Human Parasite


Enlightenment is a destructive
process. It has nothing to do with
becoming better or being happier.


That quote is from The End of Your World by a guy named Adyashanti…. 
SO… naturally NOT being one to just blindly post something without knowing a thing about who said/created/whatevered it, I looked into this person. First thing that comes up is all about him and his relationship to Oprah Winfrey along with a lot of marketing into self-awakening, spirituality realization, etc…. basically I informed myself enough enough to get the gist and on that note, DO AND/OR DO NOT, in any way, advocate said mysterious figure named Adyashanti. Look into it if you want, or don’t, up to you. I just happened to come across that quote via Tumblr and thought I would share the sentiments… “Why?” … you may be thinking?…
This whole “thing” that seems to be happening globally, this mass consciousness expansion/awareness/awakening thing, IS indeed, VERY, VERY real. But what does it all mean? What is it leading to? What is really “connecting” everyone and/or everything? What if everyone has been thrown off from the very beginning, which has all led now to this current tangent nexus of a reality we all seem to be stuck in together. This is where I segue into the topic of “The Parasite,” as you see above.
Living inside ALL of YOU, YES… YOU…are parasites. YES, YOU are hosts to parasites. I have been spending EXTENSIVE time lately looking into all this, and I have to say, there are some interesting connections coming together, at least for me, the voice you are transcribing in your head right now, as you read these words… now stop and think, what if the connections were being derived from a parasitic origin? Yes, YOU, or what YOU think is YOU, is actually the illusory physical manifestation 3rd dimensional world of the mind of the parasite that infects all of YOU, myself NOT excluded…. hmmmm… Okay, to begin, this is DEFINITELY something to become and/or make yourselves aware of, for YOU, not for anyone else. Imagine being misled, the whole of humanity, misled and misguided, simply at the will of a parasite that has the hosts infected and they don’t even know it…in fact, THEY/YOU feed it, while IT feeds from YOU, lives within YOU, is connected to every part of YOUR body INCLUDING your brain and heart, so the questions taking shape in my head go something like, “Are humans/humankind, in real reality, the fruiting “bodies” of a fungal like parasite, that centers itself deep within the gut, disguised by acids and digestive enzymes, but still thriving, AND maybe, just maybe, thinking, living, vicariously via a human host body. I don’t fuck around, I find this out, then YOU find this out, then so on and so on until this is exposed as a living truth or untruth. Yes, YOU do need to see the evidence right now, so here we go….
Can YOU imagine, if every “illness,” every “disease,” every “cancer,” every “thing” that makes your physical experience via a human vehicle, was caused by the relationship between said vehicle, the human body host, and it’s parasitic invader, which IN TURN…. leads to the mental/socio-psychological/etc… issues? Imagine if it were all just simply an alarming disturbing fact that 85 to 90% of the world’s “human host” population are infected with this parasite. Is it just coincidence that 85 to 90% are ALSO not aware of their potential ascension into higher consciousness? Hmmm… okay, okay…here’s a search term to get you started…
“Candida” or just CLICK HERE>>>  Before we go any further, if YOU do not know, inform yourself on what Candida is and what is reportedly does…notice I italicized reportedly right?…that is because YOU are going to find differing versions on what Candida fungus really IS and/or IS NOT. The only way to decipher the maximum truth is to assimilate via the information provided, so it is up to YOU to make the decisions for YOU, not for anyone else…
