Weekend Alert


I have run across various sources that have informed me that some US embassies around the world are being closed for the weekend due to an unspecified terror threat. Additionally, a terror threat has been issued to all Americans traveling abroad this weekend. Even more additionally and coincidentally, and this is the big one, there is a terror drill taking place in the US Midwest from August 1 to August 17. This terror drill is supposed to simulate a nuclear attack and is involving some 9000 US soldiers. Now we all know what has happened during some of these terror drills….AN ACTUAL ATTACK OCCURS. Do you know what Operation Blackjack is? Inform yourselves if you do not>>> Prison Planet.com » Operation Blackjack: Retrospective <<<   I’ll sum up real quick…Operation Blackjack involves the use of several nuclear devices across several major cities and was featured in the Illuminati card game. Click that link above and check out some more links so you know what I am talking about.

So we have these alerts issued for the weekend while Congress heads out for more vacation time….another coincidence? I guess we will all know a little more by Monday won’t we? I am not fear-mongering or anything like that, these are actual threats issued and events taking place. I am just here to translate, remember? Do not let yourselves succumb to fear, but it IS important you stay aware so that you have a chance to fare better should anything go down. Could the beginning of the great change be upon us? Again, we will not know for sure until Monday. Do not let it spoil your weekend. Wide eyes open. Love to all. 

Storm is Coming

Tony Soprano has passed on, Michael Hastings is offed by vehicular explosion, world markets are crashing, an unprecedented early monsoon is wiping out thousands, a “flood as never before seen” is threatening about 100,000 people in Calgary, Canada, an entire Mayan city is discovered in Mexico, and much more as the Summer Solstice approaches finalizing with a Supermoon on Sunday. What can it all mean? Nothing maybe? Just more coincidental firsts?


No, that’s not what the forces tell me, quite the opposite in fact. The forces say that IT is coming, but who are they and who am I right? I am only the translator and the forces are only voices, but those voices say forecast dark and cloudy, strong chance of storms so it is up to me to inform you. YOU choose whether or not YOU want to believe in something, not us. We are just here to help you all help yourselves. Wide eyes open. Love to all.