Sea Pig

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This is NOT my video, I repeat, NOT my video. Found this while checking out some vids of Mendelbrot fractals. If you do not know what the Fibonacci sequence is and/or what fractals are and/or the fact that they explain the nature of ohhhh…just about everything as it exists in form, then you should definitely watch and learn from this video. Everyone should be aware of these things, but thanks to corrupted and mis-educational methodologies, most of you are not. Not until now that is, so take a few minutes to learn something. Deprogram the mis-education and re-program with truth. We are the eyes dilating. We are the knowers of the unknown knowns. Awaken. Love to all.

Manneken Pis

Image    This is a famous replica of an even more famous original which now is known all over the world as Manneken Pis. Translating… “little man pee” one clearly gets the impression, or do they? Image    This little character is dressed up in various themes from time to time marking holidays and what-not. Not to mention being the inspirational style for many types of fountains all over the world. That’s right, now every time you see a statue of a guy pissing toward all of you, there is a reference in your brain to Manneken Pis.

Now here is even more you didn’t know until right now and that something is that this style I mentioned above, comes from the functioning architecture of ancient drinking water fountains. Apparently those who provided drinking water back then had a distorted sense of symbolism or a really distorted sense of symbolism, whichever way you want to perceive is up to you.

There are several reported origins, but only one is real, so all one can do is really speculate. Just Google Manneken Pis and see what house the breadcrumbs lead you to. Came across a tale about a battle several centuries back in which the soldiers secured their new infant lord up in a tree and waited for him to piss on them so that they would be stronger in battle. They lost…imagine that.   And if you are too lazy to copy and paste a link yourselves or to just make it easier, start here:   Image

Again, something I knew but did not know I knew being known again. Now think of all those statues you have seen in your life a little guy pissing and how you you now know what that little statue is. Knowledge good, ignorance bad… got it? Look for a Manneken Pis moment or 2 in the future.

Want another metaphor? Not going to be nice, but how often is the truth greeted with an inviting handshake? Think about that, now think about this; Most of you already get pissed on by the global entity that keeps you chained to the floor in your cave. You get pissed on when they deceive you, pissed on when they manipulate you, pissed on when the enslave you to debt, but you know what the irony of all that is?… It’s really just you all pissing on yourselves. Do you know why you piss on yourselves? Because you are chained to the floor in your caves. They piss on you, then you piss on yourselves. One feeding off the other, both feeding off of you, you just sitting there, drowning in piss. All you have to do is get up and walk out into the sunlight, but you don’t. And just like the Manneken Pis, you all would rather iconize something pissing on you, then wake up. Hmmm…wonder why these statues ARE everywhere…always pissing right at YOU…what do you do? Drink it? Pee brains in pea brains? 85 to 90% of 7 billion, drenched in piss.

Okay that’s all I’m feeding the trolls and mumpsimuses for now. Again, I am well-aware of the high intellects of many of you who read, but keep in mind what I just mentioned, 85 to 90%…clueless. You that are in the know are awake, you understand, you are aware, and the truth is known not to many, but to few. Control of information, suppression, that is what they want. Doesn’t bother them to piss on every one but more and more every day piss right back at them. So it’s a pissing info war. Crazy does that sound, ridiculous perhaps? And why is that any more ridiculous to hear then 4 jet planes being hijacked around the same time, leading to supposedly killing 3000 people, yet no wreckage of any of the 4 planes? Open-mindedness, objectivity, knowing all angles, that is how you avoid getting pissed on. Stop being pissed on. Stop pissing on yourselves. Enough with the pissing party. Awaken. Love to all.

Objectivity and/or Subjectivity


There is this really funny, fuzzy line between being objective and being subjective. Not just as a writer and a translator, but in everything. Yes, everything and do you want to know why? Ask the next 20 people you see what the difference is between objective and subjective, as they relate to each other. Do you know the difference? If you don’t it’s okay… remember, we’re here to help. Yes it is something that many consider common knowledge, but everyone is different aren’t they?

Now the number of those 20 people who answer correctly will vary on the type of people you ask. That italicized sentence is being subjective, because it is opinionated in some way by me, but it is also objective because it can be argued and interpreted as factual and unbiased. Do you see how I walk on that line between subjectivity and objectivity? It is important for those who report, record, translate, illustrate, film, whatever to at least acknowledge their awareness of that line, even if only to themselves. The reason I say that is because….well to be directly blunt and honest, many do not. Did you before you read this up to here?

Like I said, not condemning, I am showing you the whole picture. Would you rather always see the PART of the picture that’s flawless or would you prefer to see the WHOLE picture regardless of perfections? Surprisingly, most are content with that little part of that picture, or maybe it’s just they’ve never been told that their was a bigger picture. Do you think those people who can’t see the whole picture know the difference between objective and subjective? If being objective includes conscious beings, is that not actually being subjective? Everyone already subconsciously knows the difference, maybe they just do not know how to define the fact that they know what it means. Here is the quick version for those who need to refresh their memory:

This is a quick way to remember the difference. Use words that start with the same first letter to give your brain insta-reference synapses. Like this objective~open, as in objective means     O-pen minded, as in O-ther O-pinions O-ffered, you see the connection with “O?” I’m sure you do, do the same thing with subjective… except this time, YOU think of some words starting with “S” … subjective is personal, it is an opinion. Now make some associations for yourselves if you are learning. It’s okay to not know something, …YOU know now don’t you?

