Black Walnut Hull…Extra Strength




Even though most of you are still calcified and infected with parasites, there still may be hope for you yet. A few posts back I mentioned Turmeric and the many, many beneficial uses of said spice. In fact,  there are NUMEROUS natural concoctions that will improve the functioning of your body, and hopefully in turn, aide in the healing and restoration of mental faculties. Today I will give you some info on something most of you have probably never heard of, and if you’re still trying to figure out what the title means, then no, you do not know about this. And if you happen to know, great for you, now go tell someone else. Exponential crowd-sourcing, not a bad idea, to those who are free from calcification, but first, let’s recall… “What is this calcification?”… 

This is a reference to the pineal gland of course, the “seed of the soul,” yet 85 to 90% of you have one that is all shrunk up like a tiny raisin, barely functioning enough to keep you conscious in this low vibrational dimension, CALCIFIED. Calcified by toxins intentionally hidden in the water you drink and the food you eat and the shit you put in your bodies. Un-filtered water, contains fluoride, fluoride intentionally put in there under the guise that it promotes greater dental hygiene. In reality, it fluoride accelerates calcification, preventing any of you from thinking beyond your 3rd dimensional ego self, which is the fake you. It is the you that you convinced yourself to project into the world around you rather than your true selves, your higher selves. Instead of the high road, you choose the low, but it is up to you to figure it all out. Look it up, or don’t, change the channel….

First they calcify you, then you infect yourselves with parasites, THEN, you feed them. Processed meats, filled with parasites. Candies and cakes, filled with sugar, and guess what parasites love, sugar. You like to drink? Alcohol converts into sugar in your liver, so guess what?.. feeding time. Why do you think you become detached from yourselves when you get drunk? You put this shit into in your bodies every day you keep consuming and consuming more “food” that is first filled with parasites, then fueled with parasite gasoline, and the parasites grow. Most of you co-exist with parasites inside you, and don’t even know it. If it sounds outlandish, look it up. There is nothing in this entire blog that cannot be documented and researched. Try “Candida” as a search term, maybe that will be a little bridge to get you going in the right direction. 85 to 90% of the world population, infected with parasites, and coincidentally, 85 to 90%, clueless, but you fools don’t listen. Again, and again, and again, and again…from a valley or a mountaintop, depending on your view, we beseech you to LOOK IT UP. 

Now what does this have to do with the odd topic coined “Black Walnut Hull…Extra Strength?”… Black Walnut Hull, Juglans nigra, is exactly what it sounds like, the hull from the black walnut, usually green before black actually. Juglans means “walnut tree,” and nigra, obviously means “black.” Know what a hull is?…look it up. Here maybe read this first…(CLICK HERE>>>)   …Yes, that’s a link to the wellness mama, and it’s actually a good site for information. This is like a superfood, uber-anti-fungal, gets rid of parasites, most often worms, but can also heal snake bites, make warts go away, and guess what?…when you free yourself from these bodily invaders, your pineal gland can begin to not only gain function, but regrow back toward it’s original size, before eons of incarnating over and over, and existing as egos rather than souls, left it shrunken like a head among cannibals. This natural remedy helps to battle and defeat cancer, which is caused by an imbalance of fungal parasites in your body. Why don’t you know that?… because if people knew they could cure and prevent cancer with inexpensive, easy-on-the-body, readily available treatments, then the cancer industry would lose billions, trillions maybe. Always about the money when it comes to the scum you let control you.

The particularity of the title refers to black walnut hulls being prepared as a tincture. Remember tinctures? Extracts made using alcohol, you can get black walnut hull extra strength tincture for about $10. More than enough to rid your body of toxins and parasites. Cleaning your body cleans the mind attached to ego, allowing for the pineal gland to awaken, for the soul to finally peer outside of the cave, to see the world as it truly is, rather than letting your ego tricking you into believing that the shadows and the echoes that you think you see and hear are real… over and over and over and over again, “life” after “life,” until you finally get it. Getting IT only means to acknowledge the death of ego and the release of soul, what happens after is like a fingerprint, never the same for each soul. The process takes time mind you. You do not just rid your body of that which it has grown to know to live with, the host to the parasite, or maybe it’s the other way. You don’t get down to the heart of the valley or the top of the mountain in one step, even if you fall off of an edge into a downward or upward abyss, it is still a process. Expecting instant enlightenment is foolish, although enlightenment often happens in an instant. Get it? No? Yes? What have you put into your body today? Have you changed the channel yet? Maybe you need a drink…

There are countless people plagued with cancers and obesities and infections and viruses, yet there they are, 85 to 90%, completely oblivious that it all begins with the parasitic nature of what goes on in your gut. Where do you think the expression “I have a gut feeling,” comes from? Why do you get “butterflies in your stomach” when confronted with an anxiety you cannot let go of because of fear? So much goes on in the gut, yet you aren’t informed. Why is this? The globalist agenda does all it can to promote the parasite, to promote it’s growth, like a beast in all your bellies. That is how they control you…feed them sugars and parasites, program them with televisions, distract them with competitions of duality, anything they can to keep YOU from really knowing YOU. I’m just a translator though, and we have surpassed 1000 words once more, so now it is up to YOU to make your moves for YOU, or to grab a beer and watch a game on your television and continue to just remain ignorant and a low vibrating subhuman meat puppet. Up to YOU to wake up, not me, just here to show you where the switch might be.

On that note, until next time…

Love to All.


The Trolls of Life

My video extended my sentiments on the troll army of hate. If you do not like what we do, go somewhere else. No one forces any of you to watch or believe in any of the things myself or my friends present. Stick to your herd mentality trolls, you love it. Love to all who do not troll.


