Nearly a THIRD of the world is infected,

and don’t even know it.

Being a cat owner,

obviously I have made myself aware,

as have YOU,

if YOU are reading this.

Try Black Walnut Hull extract with Clove and Wormwood added to said extract,

then add it to your cat’s “treat,”…i.e. wet food,

Fritz doesn’t even notice.


Cures ALL parasites in your cat,

as well as within YOU. Look into it…

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It isn’t just powers above YOU that can control YOU,

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More to come.

Love to all. 

Black Walnut Hull…Extra Strength




Even though most of you are still calcified and infected with parasites, there still may be hope for you yet. A few posts back I mentioned Turmeric and the many, many beneficial uses of said spice. In fact,  there are NUMEROUS natural concoctions that will improve the functioning of your body, and hopefully in turn, aide in the healing and restoration of mental faculties. Today I will give you some info on something most of you have probably never heard of, and if you’re still trying to figure out what the title means, then no, you do not know about this. And if you happen to know, great for you, now go tell someone else. Exponential crowd-sourcing, not a bad idea, to those who are free from calcification, but first, let’s recall… “What is this calcification?”… 

This is a reference to the pineal gland of course, the “seed of the soul,” yet 85 to 90% of you have one that is all shrunk up like a tiny raisin, barely functioning enough to keep you conscious in this low vibrational dimension, CALCIFIED. Calcified by toxins intentionally hidden in the water you drink and the food you eat and the shit you put in your bodies. Un-filtered water, contains fluoride, fluoride intentionally put in there under the guise that it promotes greater dental hygiene. In reality, it fluoride accelerates calcification, preventing any of you from thinking beyond your 3rd dimensional ego self, which is the fake you. It is the you that you convinced yourself to project into the world around you rather than your true selves, your higher selves. Instead of the high road, you choose the low, but it is up to you to figure it all out. Look it up, or don’t, change the channel….

First they calcify you, then you infect yourselves with parasites, THEN, you feed them. Processed meats, filled with parasites. Candies and cakes, filled with sugar, and guess what parasites love, sugar. You like to drink? Alcohol converts into sugar in your liver, so guess what?.. feeding time. Why do you think you become detached from yourselves when you get drunk? You put this shit into in your bodies every day you keep consuming and consuming more “food” that is first filled with parasites, then fueled with parasite gasoline, and the parasites grow. Most of you co-exist with parasites inside you, and don’t even know it. If it sounds outlandish, look it up. There is nothing in this entire blog that cannot be documented and researched. Try “Candida” as a search term, maybe that will be a little bridge to get you going in the right direction. 85 to 90% of the world population, infected with parasites, and coincidentally, 85 to 90%, clueless, but you fools don’t listen. Again, and again, and again, and again…from a valley or a mountaintop, depending on your view, we beseech you to LOOK IT UP. 

Now what does this have to do with the odd topic coined “Black Walnut Hull…Extra Strength?”… Black Walnut Hull, Juglans nigra, is exactly what it sounds like, the hull from the black walnut, usually green before black actually. Juglans means “walnut tree,” and nigra, obviously means “black.” Know what a hull is?…look it up. Here maybe read this first…(CLICK HERE>>>)   …Yes, that’s a link to the wellness mama, and it’s actually a good site for information. This is like a superfood, uber-anti-fungal, gets rid of parasites, most often worms, but can also heal snake bites, make warts go away, and guess what?…when you free yourself from these bodily invaders, your pineal gland can begin to not only gain function, but regrow back toward it’s original size, before eons of incarnating over and over, and existing as egos rather than souls, left it shrunken like a head among cannibals. This natural remedy helps to battle and defeat cancer, which is caused by an imbalance of fungal parasites in your body. Why don’t you know that?… because if people knew they could cure and prevent cancer with inexpensive, easy-on-the-body, readily available treatments, then the cancer industry would lose billions, trillions maybe. Always about the money when it comes to the scum you let control you.

The particularity of the title refers to black walnut hulls being prepared as a tincture. Remember tinctures? Extracts made using alcohol, you can get black walnut hull extra strength tincture for about $10. More than enough to rid your body of toxins and parasites. Cleaning your body cleans the mind attached to ego, allowing for the pineal gland to awaken, for the soul to finally peer outside of the cave, to see the world as it truly is, rather than letting your ego tricking you into believing that the shadows and the echoes that you think you see and hear are real… over and over and over and over again, “life” after “life,” until you finally get it. Getting IT only means to acknowledge the death of ego and the release of soul, what happens after is like a fingerprint, never the same for each soul. The process takes time mind you. You do not just rid your body of that which it has grown to know to live with, the host to the parasite, or maybe it’s the other way. You don’t get down to the heart of the valley or the top of the mountain in one step, even if you fall off of an edge into a downward or upward abyss, it is still a process. Expecting instant enlightenment is foolish, although enlightenment often happens in an instant. Get it? No? Yes? What have you put into your body today? Have you changed the channel yet? Maybe you need a drink…

There are countless people plagued with cancers and obesities and infections and viruses, yet there they are, 85 to 90%, completely oblivious that it all begins with the parasitic nature of what goes on in your gut. Where do you think the expression “I have a gut feeling,” comes from? Why do you get “butterflies in your stomach” when confronted with an anxiety you cannot let go of because of fear? So much goes on in the gut, yet you aren’t informed. Why is this? The globalist agenda does all it can to promote the parasite, to promote it’s growth, like a beast in all your bellies. That is how they control you…feed them sugars and parasites, program them with televisions, distract them with competitions of duality, anything they can to keep YOU from really knowing YOU. I’m just a translator though, and we have surpassed 1000 words once more, so now it is up to YOU to make your moves for YOU, or to grab a beer and watch a game on your television and continue to just remain ignorant and a low vibrating subhuman meat puppet. Up to YOU to wake up, not me, just here to show you where the switch might be.