This brings up some questions of the idea of a “soul,” does it not? What if a “soul” were simply the mind of the parasite? Once the body is no longer useful, the parasite has used up the host, and so it dies, reducing this “life experience” to a phantom illusion shortly created while a parasite lives and dies via a human host body. NOW AGAIN… and as always, I do not claim to believe NOR disbelieve in ANY of this information, I leave the “believing” in anything up to YOU, this is just information, take it or don’t. Moving on, and I want to keep this upcoming notion in this paragraph because I want to combine the idea of a “soul” with the idea of “love,” as it relates to the, what-we-will-now-call, “the human parasite theory.” Think of a vagina, don’t be a fucking pervert if you’re a dude or some whore, just think of the idea of what a vagina is. Warm, moist, perfect incubator for fungal growth and is where Candida is concentrated in human females. Look it up, that’s what causes yeast infections. Now think of the penis of a human male, again stay focused, okay even an uncircumcised penis, when the hoody is pulled back, resembles what?…It looks just like a mushroom, does it not? Mushrooms are the fruiting bodies of a fungus. All of this look-up-able as always, so as we go along, open other tabs/windows so YOU can read/see/inform with YOUR own facets this knowledge I am conveying to all of YOU. Next paragraph…
Okay, image of vagina, image of penis, NOW imagine sex… penis goes into vagina, keep in mind we are on a 2-way street of viewing ourselves as human humans and that of human parasites. As human humans, the underlying object of intercourse is expression of what we have come to term as a “love” for one another, an attraction, biological/mental/whatever attraction…sometimes propagation is intentional, sometimes it is not, but what happens during said propagation? How do mushrooms propagate? They grow a fruiting body, which eventually sends a tremendous amount of “spores,” back into the warm, moist soil to reproduce itself. What happens when humans reproduce? Human male ejaculates millions of “spores,” “seeds,” or just keeping the terminology proper, sperm. These sperm coat the warm, moist inner “soil” of the vagina, struggling upward and inward hopefully toward an “egg,” hoping to find that ONE thing it knowingly unknowingly seeks in order to keep itself propagating as a species. If said “seeding” happens, new human is created, or perhaps, new “human host body” is what is really created to keep the true origin of man/woman kind, the parasite, alive and thriving, ravaging the living planet Earth as a fungal cancer of sorts? What do seeds do to grow?…they GERMinate… (knowing etymology is important)….And “love,” …just a biological reaction of a parasite attempting to grow itself by combining and multiplying with another compatible parasite? NOT saying that, just illustrating plausibilities. You all still with me on this? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE acknowledge the damn clauses….this is only information, remember?…
Uh oh, I have passed the 1000 word attention span mark, so that means it’s time to go. I know I usually leave you all with more links that you can just click, or images, or even a video, but YOU need to be doing that for yourselves. It’s all just not point-and-click, YOU have to learn to be active, to get outside, to know what you know, but more importantly, to FEEL what YOU FEEL… even if everyone is a parasite and our bodily vehicles just hosts, YOU still exist, right? Clearly, I could keep going on and on, deeper and further into this subject. You may be thinking, “Why wouldn’t everyone know?”…when YOU should be trying to answer the real question, “Why doesn’t everyone know?”… Well, now YOU do. YOU still have a capacity as an individual to think for YOU… seems to stand to reason that anyone’s interpretation of what this 3rd dimensional paradigm “truly” is, is as valid as is in the mind that conceives it. But be warned, look at the information on what the “human parasite” really is, paying particular attention to the way people around you appear and act, look at all the sugar consumption, the obesity, the television programmed zombies, and think about how they could really just be feeding the fuck out of a parasite content on consuming it’s “human host body” in as extreme a way as is permitted. YOU have all been warned and informed. It’s NOT impossible to get parasite-free, but if 85 to 90% of you aren’t aware, and you keep feeding it, and feeding it, who;e it drives you to consume, feeding, consuming, more, more, more…but I digress. This information is all out here, YOU either take it to don’t. More to come dear readers. Wide eyes open. Love to all. 

