Get Ready?

Well I made a video before the weekend that let you all know that I sensed a global event was quickly encroaching… and here we are. Either I am a lucky guesser or my intuition was right on point. Look at what is happening…

First off, the Pope, devil leader of the Vatican, resigning, first one to do this in over 600 years. According to the Prophecy of Saint Malachy:   which I just linked for you, there is only to be one more Pope, one more dark overlord of the sheeple. Have a look for yourselves, this information is very real, you just do not know about it. This final Pope will bring about the destruction of the city of the seven hills…i.e., Jerusalem. Incidentally, the Dome of St. Peter  in the Vatican was struck by lightning shortly after the announcement of his resignation...   What can it all mean? But I am only getting started…


Second, North Korea detonates a nuclear weapon. Now these people don’t bother me because before they could actually launch one of those, they would be made into glass by the powers that be unless the powers that be want them to do this. It’s all orchestration people… wake up. However, there is more to this that you must be made aware of. If you are not familiar with the killshot or who Ed Dames is, inform yourselves immediately. Here are some links:

Now if you have watched the Killshot, you would know that there are only 2 more events that are set to happen before the killshot event. One just happened… North Korea nuclear test. The second and final event, one of the man-made constructions in orbit will be hit by a meteor, comet, asteroid, some space-bound projectile. Either the ISS(International Space Station), or a satellite. Just so happens that in 3 days on February 15, asteroid 2012 DA14 will be making the closest approach to Earth since we have recorded such things. No it will not impact the earth, but it could easily hit a satellite and if it does… what will that mean? Here’s a link:

So there you go, make of this information what you will, think of me what you will. I had an inclination and I shared it with all of you and low and behold, here we are. Whatever that feeling was is now lost because all I am perceiving is a great nothing for the not-so-distant future. Maybe that’s a sign in itself. Whatever happens, please please do not be afraid. I am not telling you all this to scare you, I am telling you so you can be aware and not get blind-sided should something significant go down. These events are real, they are happening, and most of you do not have a clue. If you are aware, make others aware. Help them help themselves.

A few other things to be watching out for. This Chris Dorner incident has psy-op written all over it. Possibly an excuse to use his name as the first guy ever found by an unmanned drone, a test run so to speak. Odd how his last name can be arranged to spell drone, isn’t it? I mean what are the odds? Der Fuhrer Obama makes his State of this Crumbling Union speech tonight. Might wanna have a look at that. Knowing your enemy is very important. Being aware of their propaganda is how you can avoid it, if you have the mind for it, which all of you do if you can detach from the hypnosis of your televisions and see between the lines.

There are agendas underway and events in motion. You all need to stay alert and stay informed. Just one more event to mention… the hundreds of unreported earthquakes STILL, YES STILL, occurring in the Solomon Islands. The MSM controlled news has reported the first major one, an 8-pointer several days ago, and one after shock, when in reality, as you can see here: they are continuing. One would think that several hundred continuous earthquakes, all 5-pointers and/or greater would be important, especially since it has been happening for almost a week straight, yet no info other than from me telling you. Why? Just another example of controlled information. While you all still can, keep researching, keep learning, keep improving, because if the electricity goes out… everything changes. The world is turning in an unprecedented way. The Fibonacci spiral is going so fast now as we all approach zero point. What will happen? Trust in the power inside yourselves, trust in the energy of life and love, it is what will guide you to the other side. Stay safe everyone. Love to all.