FucK #MerylStreep #TrumpWon

Yes I’d like to thank Meryl Streep for her puke-fest vomit-party speech last night at yet another gay Hollywood awards show.


So many liberal tears raining down, it’s almost biblical.


Go fuck yourself ya leftist lemmings.


Trump won.


And will keep winning.


10 more days until he’s official ya scum.


Deal with it.


Or fuck off.


More to come.


Love to all.



YUGE cheers to President Trump on the victory…

…Trump wins…


…Cher blows…


…time to Drain the Swamp…


…& Make America Great Again…


…Cheers to ALL true patriots… 


…DJT finished her…


…with WE the People & the Trump Train…


…more to come…


…love to all…

Friday the 13th Full Moon




That’s right readers and watchers and brothers and sisters, today is Friday the 13th AND… there is going to be a full moon tonight, which if I’m not mistaken, will not happen again until 2049. Makes it kind of a notable day, doesn’t it? Does it mean anything? Probably not. We have seen these “dates” come and go and ebb and flow with nothing coming out of it other than usually a nice and normal day, as far as normal can be defined in this dimension anyway. However, let’s not forget that your masters seem to associate lunar and celestial events with their secretive ritualistic behind-the-scenes antics. Just because YOU don’t worship Lucifer and a giant owl, doesn’t mean that they do not. And I’ve gone over all that before, if you still don’t know, just search my archives. Or if you have a dollar bill on you and a smartphone, just google “owl on dollar bill,” to see where to look.

Or just look here:




Yes, their sacred owl is on the most transacted form of paper currency in the world. And as far as the entire bill, and the other USSA bills, are in actuality an ant farm of magic spells in themselves, but again, you have to go into my archives and do some of your own work to discover the real truth for YOU. I’ve gone over this numerous times before. And if you don’t know about the owl, google  “Bohemia Grove.” These are actually things that many of us have known for a while, so if you don’t know, maybe you should catch yourselves up,

or change the channel…

Moving on, so we have this full moon tonight, on the ever-superstitious Friday the 13th. Do any of you know why this day is considered a dark day? Well, the movies obviously didn’t help, especially to generations of TV babies. Let’s start at the beginning, well there is really no beginning, because if you know how to push a button, you will find that the origins of Friday, the number 13, and anything unlucky stem from centuries back Christian folklore. In fact, the number 13 is often considered the most sacred of numbers, the beginning and the end, Alpha and Omega, yet in this backwash post-modern society semi-founded on Christian ideals, it has been systematically demonized. Buildings without a 13th floor….really? Why? Because those who control you don’t want you to know the real you. They have so many of you focused on a trip that isn’t even real, based on the wrong number, as simple as that. Why do you think they instigate the “unlucky” attributes of the number 13 to you, while they use it all over that dollar bill I mentioned above? 13 founding colonies, but let’s leave out the 13th floor because something bad might happen, and the masses consume it up, amassing greater amounts of fear for the puppet masters to feed on. 

Now, as always, I do not claim to offer any of my energy at all toward the validity, or the un-validity, of any of this information. However, it appears that many others do. First, there’s the sheeple, feeding into the fear frenzy, putting that kind of energy out into the world, and then there are the Luciferian owl worshipping globalist pig scum who use that fear energy as a power boost for whatever rituals they have going on at the time. They always have the money ritual, every time anyone transacts one of their spell-enhanced dollar bills, they get energy. Always feeding, right in front of everyone, even putting the evidence in plain view ON THE BILLS, but they’ve made it appear as though you need that money, that magic monopoly money where one number means this and one number means that, all distracting you front he fact that it is really just helping to drain more of your energy. It’s an illusion, a spell, and it’s always working all the time all around you and right through you if you let it. Speaking of which, before I completely tangent off, was anyone wondering how “Friday” got wrapped up into this fake 13 superstition nonsense?

Friday was the day Jesus was supposedly crucified. It would appear that many people have, had, and still do, underestimate the blatantly fraudulent misuse of historical knowledge by the Church to instill fear through superstitions. Easter bunnies, fish head hats, friday the 13ths, it goes on and on and on and on, and people take it at face value when they quote from their bibles. It’s absolutely astonishing. Are you putting together how this fairy tale came together yet? You know, in a true calendar, there would be 13 months, but they changed that. So yes, that means there are actually 13 full moons every year. 13/12, 13/12, 13/12, you can look into this all day and find so many bizarre circumstances where 12 has been used instead of 13, while simultaneously inferring that the number 13 is “bad” in some way. Oh, and for the Christians, if Jesus had 12 disciples, followers, whatever you want to call them, wouldn’t that make him number 13? The beginning and the end, the death and rebirth? Have you ever actually looked into 13, or Friday, or Friday the 13th?

