Truth in a Flash




Much like this bolt of lightning,

becoming enlightened will hit you in a flash,

make whatever puns you want…

I have come to realize that many/most people, particularly fellow Americans, love to honestly believe that if they do NOT acknowledge something, then it will NEVER affect them. The bliss of ignorance must be that sweet… I wouldn’t know. I’d rather be aware and empowered with truth and knowledge, then bury my head in the sand while the real living truth slowly encroaches ever closer around me. But no, they love it, they love the cave, they love shadows, they love the echoes, they love the scraps from the table, and there are SO MANY. Why? Why do you all not wake up? Why do you convince yourselves that existing as sheep, living your lives as programmed automatons, is an actuality of a “good” life?

Blows my fucking mind…

Why does it blow my mind?…because when the proverbial worm finally turns, it will be like day to night in an instant. If the power goes out from a perceivably foreign entity EMP, what would you do? If a nuclear device went off in and/or near the city you reside in, what would you do? If Obama and his Nazi regime start kicking in doors to confiscate guns, what would you do? If war causes hyper-inflation and gas prices soar, what will you do? If the border completely collapses and the country gets overrun by illegal immigrants, WHAT WILL YOU DO?…oh and the answer most of you say goes something like this…”That’s just crazy, I don’t want to think about things like that.”…when all the while, as the realities grow with their own negative energy, what do you do when they all show up at your door at once?

Just gonna hide in your own fear-driven, ego based non-reality then?

When you no longer have the option to hide,

what will YOU do?

Do you honestly believe that with the current situations rapidly developing as they are, that this world is going to be relatively the same in 10 years? Hell, fuck 10 years, let’s try 5, better yet, let’s make it an even number, “What will the world be like in 2020?”… The world in 2020 will be engulfed in global warfare, if it hasn’t already obliterated the masses by then. This plan was orchestrated long ago by those you allow to be your masters,…masters. Yes, I meant to write that word twice. Your masters masters conceived of three wars, look into Albert Pike if you don’t want to believe this. You should know by now that EVERYTHING in this entire site is provable/documented. Three wars, the first two of which went down exactly as planned, those wars being World War 1 and 2, YES, orchestrated, look it up, do some homework. The 3rd war, illustrated in documents prepared by your masters masters, will occur between now, yes NOW, and 2020. Said war will involve the Middle East and the reported Muslim extremists, and will be the war that finally collapses all world banks, thus allowing your new masters to take total planetary dominance. Go ahead, bury your heads, hide in your caves, pretend reality is not reality other than whatever you decide to fancifully replace it with in your egos. Live in the illusion, that’s exactly what they want, so when the hammer finally drops, you roll over and give your souls to your new masters, all with the docility of the brain-washed human cattle mentality they have programmed so many of you with…

Turn off your television. How many times must you hear something in order to listen?

What could possibly be going on to verify any of the semi-predictory revelations I have shared with all of you? Let’s just sum up then shall we?…: First, here in the mighty USSA, der fuhrer Obama has publicly stated that he will use executive power to nationally confiscate guns, following the model utilized by the Australian government. The difference here will be that Americans will shoot back should such confiscations begin, so we are under threat of civil war between gun owners and this exponentially oppressive police state. That’s just the beginning. Second, the border is wide open. How exactly this is happening is beyond me. The government ordered that any/all border agents DO NOT talk to ANY media outlets at risk of federal prosecution. Thousands of undocumented illegals are being brought in by the busloads, filling up military bases in Texas and Arizona, under the reported guise that the government will shelter them, feed them, and hook them up with social welfare, as long as they vote democratic of course. This “administration” is a hornet’s nest of scummery. Absolutely unreal, but it doesn’t stop there, oh no, not even close. Third, tension between the Ukraine and Russia is escalating by the minute. Russia has apparently shut off the gas flow to Ukraine, so as their fuel supplies run out, and in turn their food and water supply, then the chaos gets squared and multiplied. Most of western Europe’s gas comes from the aforementioned gas that flows through Ukraine. So when western Europe, i.e. NATO, runs out of gas/power, what comes next?  Hmmmm… gives the mighty USSA along with NATO more than enough of a publicized reason to engage the Russians in combat, which is EXACTLY what the globalist pig scum want anyway. Continuing with number 4, I know many of you are seeing this extreme terrorist organization that is taking over Iraq known as ISIS. The MSM can’t decide if they want to call them ISIS and/or ISIL, but the bottom line is, CIA controlled or not, these fuckers are absolute animals with no regard at all for humanity and human life. I posted a post a few weeks back about ISIS, look it up, look at the time stamp. I came across the group after a clip I saw from 60 minutes. That led me to a video on Youtube where I witnessed the overkill brutality of this ISIS group. Shooting the shit out of dead bodies, video recording roadside bomb attacks, drive-bys, and most notoriously, executions. Now if you have never seen these kinds of things on film, I would suggest NOT looking into ISIS. They actually PROMOTE these videos, and I’m kind of surprised that Youtube let these vids ride, since they are usually tight on censorship. So I put this post up, as I said, a few weeks ago, got a few hundred hits, then this group called ISIS goes mainstream in the last week, and now people are raising an eyebrow, but can they really stomach this INSANELY high level of violence? Leads me to my final comment, as I have now surpassed the 1000 word mark, even though I really could go on and on and on and on about what is culminating around the globe. Remember, the change will be like a flash, and if you have figured out how to put together puzzle pieces yet, it is not hard to discern that something major is literally right around the corner.

