Your Life in Jelly Beans

This is one of the latest uploads from our dear friend zefrank. This quick vid sums up your lives in the span of roughly 29,000 jelly beans. This vid is only a couple minutes long so I HIGHLY recommend you take a few short moments of what time you have in your life to get enlightened via this little jelly bean of philosophical insight.  Zefrank has numerous, numerous vids that are just great. I don’t know him personally, this is only what I have gathered from watching his vids. He’s quite unique and extremely sharp, here’s his link:    Have a look. Jelly wobbling      What if the remaining time is like this pile of Jell-o for some instead of individual jelly beans? Just one big quivering mass of a single giggly jelly bean?… Wide eyes open. Love to all.

Electric Snake

Image    An electric snake?…

What will tomorrow bring, the start of another week of first events? Remember, I said no more predictions, and anyway, all I see is light, lots of light. If I were to detail the closest light,… the light streaks from the darkness, from the East to the West, like an electric snake striking out of a shadow, it is aggressive, fast, stunning, but small. Do you think it means anything? Guess we will find out tomorrow. Do not be afraid , do not fear the future unfolding. The spiral tightens, all vibrating faster and faster. Evolution or devolution?… The choice is yours. Wide eyes open.

Image    From the shadowy darkness?…. This is where it originates, or does it? Stay alert, this is interwoven with their agenda somehow. Gotta keep an eye on these fuckers, they can only keep up the rhetoric for so long before words over-outweigh action. They will either provoke it, or be made to appear as though they have provoked it. Either way, watch how to globalists use this playing card, just as if it were a board game. Anyway, not getting into it all today, just wanted to have it time-stamped… Beware the Electric Snake~~~~~ Love to all.