All the answers at a button’s push, yet so many still sleep….

Despite all that you just got informed of, today is notable, yes, in the sense that apparently another full moon on Friday the 13th doesn’t occur until Friday, August 13th, 2049. This 3rd dimensional paradigm, if you are still here, will look nothing then like it does right now. Look outside, you see the sun shining, the grass, the colors, the life, I cannot tell you all what will be there in it’s place in 2049 but let’s just say there are going to be some big changes on this planet over the next 35 years. The plausible singularity, man/woman merged and fully integrated into computerized machinery will have come and gone, a next plausible nuclear 3rd world war will have come and gone, something we weren’t even expecting will have come and gone, and for those of us left, what will there be? Uh oh, I have passed the 1000 word mark once again. Do not offer any of your energy into any fear-mongering around this date. Do the opposite, because those globalist owl-worshippers I mentioned earlier are going to be particularly hungry today. Give them nothing to eat. They are the parasites, starve them until they die. So many of you are thinking backwards, still stuck on the wrong number. YOU are the ones with the real power, harness it on this uniquely lunar day. Turn off the fucking television, get up, go outside and take your power back.

Make it a powerful day for YOU, not for them.

Wide eyes open. Love to all. 

Barnaby Jack Killed

   I don’t know much about this guy other than what I’ve read. Here’s a link…CLICK HERE>>>>Famed hacker Barnaby Jack dies a week before hacking convention  This guy once made ATM’s spit out free cash, and was celebrated among the hacker world, making him a prime target to get suicided by the CIA. Who do we have within the last year now…Aaron Schwartz, Michael Hastings, the FPS Russia guy, and I know there are some I am forgetting, all as I said, within a year. All in their 30’s, all working to destabilize the corrupt machine that the globalist pig scum run the world with, all now dead. They are murdering us, they will kill you for speaking the truth and once you become well-known and established, you move right up to the top of their hit list. And here we have yet another one. this just happened so I do not have any more info than what you can read via the link above. Just Google “Barnaby jack” and you’ll find all sorts of articles. Murder is nothing new to the globalists, and you mean nothing to them, but do not let that discourage you. Do the opposite in fact, write more, make bolder statements, if they are going to target you anyway, make yourselves a worthy target, and fight back before they come to get you. They are the weak, they are the scum, they are the side of darkness and evil and they will not be victorious. Stay informed of how this story plays out. He dies just a week prior to a major hacking convention, just like Michael Hastings and Aaron Schwartz, prior to a big event, boom…killed. These events are not coincidental, these guys are getting murdered.

To the murderers I say ,”Fuck you and your agenda you scum of the Earth. You hide in shadows and speak in whispers and treat human beings as though they were sheep. Although that sometimes may be the case, you have no right to come in and end someone’s life because they say and/or believe something you do not agree with. This is not Nazi Germany, not yet anyway, and if you can only push so far before the people push back. We have the numbers you coward pig scum. We have the real power. So fuck you, and your monopoly money, and your power trip egomania. Your agenda has been exposed and it will fail. We will not go down with you. You are a plague , a parasite, and a cancer on this humanity and the world will become golden again when you evil bastards are all dead in the ground. The time of reckoning draws closer by the moment. You know that we know what you are, and now you are scared. But we will not stop. we will share information, spread knowledge, and connect with one another for the love and the sake of this human race. And we will defeat you, because there are so few of you, it is only a matter of time. Globalist pig scum look out. Each one of us you kill adds fuel to the fire raging against your door. You can only hold our fire back for so long. We are the majority, we are the force to be reckoned with. The drip has become a flood and now that flood is about to wash away the old. Wash away, wash away. Wide eyes open. Love to all.”


Claude Shannon

I am going to give you the wiki-link: Just click the name above… but I highly recommend you take it further and gain yourself a good frame of reference at least for some of the ideas and theories that stemmed from the work of Dr. Shannon. Yesterday, I had no idea who this guy was. Today, I am learning all about his work and human genetic computer programming. Every one of us are simulated hard drives of the future… not saying I believe nor disbelieve, but I am glad I am at least aware. The knowledge is everywhere, it’s yours, take it. Don’t wait until the electricity goes off before you decide to open your eyes and seek inner enlightenment. Now is the time. Educate yourselves. Love to all.