So final words for this post, here we go…

Last night,

I was shared a link to a recent video from ISIS. I will not publicize the link to this video, because I am well-aware that most of you could not handle it. It is only a few minutes long, but it is VERY REAL and VERY GRAPHIC. It shows several, maybe like 20/25 guys all together, dressed in the garb of the Iraqi army that the Americans put in charge after we withdrew. Theres a minute or two of Muslim spoken gibberish, references to allah, blah blah blah, then one after another, these soldiers are executed with close range gunshots to the head. Then after they have shot them once in the head, they continue to keep shooting them in the head, until they are uber dead. It is horrible and terrible, very graphic as I said, very haunting. So again, tread lightly when you look into ISIS. These crazy fuckers make these videos on purpose, and whether or not they are CIA funded, they are absolutely fucking nuts. And they think that those sorts of actions will grant them a “promised eternity in heaven.” Yes, I’m sure heaven is chock full of mass murderers that exist purely from the hatred of others, absolute subhuman reptilian fight behavior. I wished I had never watched the afore mentioned videos, but it’s too late, one cannot dwell on the images of the past. However, should these atrocities and the state of the planet as a whole, collapse under the weight of ego-driven psychopathic luciferian globalist agendas, would it not be better to be as prepared as you can? Is only acknowledging the good, yet ignoring the dark the right way to maximize your experience as a fragment of Source, traveling through this dimension in order to collect experience for your eventual return? Will it go away if you stay buried long enough, hide deep enough in your caves? These are all things YOU must reckon out for YOU, not for anyone else. Only YOU become aware of your individual journey as a soul traveler, we are only here on the road as billboards, neon lights pointing out loose directions, trying to help as many travelers as we can, help themselves find their way out of the caves, back to the surface into the enlightenment outside of the cave. Whoa, whoa, whoa…time to wrap it up, way over the 1000 word mark. More to come. Stay awake, and whatever YOU do, do NOT be afraid. Every time you exhibit fear, you empower your psychic vampire masters. They feed from your fear, so knock it off already. Why are so many of you so fucking scared? Of your own proverbial shadows? So much mind-blowing going on, oh the illustrations from this insane asylum of a 3rd dimensional paradigm, the pictures being painted, but I will not digress any further…

Let go of fear.

When you let go fear, you can see beyond the vail of ego.

Wide eyes open.

Love to all. 


10:15 on a Saturday Night

…and the tap, drips, under the strip light, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip ,drip, drip,… if you know the Cure then you’ve got it. If not, go back to grazing. Or if you find yourself interested, go here:  The Cure are musical geniuses, not of this world, your world anyway, but here to help your world help itself. No, it isn’t about goth and blackness at all. That’s what happens when the commercialization overdramatizes the image. Anyone who is truly into goth knows this. I am not, but I am here to illustrate for you, and I happen to really love the Cure and I am also glad that I got to exist in the timeframe where I could experience the energy in their music. Robert Smith is a brilliant lyricist, a poet, true master of words. It is easy to say…”master of words,” but to be it, only few can achieve that sort of grace. Smith hits everyone in a spot where all are vulnerable, the heart. He’s very good at illustrating the frustration of emotional chaos that everyone finds themselves in at some point or another in their lives. But underneath, always the undercurrent of the boundless beauty of love. I truly admire Smith, both as a poet and writer, and as an artist. Brilliance.

