Image   Today’s word of the day is going to be bailiwick. This will also be the topic of my 400th post, yes my FOUR-HUNDREDTH POST. I come across this word every day, but how and why is my business. I’m just here to tell you what the word means>>>  bailiwick  <<< CLICK HERE for the dictionary definition. My definition is always simpler, a bailiwick is a person’s particular skill and/or talent. In a sentence… As a detective, the man’s bailiwick was homicide. A bailiwick also refers to the district that a baliff works in, such as in a courtroom. Take a minute and find a use for bailiwick in your own sentence. My main interest is writing, and you might say my bailiwick is blog-writing. See, not so hard. So happy 400th post to me and whatever your bailiwick may be, put your heart into it. Wide eyes open, love to all.


One comment on “Bailiwick

  1. thanks – thats a goodie 🙂 …skill…. a word to find…. and a way to accept the skill which someone possess …. (a demon seems to be than a unskilled liar… 🙂


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