Plato’s Paradox plus Jordan Maxwell link



Being a student of Plato’s work,

I came across this site:

Has a listing and description and illustrations about the many paradoxes,

relating to Platonic logic,

many of which adhere to and/or are derived from here:’s_paradoxes

VERY enlightening,

and informative knowledge.

My mind never ceases to be blown,

I have these breakthroughs of insight…

…since all of this awakening has begun and/or recognized,

and then integrated and assimilated…

…to seeing beyond the illusion….

…I discover more and more and more every time I go info mining…

…and these last few days have been nothing short of what I said above…


I plan on going into that more in the next post,

particularly in reference to Jordan Maxwell:



Good stuff on the way.


More  to come, wide eyes open.

Love to all.


Paradise or Oblivion?

This is the direct link to the video accompanying the Venus Project. Have a look. I’m not going out of my way to persuade you. This is something you should all already be aware of. If you are, great, if not, inform yourselves. You either will or you won’t, that is YOUR choice, not mine. Stay aware. Love to all.

The Venus Project



Starting off with this little gem today. I’m well aware of most of these types of things, but somehow this one got passed me for the most part. I had skimmed over it some not-so-distant time ago, and I have seen the creator of this project speak, a Mr. Jacques Fresco. It’s called the Venus Project. What it is is basically a complete restructuring of our entire methodological process we apply toward our relationship with this planet. The plan implies that we shift the current form of monetary economy to a resource based economy. This is a big idea. Sadly, it seems that this humanity is hell-bent on collapsing in on itself before we see such advanced ideas come to fruition. But we may not,… who knows? Have a look:


There is a movie that details this project for all of you in about ohhh…. 45 minutesish. Again, the idea is fascinating and brilliant, but are we already to far into this end to try that new beginning? Watch the movie, decide for yourselves…  This guy, Jacques Fresco, is ahead of his time, ahead of this time. Listen to the knowledge he offers you all. Awareness is important, especially now. 85 to 90%, unaware and will remain that way until THEY choose to wake up. Where are you in the equation?… that is all you need to worry about out. Information is knowledge and knowledge is key. Use that knowledge to open the door of enlightenment, then do not be afraid to walk through. For you, not for anyone else. Eyes wide open. Love to all.