So anyway, I know it’s a bit later or earlier than 10:15 on this Saturday night for some of you. The irony of this coming on my random iTunes shuffle at about 5 minutes after 10:15…yet another coincidental coincidence. And the song is right on tonight, I am “wondering where she’s been”…”crying for yesterday,” but that is only somewhat. Regret doesn’t get to me at all. Nothing can be done about the past, one can only go forward and make sure they have corrected whatever it may have been that hindered their journey to begin with. 

It’s funny, I’m thinking that i feel at bit lonely, definitely bored, kinda depressed from the loneliness…it sucks knowing what i know and not having anyone to really share it with, but at least I have all of you, my loyal readers and subs. Thx for understanding. it’s all so simple, yet 85 to 90%…just won’t ever get it. It’s frustrating, and that is one of the elements that advocate a depressive fortitude in myself. What’s it going to take to snap you all out of it? Call me the oddball, call me crazy if you want, that doesn’t hurt me, it shows your allegiance to your herd and the masters who shepherd you, fattening you all up on corporate-owned consumerism.

Fattening you up for what though? Why do cattle people and hog farmers do, they fatten up their livestock for…. SLAUGHTER,… SLAUGHTER you mumpsimus zombies. They have you all so programmed to be oblivious though, so what will it take? War, nuclear war? Because it’s coming, coming soon, maybe within a week, a few days, tomorrow, ten minutes from now?… who knows? North Korea has their finger on the trigger, their enemy in the sights, just waiting for the order to fire. And what happens then?…

Here’s my view of the puzzle as it will change this week: Okay, we have Easter Sunday tomorrow. I was going to go into the real origins of Easter and Passover for you and how these respective holidays have evolved into what they are now, but maybe later. It’s a blog within itself you know? So anyway, … puzzle coming together, puzzle coming together, I see weather first, the weather is swirling, there is rain, lots of wind, trees blowing, people outside in it looking confused. Continuing on,… I see North korea finally unleashing an initial strike toward South Korea, but that isn’t all, I see more than one rocket, not sure where the others are going, but I see a city ablaze in what looks like South Korea, whatever it is, it is surely a small city on fire. I see the ground shaking quite a bit, everywhere. Now Idk if this is a shock representing the shock of the beginning of a possible WW3?… eyes open on that. I see more red water, explosions, a move is about to be made, a big move. Like on a chess board, the way moving a pawn compares to the way a queen moves… you get it? Well, I see the queen making a move. I see something else with guns, another false flag, this week, it sadly will involve another school, but there will be something unusual, something different from the others. What that is, I cannot see. I also see a tsunami somewhere, fast, but indeed, a big wave. This last thing I will detail for you all is hazy… I see a great quiet, like if many people all saw something unprecedented, but there is a lot of light, it seems hypnotizing to those who cannot avert their eyes. 

Now these are just images that flow into and out of me, riding my inbreath and outbreath. Whether they mean anything or not, we shall see. Just wanted to share with you all some positive intuitive energy I am feeling at the moment. Discovering, making the unknown known, is just brilliantly beautiful to me. Each day, each gem, every new discovery I find each day that passes brings me closer to the light of truth. The closer I get, the more I can share with all of you. I am finding enlightenment, but you are YOU, you are not me. Your journey is your own. Your questions are different than mine, and so too… the answers. I have a light. It’s not some great light by any means, but a light, nonetheless. And the darker the darkness, the lighter the lightness. My light is here for all and none to use as they wish. I translate, I show you the road, but only YOU can read what i have translated for you. Only YOU can walk on the road I show you. It is all, and has always been, up to YOU, and YOU alone. 