Yes, they are everywhere. Disinformation agents that are nothing more than trolls. They hate on your vids, they hate on your comments, they hate on YOU. The fact is that most people are still asleep, in their hypnotic trance. They believe anything and everything they are told via the MSM. They believe that gives them the power of knowledge, but if that knowledge isn’t real, then where is their power? 

THEY HAVE NO POWER. They are useless sheep, echoing only what they are told to believe. I try to help everyone. Every single one of you I try to help; help you help yourselves. Sadly, no matter how wishful I may be, most of you will never get it and will simply roll over and cower to your masters. You like how their grass tastes, and you love to graze on it because it keeps you from having to take responsibility to think for yourselves. 

You are just like the police, you are slaves. Now of course this does not apply to those of you who know better, and you know who you are. This is for the rest of you ignorant drones. You are part of the problem, definitely not the solution, and you will be the first to give in to the will of the globalist agenda. Me, i would rather die believing and seeing things the way I do then to be part of your herd. Yes, YOUR herd you braindead automatons. 

I am the polar opposite of an idiot. I see the numbers, I see how many of you know and do not know and/or do not even try to know. You sheeple are a majority and I bet you like that. i hope you worthless fucks read this and find pride in the fact that you are one of their livestock. When they come to slaughter and harvest all of you, I hope you all still feel great about it then too you fucking idiots. Oh, am I being harsh, do I sound like some asshole that thinks he’s better than all of you?

I am that asshole, in your eyes, and I hope an image of this asshole is the last thing that goes through your fluoridated minds before they submit you to their will. Am i better than you human cattle? Fuck yes I am, and so is anyone and everyone who sees it all in the grander scheme as I do. I gladly accept that designation and thank you for allowing e to be that asshole conspiracy theorist that thinks he knows more than you. Guess what… HE does and whether or not you think you know it is irrelevant. 

Because what you think matters less to me than which pair of socks I may wear tomorrow. Why would the opinions of ignorant masses of asses mean anything to anyone? They are going to steamroll over all of you morons and I will be up in the balcony, watching from above. All of your pathetic melodramas, all of you under the spell of your broadcasters are about to wake up whether you like it or not. When you do, it will be too late for you.

So keep hating, keep believing your close-minded ideal of what is and what isn’t. I know I say “love to all” and whether you believe it or not, I really do have love for everything and everyone. But what does that matter if you all will never understand the true reality of this existence? You cannot show those the light if they love to stare into darkness all day. And you are, all trapped in the dark, waiting to be spoonfed your reality. Wake the fuck up.

But you won’t and I know these words fall on deaf ears. Again, I know there are several of you who see what i see and know what i know, and probably have greater insight than myself. I still try to make a difference. I don’t hate and troll those who know more than me, I open my mind and my heart to learn and progress. Sadly, most of the population are blind, deaf, dumb, etc to any form of higher intellect and reasoning. They love the bliss of their ignorance don’t they?

So for anyone that wants to hate myself, my friends, my work, my research, the opinions we share, the information we provide to all of you, any of you that want to come at us with your negativity and absurdly illogical rationale of this world, I tell you now to stop before you even start. You do not need your computer, you do not need books, you do not need information about anything other than your sub-base level provisions for your survival whic will not be for much longer. 

Stick to your fake reality shows, and your fake sports, and your fake news, and your gmo food, and your fluoridated water, and your scraps from your masters’ tables, and your shitty little accumulations of possession, and your shitty little bank accounts because that is the extent of all you are even capable of ever knowing. You have no real purpose other than to make your masters fatter. And you keep breeding yourselves, more and more. But that is all going to change soon. 

Do you think this beloved planet is not aware of the plague of parasites infecting her? Yes, you troll fucks are the plague, you are a cancer, and this planet will rid itself of your parasitism way before you have the chance to hurt her in any significant way. But you won’t and/or can’t listen. You are blind to everything past your fucking televisions and your trivial melodramas. You think it all revolves around you useless fucks but oh just wait and see what the forces of the universe have in store for you all. 

Like I said, i would rather be alone with these eyes, than with all of you using your veiled vision to perceive everything. Am i being selfish, do I think I am some special person? Of course I am and why is that bad? If you were in a room of rapists and murderers and you were the only one who wasn’t guilty of either, would you say, “Yes I love to rape and murder also?” Right away I bet you think, “Oh that isn’t the same, this guy is fucking out of his mind.” Bullshit, it’s a perfect analogy. Your masters rape, steal, kill, exploit, manipulate, deceive, yet you still believe they are on your side, that they have your best interests in mind, and you follow them just like the sheep you are. Who is the fucking clueless one here?

I’m done exhausting myself on this tonight. Just needed to clear that up for those who love me and for those who love to hate me. Yes, I am fully aware that i am in a minority. if I cared what people thought of me, I guess that would be important. But I don’t. i am on my own trip. i am on a cosmic journey that has only just begun. There is so much more to do, so much further and higher to go. Soon I will leave all of you behind and guess what, i look forward to it. This is a fractional blip of an existence and I am going for the higher ground, the bigger ride. You can all stay in this 3rd dimensional paradigm and fight and conflict and hate and troll each other all you want. Not my plan. Call me crazy, call me a douchebag, call me whatever the fuck you want. think whatever you want, I DO NOT CARE. I only care about those who can see the real reality of it all. I only care about those I love and who love me. i only care about doing my part while I am here to make a difference to those who can truly see. Most of you can’t, so be it, that is the nature of this trip, to get through the troll army of hate and keep my eyes on the greater view. Where I am going, where the “we” that is in the know are going, is beyond anything you sheep can understand. Maybe someday you will incarnate to wake up, that is beyond me. Until then, stick to your herd and the pastures you graze on. My food is not for you. For those who know, love to all of YOU. The rest of you can go the way of the dodo for all I care. Put that in your ignorant little pipes and smoke it up.