Bomb Threats in Atlanta… Cyber False Flag?…



supposedly, reportedly,

some asshole used their Twitter account,

to post bomb threats causing all kinds of flight delays,

in and around Atlanta,

which is a major flight hub here in the US.

That’s the story being reported at this moment anyway…


…yet one can only wonder if this is….


…orchestrated attempt to crack down on the Internet. 

As this story develops,

we will see.

More to come. 

Love to all. 


ALERT…Another Massive Triangular Coronal Hole Facing Earth


Yes that’s right, ANOTHER triangle on the Sun. This is the 3rd or 4th time I have seen this, a seemingly perfect equilateral triangular coronal hole, turning to face Earth at this very moment. Does it mean anything? Well, there are some researchers who believe it has a direct impact on the climate here on Earth. Some claim there is an uptake in earthquake activity when massive coronal holes appear. No one can argue that the climate has not been anything other than ordinary. Record heat, record cold, sinkholes, flooding, it goes on and on. As I’ve said before, we are all witnessing too many firsts to be coincidental, are we not? Now here we are again, with another one of these triangular holes opened up in the direction of Earth. I don’t know what will happen, but we won’t have to wait very long, will we? 


You can all go to to see live images for yourselves. Also, I highly recommend this video:  This is the Killshot, the full movie. Take what you will away from this film, it is quite informative. Look at the global events all happening in relation to the predictions made by Ed Dames. Again, how coincidental must something be before it is no longer coincidence? I am going to list a few other links for you. Do or do not do, it is up to YOU, not me. Here you go:

Explanation of solar flares and CME’s from Suspicious Observer…Also, a link to his channel. He updates solar activity DAILY. He is here to help, do not take his knowledge for granted…

Explanation:  … PLEASE WATCH and if you feel inclined to do so, subscribe. 

Link to SO’s Channel:

Link to One of My Previous Videos On Last Triangular Coronal Hole:

What is plasma?…

How big is our Sun compared to others?…

And I have an image here to show you. In the video above, I mention how small Earth is compared to our Sun, then how Our Sun, seems even smaller compared to the bigger stars. Infinite greatness and infinite smallness, a fractal universe. Have a look at the image:



See… so whose to say what is truly big and what is truly small? We are ants, tap-dancing on atoms, but does the ability to imagine infinity make us infinite? Consciousness connecting to the universal mind, how great is that? So much unknown amongst a humanity that thinks it knows everything. Enjoy the video and look into the links…learn something. Our connectivity exists in an electrical spark… what would happen if the lights went out? Think about it. Inform yourselves. Stay aware, eyes wide open. Love to all. 

The Venus Project



Starting off with this little gem today. I’m well aware of most of these types of things, but somehow this one got passed me for the most part. I had skimmed over it some not-so-distant time ago, and I have seen the creator of this project speak, a Mr. Jacques Fresco. It’s called the Venus Project. What it is is basically a complete restructuring of our entire methodological process we apply toward our relationship with this planet. The plan implies that we shift the current form of monetary economy to a resource based economy. This is a big idea. Sadly, it seems that this humanity is hell-bent on collapsing in on itself before we see such advanced ideas come to fruition. But we may not,… who knows? Have a look:


There is a movie that details this project for all of you in about ohhh…. 45 minutesish. Again, the idea is fascinating and brilliant, but are we already to far into this end to try that new beginning? Watch the movie, decide for yourselves…  This guy, Jacques Fresco, is ahead of his time, ahead of this time. Listen to the knowledge he offers you all. Awareness is important, especially now. 85 to 90%, unaware and will remain that way until THEY choose to wake up. Where are you in the equation?… that is all you need to worry about out. Information is knowledge and knowledge is key. Use that knowledge to open the door of enlightenment, then do not be afraid to walk through. For you, not for anyone else. Eyes wide open. Love to all. 


27 Seconds In

Some more footage of this event that apparently just went down in Russia. I’m even seeing unconfirmed reports that the Russian military interceded this thing with explosives. The information is still coming out. Have a look at this vid, you will jump when you approach the 30-second mark. Very good footage. Thanks for watching… more to come I’m sure. Love to all.


Breaking Meteor Footage

That’s right, as asteroid 2012 DA14 makes its approach, we have a precursor, maybe several. Is this only the beginning, or yet another freak coincidence? The day will reveal that answer soon. Stay alert everyone. Love to all.