I know not all of you will and/or cannot overstand, much less understand, and the ignorance inside you must really be bubbling as the world spirals faster and faster and faster toward zero point. But you are calcified, you are a permanent mumpsimus, you fucked up. In the universal sense, you are worthless. That only sounds harsh because you have all been programmed to be compassionate toward the weak. Well here’s a little fat for you to chew on… there’s a difference between those poor souls who are weak because of a fucked up environment they were unwillingly born into. Those types are good people, just used to having to deal with a negative environment, but their hearts are pure and good… they are not lost yet. The rest of you though, a lot of you older, the younger ones of you, just your spawn, the spawn of mumpsimus to mumpsimus, you whole lot need to be removed. Your archaic ideologies, your cluelessness, your instinctive obsession with greed and power, your lack of empathy for humanity, yes, your fucking time is done. Just waiting for you all to die off, but even then, we still have to deal with those spawn of the globalist pig scum. Aye…aye…aye…

This is why the world is clearly otw to it’s own imploding demise. That implosion can come at any minute now, any minute. The Sun is turning in with yet another another massive coronal hole, along with serious flare potential, we have nuclear war imminent, the world monetary system is about to collapse, everyone is broke except for the elitist pig scum, I could go on and on and on and on and on but how many of you will ever read this and take heed on anything I try to tell you? Huh, how many? 

Right now, I am chillin, very relaxed, missing someone who is a total maniac, but for some reason, I still… idk what it is with this girl. Haunting. I started out this post pondering how long ago it was when I first heard this song. And here it is, still as amazing, even more in some ways perhaps. From that thought I tangented off into thinking about what will happen if some sort of global cataclysm occurs. No more electricity, food and water shortages, war, death, nuclear weapons, conflict, chaos, I mean no mater how positive you think you are, that shit makes no difference toward what is clearly coming for us all. Try standing in front of an army with your bibles and your crosses and see what happens. Fools, and there are so man of you. Ugh,…always digressing. Imagine all the different places where you heard certain songs that you can directly associate with the place you were at that moment. Now picture hearing those songs again, on the other side of a global aftermath. These are just some things that go through my mind. 

If you know the song, have a listen again. Never hurts to hear a great song twice. Maybe something in Smith’s words will strike you in a way you never caught before. Happens to me all the time, music and movies, revelations, every day, more and more revelation. What a time to be existing. Here’s the link again:  < Just click and watch and enjoy. Those ascended ones send great entities from time to time to enlighten the world in some way. Robert Smith is one. Enjoy the vids. Remember, we are all in this together…love one another. The great change is upon you all, knocking at the door. With the right ears you can hear it, trust me. You need to be right inside. All of this material world is going to vanish away as you ascend and begin to resonate at a higher frequency, the frequency of love. So many changes coming, you will all see. Remember what I wrote here, and of course I’ll keep posting. As long as there is electricity and internet connectivity, I will be here helping you all help yourselves. The days of a great reckoning are upon us, but what is the nature of this reckoning? Many questions with many un-answers, why? Their secret agenda and their secret cooperate globalist pig scum regime are exposed and they want everyone to die fighting themselves so they can come in on the other side and take over. Order from Chaos, remember their motto? Fuck these bastards, fuck these pig scum, fuck their eugenics programs, you are not all cattle, proles to be experimented on and then discarded at will. They are raising a people farm, and what happens when the farm gets to large and out of their control, they slaughter. Do you want to be slaughtered? Do you want sit your ass on your couch and do nothing until one day, they finally get to you and put you in some forced labor camp?

This is REAL people. Yes, Kim Jung Un or whatever his name is, is reported to hate America so much that he and his country will die trying to stop the “evil Imperialists.” Now I haven’t figured out yet whether or not this young leader is really an illuminati puppet or not. All of these plans were detailed long ago. There is a letter from Albert Pike that you can read detailing these pre-planned wars. Google “Albert Pike war letter” or something like that. I have it here in my archives too, just run the same search in the search box to the right side of my page. But yes, every conflict, detailed before it ever commenced. So ho are the real players in this war? 

I know that it is being widely reported that numerous powerful countries are beginning major war drills, i preparation for what though? They know, the pig scum know, and because we are expendable, we do not need to know. Most of you behave like children, so they guide you all accordingly. Hate me all you want, YOU are the ones who allow yourselves to be enslaved to them, not me. I’m free, as free as the blowing wind. Idk what is coming my way, but I will make it through to tell the story of humanity before the great change came and turned the old world upside down. How most you of you live from ego and the fear inside your ego and how eventually, that fear brought about their own demise. Fear and ignorance, that combination can kill you easily and it will. So many of you, lost in that fear, afraid to even try to free yourselves from the chains that bind you.  It is going to do you in. This world stinks of fear, the Universe smells your fear. You are stinking up the universe, and what do you do?…stink it up more. Let go of your egos. Th ego is the illusion, your soul is the real YOU. And that’s the heartbreaker, breaks MY heart anyway, every second of every day, broken hearted because of you, because I cannot get through to enlighten you to help YOU help yourselves. That’s the boundless passion I put into these words I share with you. “Anyone can write and say they are a writer, but only the true writers write in their own blood.” ~ES 