Tornado Time

As you all know by now, some tornado/s have massacred parts ok Oklahoma City and the surround areas. There is plenty of footage, so I don’t need to post too many pics, you can look for more images>>>>  here’s a link…Images for oklahoma city tornado   I am still looking into all this, I’ve been away from the computer for a day. Sometimes a break is a good…

And I always come back to some new surprise. Sadly, this round the new info is very negative. Now the destruction is horrific. Over 200 plus mph winds is quite fierce. Look here:

                   …. neighborhoods…gone…        ….you can even see the path of one of the tornados as it tore though what looks/ed

like a suburb…..

and check out these cars….     

   ….the wreckage is insane, this was no ordinary tornado…

….look at these houses and rows of houses just blasted away into oblivion   

So for the mumpsimus trolls who send me comments like, “This is normal, you only here about it due to technology.”….ummmm, could you possibly be any more ignorant to think something like that. Technology has been around for quite a while now, and if this is so normal…then why is it being quoted as “the storm of storms” already?

      …. here are some more specs… the storm left a path about 1.3 miles wide, winds over 200 mph, numerous fatalities and injuries, many many homes gone, and here is something that really upset me… apparently there is information that a large amount of horses died, by large I mean a couple hundred. Yeah, that’s pretty sad I know. The survivors are at this moment combing through debris for other survivors who may still be alive. This was the worst of a series of storms, and it’s not over…

I made a comment on a yahoo post about the strange weather all over the world, and the troll army had a field day with their obnoxious commentary. Wow, there are some dumb- ass mumpsimus sheeple idiots out there. Trolls trolls trolls. The basis of their attack was that there ISN”T in fact any real change in the global climate, if that clues you in to how dumb the herd is. I am not going into it too specifically, but record heat, record cold, weakening magnetic field, a north pole that moves and is movin, disaster tsunamis from a major uptick in planetary earthquake activity, but they are right, all normal…. if you can’t smell my sarcasm there…oy vey…

So if you all recall I issued a 48-hour alert, time-stamped, and here we are again, another unprecedented incident, another first,  the “storrm of storms.”  The forces are very real and they do not lie. If I say alert from now on, YOU should pay attention. Here’s a link to the MSM claim to back that up… News: Oklahoma combs through wreckage after ‘storm of storms’ leaves 24 dead   There is no more counting, no more predicting, I will simply post alerts for all of you when the forces guide me to do so. I am sorry that that news how to turn out this way, but it is what it is and my heart goes out to all those poor people who lost EVERYTHING. can you imagine, EVERYTHING… your house, your car, your loved ones, your memories, gone in the vortex of a massive tornado. So tragic.

Now I am not going to go too much into this. i know I always say that and do the opposite, but this time I mean it. There are thories out there that this was a storm created and/or instigated by HAARP. You remember HAARP right? Here’s a refresher link… Truth Is Scary | HAARP & Blue Beam   HAARP is used to manipulate weather. It does this by firing energy into the Earth’s ionosphere. From there, I don’t know exactly how it works, but I have seen many images that may or may not be HAARP related…

   …strange cloud patterns……

On radar, these appear as bull’sye type circles….


They fire these energy beams into the ionosphere…     …then days later, unusual cloud formations, like the ones above and even more bizarre can be seen… ….

…. Like these…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ….but of course, there are still those who think people like me who know these things are real love to hate, but that’s okay, bc that’s their trip, not mine. I am just here to translate this info for you all. Every bit of info I share with you has some sort of documentation that can validate the authenticity of that info. There’s no time to fuck around, these things serious and are/will be affecting all of you. Yet another way the globalist pig scum us all of you as their guinea pigs. Vaccines, GMO food, fluoridated drinking water, and yes they test their weather modification programs on who?…. YOU. They do it all over the world and they have to do it from time to time with close range programs that happen in the mighty USSA. If you think I am being naive and/or feeding into conspiracy theory land, think about YOU really know…other than from what you have seen on television. What do YOU really know that I do not? Prove me wrong, write your own fucking blog and present YOUR side of the story, any story, whatever story you believe in. See my blog, isn’t a story, I am here finding info that most people do not know, then sharing it so that they can empower themselves with knowledge. But all of you trolls, you haters, you mumpsimus fuckwits, if you know it all, have the balls to make a real difference and share that know-it-allness, instead of hating on those who do.

As always, I’ve digressed. I’m a tangent, and my train of thought follows. Let’s all think positive thoughts about these people who were subject unfortunately to the destructive fury of nature, man-made or not, it still happened, and it still is terrible. Clearly though, it would prove much worse if it were ever proven to the result of a government funded weather modification experiment. Look into it, read up on HAARP if you aren’t familiar. use the links above, that’s why they are there. No alerts right now, my mind isn’t into that sort of state at the moment. It appears things may be relatively quiet the next couple days, but who really knows other then the forces?… til next time, thx for reading. Wide eyes open, love to all.


