YUGE cheers to President Trump on the victory…

…Trump wins…


…Cher blows…


…time to Drain the Swamp…


…& Make America Great Again…


…Cheers to ALL true patriots… 


…DJT finished her…


…with WE the People & the Trump Train…


…more to come…


…love to all…


Allah Pigs


This is very PC,


…SJW BLM Liberal Swine…



They are a plague,

invading our nation,

like they have invaded Europe.

Not gonna happen here in the once mighty USA,

once President Trump takes office…

…and Barry goes down in history,


Fuck you Obama and your cronies,

for facilitating terrorists…

…fucking traitors.

You are a disgrace to the title of ‘President,’

and deserve a traitor’s justice.

You will answer to a higher power,

for your atrocities against REAL Americans someday.


the days are ticking away,

until you are outta there dunce.

I wish Trump could say to you,

“Get him the fuck outta here,”

ya Allah pig traitorous scum.

In the meantime…

…scratch your “wife’s” balls,

light up another Newpie,

and go back to playing golf…

…Allah Pig…

…a REAL leader is about to replace you,

in only a few months.

Can’t wait until POTUS Trump is in,

and your shit is OVER.

Get the reference there?

Watch the video.

…and feel free to share everyone…

More to come.

Love to all,

except Allah Pigs and Barry.


Scriniary ~ Word of the Day

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “word of the day” for you all. So, today’s little gem is…  scriniary. For some reason, spell check doesn’t recognize it as a word, but it does that on several words, one of the words being the word mumpsimus. You remember what a mumpsimus is right? A mumpsimus is a person who is out dated and irrational in the ways they have set themselves in, yes, just like the mentality of the sheeple. I assure you, these are real words. Look them up for yourselves if you’d like. I’ll give links in a minute, but first let’s define scriniary. A scriniary is one who archives, what you are when you look into my archives, a scriniary. It comes from Latin, where the scrinium was a box or storage device for work, papers, writings, etc… A scriniarius was the keeper of this box and/or storage device for said work. As you can see, the word has not changed much, but I thought it would be an interesting addition to your lexicon, especially if you are into researching via archives, which is a great way to gain knowledge, hence why I chose this word for you all today. All of you who seek to empower yourselves through that knowledge who acquire by researching archives and records are scriniaries or maybe you can even say scriniari for plural, not sure on that. . I have an English degree and in my world, as long as a word makes grammatical sense, IT’S A WORD. Who’s to say it is or isn’t?… no one is in charge of the rules of wordology… see.

Here’s the first link that I promised you… CLICK HERE>>> Scriniary  Today’s post is short, but informative. Learn this word, make sure it becomes part of the vocabulary in your head, also known as a word I mentioned earlier, your lexicon. Here’s a link for that… CLICK HERE>>> Lexicon   The more you know, the more you grow, the more power you gain for yourselves. Take it while you can. Don’t be one of the herd, don’t be a mumpsimus. Need to see?… CLICK HERE>>>Mumpsimus

More tomorrow. Wide eyes open. Love to all. 

Lamprophony and…

This is a good one, but all of these are selected by yours truly and I would never offer anything that fails to deliver. Here you go… Lamprophony, lamprophony. Find a good place in your lexicon to place this new treasure I give to you all. Of course I will put that ever-faithful textbook definition below, but here is my take: Lamprophony is when you have to speak in louder, slower, more direct tones in order to get your point across because your audience is either distracted from focusing on you, half-asleep, acting ignorant, and/or too uneducated and fur-brained to get it.  You should all be able to visualize and illustrate in your mind a situation where you have, or would observe the one to commit that very act toward an audience. Not hard. Now the textbook definition leads us to another great word:


From Ancient Greek  (lampró(s), “cleardistinct”) +  (phōnos, “sound”) +  (-y, “having the quality of”)


(USenPR: lăm-prŏf’-ə-nē, IPA: /læm.’pɹɑf.ə.ni/


lamprophony (uncountable)

  1. loudness and clarity of enunciation

[edit]Derived terms

Know what that word is… that’s right… enunciation, enunciation. Enunciation is in my quick and easy definition… articulation with fervor. Everyone knows what it means to articulate, to detail a specific point or issue or word, and fervor means strength and vigor, so illustration of observation in the form of proclamation is enunciation. If you really shout it, you get to lamprophony. See how it all connects, everything comes together. You got a lot out of this little lesson. Share this knowledge with others today. 

e·nun·ci·ate  (-nnst)

v. e·nun·ci·at·ede·nun·ci·at·inge·nun·ci·ates

1. To pronounce; articulate.
2. To state or set forth precisely or systematically: enunciate a doctrine.
3. To announce; proclaim.

Today is the 22nd. 22 is a good number we hope, or maybe it’s bad depending on your viewpoint. Just a number though isn’t it? Acquiring greater vocabulary, expanding your lexicon, is a quick and fun way to make those little differences that expand your consciousness further and further. You have the power to get smarter and smarter every day. So much knowledge at your fingertips, so much power in that knowledge, Stop letting television and video games and sports shows distract you. Now is the time to be focusing on expanding yourselves by going deeper into truth and knowledge. They want you to not know what power you have so they distract you with magic spells and electro-waves and GMO food and fluoridated water.

If you are guilty of all of those, start by deprogramming from your television. If you want to look at a monitor all day, look at one for information and knowledge, using your brain instead of the television using you for them. Those dramatic series’ and those main event sports events are there to keep you busy from being yourselves and doing something for yourselves.

Same with video games. Fun yes, but think of the time you waste and for what? You achieve nothing, nothing tangible and how important is the intangible part of defeating or dominating a video game? That fake glory is worthless, useless and worthless, no one cares how good you are at COD or what level you are in WOW, it’s absolutely useless information about uselessness. But  if you aren’t working, they want you home, docile and complacent, tv and/or video game is a good answer for them to ensure the potential of that control mechanism.

Water, use filters, be smart, obvious common sense. Yes they are poisoning everyone slowly. They know you know and they don’t care. Pay attention to what you put in your bodies, look up sodium fluoride.  Speaking of which, meats, manufactured, processed foods, stop eating that shit. Organic meat and fish from time to time but be wise and be conscious of what the animal that you are about to consume went through to get to your plate. Think about it. Plenty of fruits and vegetables to go around for all, but watch those too, pesticides they call it, more poison for population suppression, genetic disorders, disease, sickness. Go organic but “organic” is only part of the label. Inform yourselves when the writing is right in front of you. Get out there and do your part to make a difference today. The sun is still shining for now. Love to all. 




Mumpsimus, mumpsimus… why does this show as a misspell? I assure you it is a word, and it is a very good word to know because the population is full of them. I will list the textbook definition for you below as usual, but also as usual, here is my interpretation: Mumpsimus is a person, or if a group we say mumpsimuses, who are very ignorantly set in their ways, the nature of those ways being archaic in nature. A good example would be those who still feel that women have smaller brains, or those who still believe that eating turkey makes you sleep. People who do not step on crack or freak out when they see the number 13. They have no proof or validation other than what they were told ages ago and they have never allowed themselves to excel beyond that. Are you a mumpsimus? We have all been a little mupsimated at some point, but as one ages, they either become more mupsimus, or less mumpsimus. More often than not, the older one gets, the MORE they become mupsimuses. Because for some reason, and I hate starting sentences with because, but because when people age, they have been led to believe they become as smart as they can be and they lose their personal threshold for gaining wisdom. That’s being the ultimate mumpsimus. Hey old people, YOU CAN STILL GET SMARTER. You always get smarter, you always change, you always keep growing. Whoever invented that phrase, “To be set in your ways,” should be historically castrated and removed permanently from the fold. That single expression has given countless lazy automatons the false ideal that they can just be ignorant and that everything they know is right after a certain age. Wake up. No matter how damn old you are it is never to late to wake up and find personal enlightenment. Did you know what a mumpsimus was before now? Are you thinking you might be a mumpsimus? Let those thoughts flow, so what if you are a mumpsimus, now is the moment of change. You are only a mumpsimus if you allow yourselves to be. You can change that right now, right this second. Just open your eyes, wake up and open your eyes. No, you do not know everything, and you nor anyone else ever will in this paradigm. No, you do not know enough, wtf kind of bullshit excuse is that?… “I know what i know and that is enough.”… No wonder why people succumb to unusual ailments and pain and weakness and dying, that all stems from backward-ass thinking and false logic and a fake sense of security in what one thinks they know when in fact: that way of thinking guides you nowhere, it keeps you complacent, hence why the logic is all wrong, you do not get to some magic point in time, then stop discovering truths, it never ends, ever, and guess what…you really do not know anything so how can you be so confident in what you think you know?… You know nothing, I know nothing, no one really knows anything, we all just make our best educated guesses and roll with it based on precedence and experience. If the ball starting rolling in the wrong direction at the start, it wouldn’t stop rolling, it would just keep rolling the wrong way forever. Is that what has happened here in this dimension? How do you think our ball is rolling along? What is important is that you are aware of the ball and the path, but like I said, many of you are mumpsimuses. To stuck in your own base-level perception to see the bigger picture. Everywhere you turn, mumpsimus here, mumpsimus there, every which way you go, there are mumpsimuses. You now know what a mumpsimus is. Therefore, you now know not to allow yourself to become one. The mumpsimus has given up on life and on themselves. At heart, they are just waiting to die because they are not truly alive and living. It never ends, remember that. None of this ever ends. You are continuously able to get exponentially smarter and smarter and to grow more and more with every moment that passes, remember that as well. This is only a fraction of a fraction of your cosmic journey. To think you know it all is absurd and most of you who think you do, really don’t know much of anything at all, and you know it. Do not be a mumpsimus. Be what you truly are, a Divine Being of Energy and Love and Light, the Infinite Student of Consciousness, always learning more and more about the Great Meaning of Everything. There is always more, there is always a further to go. Mumpsimuses will fall away, doomed to recycle their wasted energy over and over and over again until the mumpsimusitis is gone. You are beyond the psyche of the mumpsimus. You know your Divine Role and seek to open your heart and mind to the Love inside you and the knowledge that stems from higher resonance and higher states of consciousness. There is so much more to do, so much higher to climb. You know nothing, but that you are at some beginning stages of a great and wondrous journey through the many dimensions of this Great Universe, that is really all you know. But you are not restricted at all from advancing yourselves and seeking to learn as much as you can. You have the power to gain more power simply by taking the initiative to improve yourselves. Use that power and do not waste your lives resigning to a state of mupsimusdom. Enlighten yourselves to help yourselves help yourselves. And keep in kind that it is never to late to help someone who has become a mumpsimus. Not all of them can be helped, but some can still wake up and see. Remember, it’s never too late. Love to all. 

A traditional custom or notion adhered to although shown to be unreasonable.
A person who obstinately adheres to such a custom or notion.