What’s your Saturday night consisting of? Drinking, getting drunk, saying outrageous things, hitting on your friends’ girlfriends and vice versa, maybe some drugs, the late night blow connect, is that what’s going on for you this evening? Me, I’m just chilling, as always. An occasional poof from my e-cig while I scribble some thoughts down for all of you hoping that this info impacts someone/anyone in some meaningful way. Now that this is done, returning to combat training on CoD, while Pandora surprises me with a random playlist in the background. Just me and my cat here, so alone. Loneliness is funny. Read this book:    It’s called Thus Spoke Zarathustra, penned by Nietzsche, a genius on many levels. The book is  all about a journey through the land of Total Lonelines. One of my first college treasures, absolute brilliance. Here’s some info:

And, to order your own copy:

And link to my Books via Amazon:

So just some things I wanted to share on this Saturday while “I’m sitting in the kitchen sink, and the tap goes drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip” … such is the way of the world sometimes. Keep your eyes open this week people… LISTEN, do not just hear. I’m 2 for 2,… I said something global in a day or 2…Day 2, Pope resigns, “fireball” flies over Russia, lightning strikes Vatican. Second time, I said same thing,” Something global, few days, and another “fireball” lights up the East Coast. So I cannot see what exactly is coming, it is very bright, but it is surely coming, and coming fast. Just let go of your ego, fear is what kills you, do not allow it. YOU have the power, why don’t you use it? More info coming as I get it. Eyes wide open this upcoming week people, this could be the week of the big game changer. You will all see soon enough. Stay aware and stay informed. Love to all. 

Intuition Vibe

I mentioned yesterday that I was experiencing a strange vibe about all of this flux in the stability of the global climate. Now I will tell you why. To begin, here we are facing numerous, numerous weather extremes everywhere. Let’s break it down: Record scorching heat in Australia, snow in the deserts of the Middle East, record cold and precipitation across Europe, hundreds of earthquakes in the last 48-72 hours in the South Pacific, record historic blizzard about to hit the Northeast United States,… now anyone can see that these extremes are not normal and furthermore, why are they all happening at once? 

This is where this feeling inside me comes from. Is it intuition? Has my awareness grown to the point to which I am now experiencing vibes that are warning me of impending danger? Or maybe I am just insane? I suppose time will reveal the truth of that won’t it? I am quite self-knowledged and self-aware, so I feel that the depths of my insanity are relatively shallow when compared to the madness of the masses. Therefore, what can all of this bizarre weather mean? Is something big coming, coming for us all? 

I have already answered that and the answer for those of you who missed it is… YES. Something is definitely coming, coming fast and arriving very soon. I would like to be positive, but that is not real. What is real is that all of us are about to experience something unprecedented in our known history. Now I know that the unknown has been programmed to instill fear in all of you, but we must not give in to fear, we must not be afraid. This great change is needed and inevitable… embrace it. We all die and move on, it’s only a matter of when and how. So if it is death encroaching, fear not. What else is there to worry about?

You will all have to make the choices for yourselves as to how you all get through this great change to the other side. Will you end up enslaved, will you end up ascended, where will you end up?… That is up to everyone individually. There is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, no bunker will protect you from what is coming, and that is why it is futile to be fearful. Think of it as a big surprise, something new none of us were expecting, something that will enlighten and evolve you rather than destroy you. I cannot define what is that is coming, I am only sensing it’s approach. Whether you believe me or not is irrelevant, this is happening, this is real, and this is coming for us right now. This is truly our final second of our final minute of our final hour. 

This is not meant to scare you, there is no paranoia or mongering here, I am only translating the nature of this reality for all of you to understand. I would rather you all read this and hate me and be ready than to not know and be blinded by your own ignorance. No matter what you think of your narrator, if you are still reading, you are now aware and I have fulfilled my role as interpreter for all of you. The only way to be ready for this is inside yourselves. You must become One with your Higher Self and the boundless energy of the Infinite Love inside of you. That energy is all you have, all any of us truly have, our only real protection and guide for what is coming. Stay informed everyone. Stay alert and be safe. Keep those eyes wide open. Any minute now… it comes… no fear… love to all.