Tornado Time

As you all know by now, some tornado/s have massacred parts ok Oklahoma City and the surround areas. There is plenty of footage, so I don’t need to post too many pics, you can look for more images>>>>  here’s a link…Images for oklahoma city tornado   I am still looking into all this, I’ve been away from the computer for a day. Sometimes a break is a good…

And I always come back to some new surprise. Sadly, this round the new info is very negative. Now the destruction is horrific. Over 200 plus mph winds is quite fierce. Look here:

                   …. neighborhoods…gone…        ….you can even see the path of one of the tornados as it tore though what looks/ed

like a suburb…..

and check out these cars….     

   ….the wreckage is insane, this was no ordinary tornado…

….look at these houses and rows of houses just blasted away into oblivion   

So for the mumpsimus trolls who send me comments like, “This is normal, you only here about it due to technology.”….ummmm, could you possibly be any more ignorant to think something like that. Technology has been around for quite a while now, and if this is so normal…then why is it being quoted as “the storm of storms” already?

      …. here are some more specs… the storm left a path about 1.3 miles wide, winds over 200 mph, numerous fatalities and injuries, many many homes gone, and here is something that really upset me… apparently there is information that a large amount of horses died, by large I mean a couple hundred. Yeah, that’s pretty sad I know. The survivors are at this moment combing through debris for other survivors who may still be alive. This was the worst of a series of storms, and it’s not over…

I made a comment on a yahoo post about the strange weather all over the world, and the troll army had a field day with their obnoxious commentary. Wow, there are some dumb- ass mumpsimus sheeple idiots out there. Trolls trolls trolls. The basis of their attack was that there ISN”T in fact any real change in the global climate, if that clues you in to how dumb the herd is. I am not going into it too specifically, but record heat, record cold, weakening magnetic field, a north pole that moves and is movin, disaster tsunamis from a major uptick in planetary earthquake activity, but they are right, all normal…. if you can’t smell my sarcasm there…oy vey…

So if you all recall I issued a 48-hour alert, time-stamped, and here we are again, another unprecedented incident, another first,  the “storrm of storms.”  The forces are very real and they do not lie. If I say alert from now on, YOU should pay attention. Here’s a link to the MSM claim to back that up… News: Oklahoma combs through wreckage after ‘storm of storms’ leaves 24 dead   There is no more counting, no more predicting, I will simply post alerts for all of you when the forces guide me to do so. I am sorry that that news how to turn out this way, but it is what it is and my heart goes out to all those poor people who lost EVERYTHING. can you imagine, EVERYTHING… your house, your car, your loved ones, your memories, gone in the vortex of a massive tornado. So tragic.

Now I am not going to go too much into this. i know I always say that and do the opposite, but this time I mean it. There are thories out there that this was a storm created and/or instigated by HAARP. You remember HAARP right? Here’s a refresher link… Truth Is Scary | HAARP & Blue Beam   HAARP is used to manipulate weather. It does this by firing energy into the Earth’s ionosphere. From there, I don’t know exactly how it works, but I have seen many images that may or may not be HAARP related…

   …strange cloud patterns……

On radar, these appear as bull’sye type circles….


They fire these energy beams into the ionosphere…     …then days later, unusual cloud formations, like the ones above and even more bizarre can be seen… ….

…. Like these…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ….but of course, there are still those who think people like me who know these things are real love to hate, but that’s okay, bc that’s their trip, not mine. I am just here to translate this info for you all. Every bit of info I share with you has some sort of documentation that can validate the authenticity of that info. There’s no time to fuck around, these things serious and are/will be affecting all of you. Yet another way the globalist pig scum us all of you as their guinea pigs. Vaccines, GMO food, fluoridated drinking water, and yes they test their weather modification programs on who?…. YOU. They do it all over the world and they have to do it from time to time with close range programs that happen in the mighty USSA. If you think I am being naive and/or feeding into conspiracy theory land, think about YOU really know…other than from what you have seen on television. What do YOU really know that I do not? Prove me wrong, write your own fucking blog and present YOUR side of the story, any story, whatever story you believe in. See my blog, isn’t a story, I am here finding info that most people do not know, then sharing it so that they can empower themselves with knowledge. But all of you trolls, you haters, you mumpsimus fuckwits, if you know it all, have the balls to make a real difference and share that know-it-allness, instead of hating on those who do.

As always, I’ve digressed. I’m a tangent, and my train of thought follows. Let’s all think positive thoughts about these people who were subject unfortunately to the destructive fury of nature, man-made or not, it still happened, and it still is terrible. Clearly though, it would prove much worse if it were ever proven to the result of a government funded weather modification experiment. Look into it, read up on HAARP if you aren’t familiar. use the links above, that’s why they are there. No alerts right now, my mind isn’t into that sort of state at the moment. It appears things may be relatively quiet the next couple days, but who really knows other then the forces?… til next time, thx for reading. Wide eyes open, love to all.



Ummm… what is this about? A C-130, from the Brazilian Air Force, missing an engine, flying very low over Louisiana of all places. This apparently just happened today and this is all I know so far. Could be real, could be not. The source is quite reliable, he does good research, thorough. But anyone can be misled, so take it for what it is, more information. There are several stories breaking as these moments tick by.

There has been an explosion at a nuclear facility in Iran which has trapped many people underground, also a breaking and developing story. Already there are reports that Iran is blaming Israel, more fuel to the fire of global warfare. I told you all something was coming didn’t I?

Also, North Korea was reported earlier to have decreed the United States as it’s greatest foe. Furthermore, they are reported to be planning on going full steam ahead with their nuclear weapons program, specifically developing nuclear weaponry capable of reaching the US, and anyone else for that matter. More fuel to the fire. Again, didn’t I tell you all about this?

The time is upon us everyone. You are all in the final minute of the final hour. It is an end to make way for a beginning, therefore it is not going to truly be an end. It is going to be a purification and an evolution. Those who are conscious will be guided to the other side by the energy inside them. The power of love and the Oneness with all and with Source will see the awakened ones through.

Those who cower in fear and are stuck in their egos, those who choose to mumpsimusize, well your path is your own. I’m not going that way so all I can say is good luck in future incarnations. All can be awakened, but they must first open their eyes and see. Many of you are still asleep and won’t wake up. We have tried to enlighten all, but not all choose to be enlightened. You cannot instruct those who refuse to be taught. Their time is theirs, let them go.

The great change has begun and you must all get ready for what lies ahead. The ride will be bumpy. You are going to see things and experience events unprecedented. You are going to have to be strong, without fear, totally unafraid of what is happening. Let go off all that you fear and fear to lose. Separation is only temporary, your souls are forever. That energy inside you all, have some faith in the power of that energy. Soon, you will realize how strong you truly are. Soon all will be revealed to everyone who can see. Be ready. Love to all.


See the “X” at :09

Look at this “X” that emanates from the Sun. What is going on up there? Another triangular coronal hole (the first was March 15, 2012 I believe), 3 notable solar flares in a 24-hour span (Jan 22-23,2013), tornado vortices, and now this strange energy making this “X.” I’m sure it is mostly light refraction of some sort, but when one looks at the entirety of all of these events… What can it all mean? Does it mean anything at all? Stay informed and stay alert. Eyes on the skies. Love to all.