Under, and back of, the Universe of Time, Space and Change, is ever to be found The Substantial Reality, the Fundamental Truth.



From the Kybalion, a book I just happened to find, or rather maybe it found me, who’s to truly say which is which and what is who? You know what I mean? Probably not, here’s a link for you… http://www.kybalion.org/  Now go be informed, I have some more coming for you later, there is a sense of…. how can I describe this…. impending discovery perhaps… like knowing your lottery ticket is a winner before you see the numbers, or betting on black and you don’t even have to look to see the ball drop black for the win, that is the feeling I am having, do you understand? Maybe it’s nothing, maybe it’s everything, the knowledge will come when it comes, and when it goes, where will you go? Wide eyes open, love to all. 

Under, and back…