculous to hear then 4 jet planes being hijacked around the same time, leading to supposedly killing 3000 people, yet no wreckage of any of the 4 planes? Open-mindedness, objectivity, knowing all angles, that is how you avoid getting pissed on. Stop being pissed on. Stop pissing on yourselves. Enough with the pissing party. Awaken. Love to all.

Giant African Snail

Every day I find something, everyday I learn or un-learn something from the day before…never fails. They are like new little gems for the treasure trove of knowledge inside me. Have you discovered your treasure today, your little gems? Do you even look or better yet, do you even know that you can see them? Maybe you cannot, Idk… that’s your trip and another tangent.  For now, here’s something I found earlier: Image

Yes, it’s a snail, a giant snail, a huge fucking snail…wow, look at that thing. If you want some specifics, here you go: http://a-z-animals.com/animals/giant-african-land-snail/  So naturally after seeing this initial pic, I had to know more, which led to more pics: ImageImageImage   I have seen big snails in my life, but these have definitely acquired the 1st place position. Another link and then I have something to share and then even more coming after that: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Achatina_fulica

Yes, the term “gross” could be applicable here. Now I love animals so I am not bringing up the term gross from appearance at all. No they are quite beautiful actually, but along with the majesty of it’s rare size, these snails are mainly considered pests, as are most snails. They adapt and breed quickly, ravaging plants and disrupting the natural way of life. They can potentially carry any one of numerous parasitic organisms so if you like escargot as I do, make sure you know what you are getting into before you find yourself facing it for dinner. Here’s a link to some info on the subject of eating these things: http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/wordofmouth/2009/jul/03/african-land-snails-video

And for live footage: http://youtu.be/n3tXAPkqbFg

As you just saw, some people actually call someone to remove these in Florida. Calling a professional to remove a snail from your space. That is a reflection in itself and so the answer is yes. Yes, there is plenty of metaphorizing going on right now… or is there? Nonetheless, now you know about Giant African Snails should you ever encounter one. Be careful, eyes wide open. Love to all.