10 Dimensions, 2 Minutes

This guy has numerous videos that break down each dimension. VERY informative. This is not complicated. Anyone can understand and comprehend this knowledge. The narrator explains everything clearly and provides brilliant visualizations…otherwise, he makes it easy for you. Now I make it even easier, all you have to do is click “Play.”

Have a look at his channel, here’s the link:

Inform yourselves. The knowledge is out here, free to take for everyone, get it while you can. Also, there are a number of unverifiable reports about something global going down tomorrow… the 22nd of March. Yes, “3/22” has some symbology elsewhere, just Google away and check out what you want. I myself have a… sensation…if you will about tomorrow. My thoughts…just stay alert. What else can you really do? If the proverbial impact of any sort of calamity is heard/seen/felt…whatever all over the world, what could one really do to prepare themselves? And if you are in tune, you are already prepared, we are always prepared. No, not bullets and guns and bunkers and body armor, be prepared where it really matters…inside. You are a being of energy, experiencing the paradigm of a 3rd dimensional reality accelerating through the 4th dimension of time. Accelerating, decelerating, almost one in the same from a fractal point of view, isn’t it? The 4th dimension is fractal, in the sense that it is a Fibonacci spiral, forever in flux between infinite greatness and infinite smallness. The fractal closes in on zero point…13, 8, 5, 3, 2,1,1, 0… and then the outbreath… 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13… and it goes on and on, beginning and ending within itself infinitely. Time is now approaching a zero point, hence the “feeling” of life moving faster and/or going by quicker. No, that is not from aging as some might lead you to believe. You cannot claim that time seems faster due to aging because it can in no way be objective. If time were in fact…speeding up, then you have objectivity, a fact, and it’s quite difficult to argue against fact, is it not? So here it is, here you all are, here we all are, in this…happening…together. All existing in a spatial 3rd dimension while moving forward through a 4th durational dimension of time that spirals into and out of itself for infinity as far as we know. It just so happens that right now at this very moment we are all on the precipice of being witness to whatever may happen when the sequence gets to zero point. Such a unique time to be alive, isn’t it?

It would be nice if everyone understood and had access to the real information, but sadly, here we are in this insane asylum of a reality. Oh,…I didn’t remember to mention dreaming, so now here you go; what is dreaming? I have explained this before but as you can see, it is good to repeat some info as it is deemed appropriate, and guess what, now sounds like a great time to refresh you all on where you go when you dream. Of course you will see all sorts of misinfo when you look it up…dreams are just mental feedback, dreams are just dreams and aren’t really relevant to life, dreams are all in your imagination, blah, blah, blah,…and you’ll see some trying to make a buck selling their interpretations of dream imagery, again, blah, all just crap. Here is the one answer, the only answer, the answer that you do not have to think about in order for it to make sense. Like,…say you picture a car, does that car have wheels? Was it moving when I told you to picture it? Moving on it’s wheels? Either way, the car has fucking wheels, same is going to apply here. This just MAKES SENSE. Ready?
The dream state is often referred to as the subconscious, meaning “below” consciousness, but really, the subconscious is the higher consciousness. The subconscious is a lot more aware and a lot more…knowing you could say, then your conscious consciousness. Only way to access the subconscious is through dreaming and/or by altering your state of consciousness with certain plants, herbs, etc… Now the 2nd method varies from person to person and that is a trip you must define on your own. Have fun. But the 1st, dreaming, I am going to reveal some knowledge to you about. The knowledge isn’t complex, like I said earlier, I will make it easy to visualize. Now remember earlier, we are all in the 3rd dimension going through a 4th dimension of time. As you saw in the video, there are 10 known dimensions. The 5th dimension is accessible if your frequency is resonating appropriately. As dimensions go up, they are no longer subject to the restraints of the lower dimensions. The 5th dimension is free from time. The 5th dimension also liberates the soul from the confines of matter and form in the 3rd dimension. You are energy and you must but will it in order to manifest your intentions in the 5th dimension. Look more into it and find some discoveries for yourselves there. In relation to dreaming, this is where it all comes together. When you dream, your subconscious resonates at a frequency which allows the soul, think of it as your astral body, to travel BETWEEN the 4th dimension of time, and the 5th dimension where you create your own world at will. Think about how that makes perfect sense. In dreams you can fly, you can do incredible things, go places, see people, all in a moment, in a flash, on the spark of a thought but… you aren’t in total control are you? Occasionally, lucid dreaming offers a sense of “greater” control, but not total control. That is because you are not completely free of the constraints of the 4th dimension of time, which connects to your perception of reality as a 3rd dimension, therefore limiting your 100% potential as you dream in the astral plane between the 4th and 5th dimensions. If you were completely in the 5th dimension, you would be fully free, but you are not, because again, you are BETWEEN dimensions, between the 4th and 5th dimension in what is called the astral plane. Take a minute to let it soak in. If it sounds complicated, read it again. If there is an explanation you can offer to better complete the picture, by all means, step up to the plate and be recognized. Do something. Make your own difference, that’s your trip. This is the trip I take you on. My trip is here helping all of you help yourselves. Just translating knowledge. I have detailed an interpretation of string theory in previous posts and here it is again, refreshing to those who know, enlightening to those who do not. And Mr.10th dim here can explain it all in much greater detail if you’d like, more from the scientific angle, quantum theory,… I just wanted to share with you what dreaming is, and I may be right and I may be wrong, but just just use your brains and think,” What makes the most sense?” And find your answer there. Check out 10th dim, he’s great, the link is above and I’ll put it here again for you lazy bastards:

Have a look, only YOU can make YOU smarter. Stop relying on their programming. WE are like eyes dilating, YOU be the eyes dilating. Enlighten yourselves for YOU, not for someone else. The information is out here for everyone and anyone and no one at all, which are you? Today is March 22, 2013. Keep those dilating eyes wide today. I don’t know what, if anything, global may or may not go down, but the forces apparently have some flags up. Just keep it in mind as you enjoy your Fridays, no worries. Thx for reading/watching… Love to all.

Storm is Coming


Premise: January 30, 2013, a series of tornado-spawning thunderstorms race across the Midwest U.S. There is a report of an unknown man losing his life while trying to shelter himself from the fury of these storms. His name is not given, nor his location, but the story is based on fact. Whether or not it pertains directly to this unfortunate soul, others have perished in similar fashion countless times throughout the history of these natural disasters. Digest this information accordingly. Thanks for reading.


The wind picks up. This guy is just out on his land, doing his thing, but what was his thing this day? Maybe he was on his farm, doing farm things, but what about that moment? Maybe having a smoke, petting his dog, in those final moments that he was unaware were his final moments, what was going on with this poor unfortunate guy? We can only speculate. Like I said, whatever he was doing, around him the wind gets stronger, then stronger, then louder and stronger. He looks up and notices the sky looks quite dark and violent. He sees the trees really starting to move, maybe hears thunder and lightning mixing in with the ever-growing force of the wind. Now he must be thinking, “This is getting a little crazy.” Or was he? Did he just not take it too seriously until the last minute? Or did it come up so fast that he had only so far he could go to try to escape? In his own world to himself, there he was, one lone little being against an over-whelming force of nature. What exactly happened?

Let’s say that he just was so into his own world that he thought it wasn’t going to be as serious as it was, until it was too late. Here he was, going about his own personal trip, then the weather gets strange. But by the time he realizes the unusuality of this weather, it becomes violent. He realizes that now he is in a very precarious situation. The wind is really blowing now, and he hears a high-pitch noise, like a distant train getting exponentially closer by the second. He looks around, there is only a shed to protect from the elements. He instinctively hides inside, assuming that the safety of any shelter would fare better than an outright open struggle against the wrath of nature’s fury. What could be going through his mind; thoughts of the immediate safety of this hiding spot, thoughts of those he loves, thoughts of not surviving, fear, or does he let go, does he pray? Then the wind gets so loud he becomes deaf, all gets dark, everything shakes, a lot of chaos and commotion, intense violence, all in a few seconds, yet time makes it seem like a little eternity before whoosh, and he’s gone away with the storm. All of the horror over seemingly as quick as it began. And now he’s just a death, a casualty, just in the wrong place at the wrong time or the right place at the right time depending on your perspective of everyone’s individual role in this existence. 

