Saint Patrick

Most of you have no idea what this date refers to other than drinking booze do you? How many of you know? Yeah, I didn’t think so. I didn’t know either for quite a while until I decided one day to find out for myself. Instead of asking and pleading for knowledge like the village idiot, I used my resources to make the discovery on my own for ME, not for anyone else. That is what i always emphasize that you all must do, but what do most of you still do, fumble around in the dark, when all along, the switch is right there. The switch is irrelative if you have no inclination to use it. Gah…you people could make any of your Gods crazy. Imagine what they are looking down and thinking about this humanity that has evolved to devolve. But no matter what anyone could ever tell you or show you, 85 to 90%, will never listen. Enough of that, just wanted to being with a digression. Moving on…

So Saint Patrick, what do you know? Green, Ireland, celebration, drinking alcohol. If I had written “drinking ethanol” instead, how many of you fluoridated numbskulls would be confused? This is what i mean, MANY of you and who the fuck doesn’t know what ethanol is? One would like to think that everyone does, but no, 85 to 90%, clueless. Ethanol is the correct terminology for the alcohol in alcoholic drinks. Now I know that many of you do know, so ask around, and see how much of the general population knows. I would love to pose that question on a street corner to calculate how many know and do not. You’d be surprised. think about it.

So let’s get into who St. patrick is and/or was first. Have ever come across the claim that there aren’t any snakes in Ireland? If you have, great, if not, then now you know that it is claimed that there are indeed no snakes in Ireland. There is a story that they were all driven away by St. Patrick. You can see the symbology, heroic servant of benevolent Creator banishing the evil serpents, which is why many people to this day still hear that story. There are historically 2 possible persons who may or may not been the real St. Patrick. The actual dates of birth and death aren’t available and isn’t surprising considering he lived about 1500 years ago. Kind of hit-or-miss at that point you know. Go ahead and start yourselves off at the foundation:

Continuing, so why do you people all excuse getting drunk on this day? You make sure you have your green on, you can’t wait to party. Do you even know what the green means? The original color for St. Patrick was blue, now how about that. Somehow throughout the ages, green has come form the blue. Green is often associated with life and growth, maybe that’s why. Check and see what green means…here I’ll do it… and Google says:  Like I said, nature which encompasses life and growth. Could be the reason, could be not?

And about the drinking part…this day marks a great feast in honor of St. Patrick, I don’t see anything that says it’s the one day of the year where it’s more acceptable to get drunk from poisoning yourselves with ethanol. Is there a clause I haven’t found somewhere? Do you all want to be mad because I kill your programmed party with truth? 85 to 90% of you… unreal. How has it evolved over time that drinking diluted poison and finding enjoyment in the shock state that the poison induces is part of humanity? Marijuana is green, natural, comes from the earth, heals, and is a punishable offense to even possess. How many of you drunk fucks are gonna drive home drunk and kill someone later? All backwards and unnecessarily over-complicated, but you all just accept the plate they feed you. Imagine if there was no illegal and legal as far as marijuana goes. It just is and no one freaks out about it. And on St. Patricks Day, instead of mass poisoning yourselves, you all celebrate with ganja. The green would be much more relevant. Of course it seems nice, but that will never happen in this reality. Not because I have pessimism, because humanity is made up of 85 to 90% uninformed drone slaves who take everything they are given without question. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Drink it up.

I’m not going to go more into it. St. patrick may have been a good person if he really even existed, but if he saw what humanity made from his name….  No, it is NOT hate when someone simply points out the facts. I’m just translating, shining a light into the darkness and telling all of you what lurks there. If what i am saying bothers you, click something else, read something else, go somewhere else. I had planned to get more into some knowledge about St. patrick but fuck it. He’s the guy who magically drove all snakes from Ireland and you all celebrate that exodus by drinking yourselves retarded. Believe that, you always have, what is my insight going to change? Have a great and eventful time today that you will not remember tomorrow. Only here to translate, only here to translate…. soul reminds a shadowy spectre of ego. Inform yourselves. Love to all.