Looking back on some archived articles in here, you will see how I always remind you all to stay open-minded toward all of these new ideas and information available at the touch of a button via the Internet. There is so much information and misinformation and disinformation everywhere coming at all of you all the time. The air is bombarded constantly with electro energy waves from all of the radio, television, satellite, weather mod programs(HAARP), cell phone towers, you are being drenched in magnetic wavery every moment of every day in some way. What effects are those waves having on you all? We will see but don’t worry. Your DNA, your bodies, your minds, and most importantly… your hearts are evolving. Yes, even the mumpsimus dumbass consumer breeder brainwashed fluoridated zombies. The increase in galactic resonances is inescapable… for you anyway and where it will lead, I wish i could tell you. 

As I said in the beginning, open-mindedness is so very very important because the events coming, the great change, agenda 21, the killshot, awakening, just another tomorrow, whatever happens, it is going to unprecedented because it is a future we are all still playing out. Something that may seem true one day, may not at all the next. Remember, the spiral is tightening, going faster toward zero point. Don’t believe me?… do you really think that time is just perceived to go by quicker as you get older? Here is why that argument is invalid… when you,we, all of us, were kids, for the most part we had no stresses of job, bills, money, food, etc…it was all just free time, the most unstressed time ever minus those who unfortunately had a negative childhood. When you aren’t stressed, time feels to go by quicker, so why would time back then seem longer than now? 

It doesn’t. Time is speeding up. Time, the proposed 4th dimension, is not a spatial dimension, it is a durational dimension. What we think of as time exists on this plane like a breath, some Kabbalists call it the tzimtzum. I know I mentioned it in an earlier blog, but maybe you didn’t see it and it never hurts to read something twice. Back to it… time, being durational, is existing in it’s own forever as a fractal. Here…these are interesting to watch:

Google the name “Mendelbrot” and/or “Mendelbrot Set.” So as we watch the spiraling inside fractals, we can make a good visualization of what time looks like. In and out, like a breath, and as it gets closer to that flux between infinitely small and infinitely large again, the sensationality of time as a “feeling,” getting faster and faster, approaching that flux which I like to refer to as zero point, which is where we are now. Yes, right now.

Being objective makes it all appear as your eyes open wider and wider in the light of enlightenment. I told you all, I am only a translator. The term interpreter would be just as fine. It is one of my universal jobs, nothing to do with money or anything like that at all. Has nothing to do with translating in a sense like…from spanish to english, no. When I say translator, I mean that there is information that is out here for everyone, all of you know it, you just aren’t aware that you know and so I translate from Latin means “to transfer across,” which is what I do. I find the information, then bring it over from the unknown to your known. Being information, it is neither good nor bad, therefore not biased, therefore objective. If I throw some personality on that information and use it to illustrate a tangent, it becomes more subjective. That line in between keeps it all balanced, only a little hotter or a little colder as needed. 

Just a reminder, and I’ve said it so many times, even earlier here in this post, but do not forget that closing your mind away from ideas and facts that you have never heard of just hurts you, not the one trying to help you. We are all here blogging and vlogging and shining the light of truth onto the world to help all of YOU. We know and we know that you do NOT know. This is an information war, for now anyway, and this is what we are doing…fighting, fighting for all of YOU who are kept in the darkness. I never said we were gonna make it through the great change without….. GREAT CHANGE…look at the words….”Great” and “change.” Yes, we are tiptoed on the razor’s edge of the precipice of zero point. Do not let something as weak and beastly as ignorance cause you to miss the real reality of what is coming. Faster and faster, moment by moment, losing time and gaining time, no end, no start, only being, truly being. Eyes wide open. Stay informed. Love to all.

Yet More Hidden History



Most of you have heard of the Great Chicago Fire of 1872. Destroyed most of the city, few hundred people died, paved the way for a newer and more modern city by happenstance. What almost all of you have no clue about are the other huge firestorms, namely the Pishtigo Fire. See, no clue do you? No worries, it isn’t in history books. Why that is one can only speculate since it is the greatest American atrocity attributed to fire. Not a couple hundred, but a couple thousand perished as the entire town went up in ashes. The case as to the causes of these great fires is still open. Have a look for yourselves, numerous theories abound. Here’s the wiki-link:   and I’ll give you another link to one of the theoretical possibilities of the cause:   


Now I’ve already took it upon myself to do the math. Supposedly, comet Biela split up and was no more after 1852 after being given a definable periodic orbit of 6.6 years, which is 6 years, 7 months, and 6 days. So if you go from the date of September 29, 1852, which is the last date of it’s last orbit and add the periodic orbit a few times, the time does NOT match up to the great fires of 1872. So either the theory of that particular comet is debunked or the times reported are not accurate. Either way, all of this is great information to know and be aware of which you now are. Take it for what it is, just here to help you. Don’t forget to use happenstance in a sentence. Stay informed. Love to all.