Now let’s also ponder if it all happened so fast, he had even less time to contemplate his dire situation. Here he is, on his trip as before, doing whatever it was he was doing. He is really into his current job or task or melodrama that he fails to notice the sky above him changing rapidly. He senses the wind but dismisses it as normal, just the front before an everyday thunderstorm. Nothing to get too worried about. Suddenly, the wind whips really strong, and then another even stronger gust, enough to get his attention, then the high-pitch noise seems to come from nowhere and be right upon him. Everything becomes a vortex of destruction around him. The noise becomes overbearing; sounds of trees breaking, the roaring of the tornado, death upon you. He dives into this little shed, mistakingly assuming that it can shield him from the fury of this monster. There is no time to think of anything, himself, those he loves, tomorrow, he is in pure adrenal survival mode. The darkness ensues. For a moment, the shed holds and maybe he gets a fraction of time to have a thought of something, of anything. But by the time that thought is finished, the whoosh comes for him, the infinite loudness grows quiet as he leaves his shell and this mortal coil. 10 minutes earlier, he would’ve never imagined this for himself, now here he is, gone with the wind. 

   Either way you choose to look at it, I hope you all have gained some perspective on how sacred time is and how none of your time should be taken for granted. At any moment, it can all change so very fast. This poor soul was here, and now he is not. One can look at it and think, “It was just his time.” One can also look at it as just another freak occurrence. The fact is that I didn’t know this guy. He may have been a total asshole and a waste of life and so his departure will be missed by no one. He may have also been the sweetest fellow in the world, a good father, noble brother, wise grandfather. Maybe he wasn’t old enough to be any of those, maybe he still had a lot of life left. The story gives no detail, no age, no location, no name. The story may not even be real, but this story has happened many times before, so for me to illustrate it holds true regardless of when and where and who. Just thought I would give you all some food for thought today as these storms continue to unfurl across the US heading East. I have immortalized this poor guy’s tragedy in words that go beyond his soon-to-be-made tombstone and his forthcoming obituary. Despite who he may or may not have been, I’ll give that to him for losing his life to Mother Nature. May he fare well wherever his soul may be. Stay alert and stay informed, eyes wide open. Love to all. 


Quick Video Compilation of our Sun

Yes your humble narrator is harnessing the power of the Mac and some of my own skills to create some video compilationness for you all to enjoy. I got all into helioviewer and have had a blast figuring it out and looking at the wonder that is our Sun. Have a look for yourselves, it is totally free. Be your own discoverer. I was just checking out that mysteriously perfect triangular coronal hole when I happened to notice the CME. The “tornados” I saw in another video, but went to helioviewer and enhanced them myself to give you all a better view with different measurements. Yes you can change the measurements, the viewing format, date and time, there are many options and it is very east to download footage for you to create your own compilations. Focusing on doing things to better yourselves is crucial. Television is there to distract you from improving yourselves. Turn off the television and get into exploring information. This is an unprecedented time for all of us when we can easily access so much knowledge in seconds via the Internet. Stop wasting time. This time is balanced on a tightrope. One major event could shut off the electricity for a significant amount of time and send you all back to the dark ages, literally. The Sun is the great provider, but can also be the great equalizer, balancing out the energy of everything in it’s proximity. One big CME, the grid is fried, and no more electricity. So don’t take this time for granted. Use it to gain as much knowledge as you can, to get as smart as you can, to know as much as you can know. We are all so very lucky to be here in this time. Do not be ignorant of that fact and be glad you are where you are. Know what is really important and what is menial. Be very aware of what really matters and what does not. In the big picture those meaningless melodramas mean absolutely nothing. Take heed. Love to all.

Go to the Sun: