Plato’s Paradox plus Jordan Maxwell link



Being a student of Plato’s work,

I came across this site:

Has a listing and description and illustrations about the many paradoxes,

relating to Platonic logic,

many of which adhere to and/or are derived from here:’s_paradoxes

VERY enlightening,

and informative knowledge.

My mind never ceases to be blown,

I have these breakthroughs of insight…

…since all of this awakening has begun and/or recognized,

and then integrated and assimilated…

…to seeing beyond the illusion….

…I discover more and more and more every time I go info mining…

…and these last few days have been nothing short of what I said above…


I plan on going into that more in the next post,

particularly in reference to Jordan Maxwell:



Good stuff on the way.


More  to come, wide eyes open.

Love to all.

Dicks Everywhere

Seems that everywhere you look, there is something shaped like a dick.

There’s plenty of dicks in nature…        yes, every tree is a dick, (fucking asshole trees), just joking,  no I mean shaped like a dick,

and how about this forest…

 ….. look familiar guys, maybe if you were a duck or a pig or some other animal with a corkscrew cock, but nonetheless, nature is full of phallicness. Whoa, watch out for that lighthouse…. The nature and trees become the pubic in this dick pic, so it is now art. Speaking of art….

Hello big guy…    …..oops, too overt, next picture please…

     “Come on kids, let’s go for a ride down this plastic scarecrow’s slide-cock.”…  Yes, the guy who built it enjoys drugs, and small children.

“Anybody happen to have a ball-peen hammer?”…. 

When it hits the nail…      ….. is that kinda gay? I’m just saying….

Anyone hungry? Have a look at these penile produce pics….           

and one more because 3 cocks is better than 2, Buddha said that…     ….and let’s wash that all down with some delicious drink from this lovely blue penis drink-serving thing….      yummmm, I bet they serve oolong tea from it…oooo….lonnnnng….

Ever wonder why they erect architecture?…   I wonder if the eiffel Tower was easier to erect with that giant lady licking it?

Not so obvious….            ….Obvious….       ..and what would all these dicks be without a stadium sized vagina to arouse them?….

Maybe Freud was onto something, other than a shitload of cocaine. Wide eyes open. Love to all.