On that note, until next time…

Love to All.



Not only is this a fun word to say, it’s a fun science experiment as well. A tincture has several definitions, but for today’s purposes, it is an extract made with alcohol,… so one could think of it as your favorite booze kicked up with herbal effects. Here’s a link if you need further definition…Tincture – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   I will also add a video link in the paragraph below that shows you in only 8ish minutes how to make tinctures from any herbs. Why use/make tinctures? 

Tinctures are very concentrated, very potent. So for those who enjoy the effects that various herbs give you and/or rely on herbs for medicinal reasons, tinctures boost all of those herbal benefits ten-fold. I came across this video… …which is very informative and like I said, only around 8 minutes long. Do you know how to make a tincture? No? I didn’t think so, but in less than 10 minutes you CAN know by watching this vid. It is actually quite easy, and I consider this a discovery for today as well as a word for you all to use in a sentence today… tincture

What led up to the tincture today?… yet another discovery, although this other discovery has been around for a while. Still, many people do not know about it and that discovery is dabs. Do you know what dabs are? Here’s a link: Urban Dictionary: dabs … the 1st definition.dabs are a wax made from an alcohol or butane extract of ganja. Take a look…… … I know, yummy right?…Here’s some more…     …. as you can see, there a 2 consistencies depending on temperature. When it is colder, the gooeyness becomes more solidified, like a wax, hence the name. Check it out…      

Now this stuff can have a potency comparable to hash oil,… anywhere from 70/75% and up THC. And as you can see, kinda looks like hash. Surprisingly, this process is actually quite easy. From what I have read so far, the ratio is roughly 5 grams to every 1 gram dab wax. Like I said, very easy to concoct should you want to try it out. There are numerous tutorials on the internet, and since I haven’t actually tried it yet myself, that’s going to be more reliable at this time. I’ve watched several vids and have come to this…

The basic method goes something like this: first, what you will need, you will need some 91% or higher isopropyl alcohol, yes the kind in your medicine cabinet, also you will need some coffee filters, pyrex dishes, razor blades, a mason jar, some form of heating plate, and of course, your herbs. Here’s a link..  … continuing… next make sure that the area where you do this is ventilated. Alcohol fumes are not good for you. What you do is take the herbs, trimmings, stems, make sure they are ground, then combine your herbs in a mason jar with enough iso to cover the herbs. Swirl or shake, then dump through coffee strainer over pyrex dish. Some places say that it is better to freeze both the herbs and the alcohol before you do this, but it doesn’t appear to be necessary. So after the first “wash,” you are going to do this again, and then once more, 3 times wash total. Then once you have the washes in your pyrex dish, you want to heat that on a heating plate to around 120/125 degrees. You will see the wax appear as the alcohol evaporates. Not finished yet…

The final process is called purging. This is very important bc we don’t want to inhale burning alcohol fumes. There is another method of doing this where you substitute butane for alcohol,… again, purging is needed to remove those chemicals before inhalation. There are a few methods for this, and since I am yet to venture there myself, you will have to rely on other sources than myself. I’m just giving you some insight into something you didn’t know about yet. So for today’s discoveries thus far, we have tinctures, and we have dabs. As a side note, ganja is NOT the only herb on this planet. You can make waxes, oils, and tinctures out of many, many, different herbs, plants, and flowers. Use your imagination, check out some herb stores near by and see for yourselves what you can make. Most herbs are legal, so you are breaking no laws by experimenting with your own various concoctions. Valerian root, as mentioned in one of the vids links above, is totally legal and often sold ground up in capsules for sleep aid. By the time you get it this way though, it has lost most of it’s potency. But if you get valerian root in bulk from an herb store, you can use it to make your own CONCENTRATED oil, wax, and/or tincture to get the true benefits. As an insomniac I can assure you that capsulated ground up valerian root is useless and will do nothing for the seasoned insomniac. So as a future experiment, I am going to buy some bulk valerian root and use it for my first attempt to create a tincture. You will all be the first to know the results when said experiment has been completed. Check out some of these things for yourselves and do not focus on any sort of legalities amongst particular herbs, this is only information. Information is only negative in perception, it is neither good nor bad, and at this point you all should know very well that I am just a translator of that information. These processes are hardly limited to particular herbs, so have some fun with your favorite ones, maybe a tincture of basil, or oregano oil, just remember you must have the natural form of your herbs for the processes to be able to extract their essence. Pre ground up and processed herbs are useless. You always want fresh herbs, organic herbs. On that note, this post has come to its end. Enjoy your Sun-day. Wide eyes open, love to all.