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Do you know who has two thumbs and is broke? Your humble narrator, this guy(thumbs pointing back at myself), that’s who. So, as some of you may have noticed, I now have a “Donations” widget over on the right side of my page there. You see it? Any and all donations are accepted SECURELY, just click the Paypal box plz. Devoting myself completely to my writing and vids and research leaves little time for actual $-making. Such is the way of things. In some other dimension, the monetary means of survival are less of a burden I’m sure. But we are all stuck in this paradigm, aren’t we? My job here doesn’t pay with paper money, so I THANK YOU for your kindness, thx for reading, thx for watching, thx for donating. Have no fear, I will be with you all as long as possible. The less I have to concern myself over $, the more time I can devote to writing, which is what I am here to do, help you all help yourselves. We are all in this together and most of us will be here to face this unprecedented future together. The great change is upon us all, are you ready? Wide eyes open, and again, thank you all so very much. Love to all.