Do YOU Still Not Know?…

9 11 (2) Animated Gif on Giphy

Apparently, YES, there are sheeple out there who still do not know that 9/11 was an inside job meant to ignite a war on terrorism. Do you not know who the real terrorists are by now? What country do you think has been involved in the most wars over the last 200 years? Who is the real joke on?… YOU, yes.. YOU. YOU if you are fool enough to not investigate the 9/11 staged event, because if you do, you can see over and over and over and over again the fallacies revealed in the aftermath of this attack against YOU. For starters, just look at that gif animation above…how is it that the part that was damaged, which equals about ohhh…15ish% of the buliding’s mass, somehow able to bypass the laws of physics and destroy the remaining 85 or so % beneath that was supposedly undamaged. That is just the very tip of the iceberg though my friends and dear readers. 

Where would one begin if they were to show examples?…DOCUMENTED examples, PROVABLE examples?… where does one begin? Some say jet fuel cannot burn hot enough to melt steel…fair enough…let’s check it out. We look it up ourselves and we find… from a rough average of several sources, it looks like the maximum temperature jet fuel can burn at is around 1500-1700 degrees F. And note that it burns relatively quickly. I will not site on specific source, because like I said I averaged from the articles I found, which you are also fully capable of doing for yourself so you can see with your eyes. Moving on… steel however, it looks like melts around 2500-2700 degrees F. Again, an average from multiple internet sources including scientific links. Look for yourselves. So, based on that quick point we made together,… Would YOU say that jet fuel, which burns almost 1000 degrees cooler than steel melts, and burns quickly, would be able to bring not one, but two large steel framed structures, which were only reportedly damaged by the planes which hit the towers in the upper 15-20% of the buildings, leaving a supposedly undamaged 80-85% of reinforced steel and concrete foundation, which somehow, as I said above, defies physics as said 80-85% foundation is destroyed by the supposedly melting weakened steel reinforced 15-20% of the upper floors of the Twin Towers? And that is just a start….

Oh yeah, what about building 7?…. ^^^shown above^^^

Building 7, the building this insidious regime of a government wishes we would all forget about. Not only to we have the mysteries of the Twin Towers, which I just barely scratched the proverbial surface on above, we have this little gem. Somehow, this steel-melting, building destroying jet fuel REPORTEDLY got into this building, igniting it on fire, and causing it to collapse. This is the bullshit story the MSM and the scum who really committed this atrocity told all of you, but let’s just use common sense. Ever seen a building demolished?

10 Mesmerizing GIFs of Giant Buildings Being Demolished

Hmmmm…. looks pretty fucking similar doesn’t it? I swear to emphasize the blatant, in-your-face evidence that seemingly many people just overlook, as if it means nothing. Do you think this is the only time they have deceived you? Do you think this is the only time they WILL deceive you? Who’s deceiving who if you believe that you can trust what these globalist pig scum tell you via the MSM? Now building 7, according to some, was actually the area where they conducted this operation, at least in part, and how do you get rid of evidence?….DESTROY IT.

Speaking of destroying evidence…how coincidental is it that only part of the Pentagon supposedly destroyed by another hijacked plane was the part that contained any and all data that related to a missing few billion dollars that covert entities inside our government had used for secretive purposes? Don’t believe me, look it up. This post is going to be a little different, usually I link links for you all, but since the evidence I have is a culmination from numerous sources, I trust that you will have the capacity to look all of this up for YOU, for yourselves, not for me. Everything I tell you is verifiable via the internet and/or other media outlets. Here’s something else, the guy who owned the Twin Towers, who happens to Zionist illuminati scum, Larry Silverstein, coincidentally took out huge insurance policies just prior to the attacks happening. Notice I have said the word “coincidence” several times? How much “coincidence” must there be before it becomes an obvious conspiracy? Here’s footage from the supposed “plane” hitting the Pentagon…

 photo pentanimxox1_zpsa3b5f317.gif

Hmmmm…. what’s missing? Oh…. THE FUCKING PLANE. WHERE IS THE FUCKING PLANE? Speaking of planes, where is any plane wreckage at all at ANY of the supposed crash sites? None found at the World Trade Center, although they reportedly somehow found the supposed lead hijackers passport, unburnt and in great condition among the fiery aftermath of the collapse of the Twin Towers. Look it up, look it up, look it up, as I’ve told you many times, this information is out here for all of you. Take it while you can. So, back to the wreckage, none at the World Trade Center, none at the Pentagon, and especially NONE where it supposedly hit straight into the damn ground.

Once again, WHERE IS THE FUCKING PLANE? Not one, not two, not three, but FOUR different reported plane crashes and NO plane wreckage. God damnit, what does it take to get the masses awake enough to open their eyes and see the truth and the true evil of these global elitist pig scum illuminati devils that are running the world by controlling you all with money and media?? Control, control, control, terrorists, terrorists, terrorists, war, war, war, conflict, conflict, conflict, anger, anger, anger, fear, fear, fear, did you get the last part/….FEAR, FEAR, FEAR. All designed to keep all of you afraid and distracted from what should be number one in your lives….YOU. How many times have you ever seen a plane crash where there is no wreckage, omitting planes that are lost at sea, how many times?  How many?…. I’ll tell you… animated number zero     ZERO TIMES. Look up ANY plane crash and what do you see, parts of the seats, engines, the body of the plane, wings, cockpit, PEOPLE, but where is all that in the FOUR crash sites from 9/11?  WHY WAS THIS ALL NOT INVESTIGATED? ….because the ones who did it control the media, controlling the information, therefore controlling YOU. Had it not been for the alternative media and the internet, most of you would still think it was box-cutter wielding terrorists on a mission from Allah. Even though many of you for some reason still actually DO believe that, the numbers of awakened individuals who question the reported “truth” have become much greater due to the outlets I mentioned above, the alternative media and the internet. The criminals who are really responsible for 9/11 are still at large and can still be brought down. Mass awakening, and our side taking the advantage in the information war is what it will take to get to the real living truth. After the Stupor Bowl, a guy named Matthew Mills interrupted the MVP press conference with this….

If you still think this guy and myself and those like me who know that 9/11 was one the biggest, if not THE biggest, ruses played not only against the American people, but against the entire world, then who is the real ruse on? A ruse used by the globalist illuminati elite zionist banker corporate pig scum lucifer worshipping devils that are still controlling everything through this flaming monetary juggernaut that burns to keep everyone controlled and complacent, like cattle, like human cattle. Are you cattle, are you part of a herd? Do you do what you do, or what someone else does, just a little different? Who are YOU really? I do not have that answer, but if you still think that 9/11 went down the way they told you via the MSM, you need to snap out of the hypnosis and learn to open your real eyes so you can see what is true and what is not. Sure, it’s easy to pretend it doesn’t involve you, it’s easy to stay ignorant, keep watching television, keep consuming, remain oblivious to the world around you. I can assure you your lack of will to inform yourself will catch up with you until one day it finally clicks and you realize it when it’s far too late. Now is the time to wake up, not tomorrow, now. Go into my archives, use it as a stepping stone. Over 500 posts, all linking you to a world much greater than the one you currently are conscious in. Take all you want, or take none at all, it for all of you and for none of you. I am only here to help. Well as you can see we have gone way over the 1000 word attention span mark once again. Until next time, wide eyes open. Love to all. 


World Ticker Event Update

Creepy eyes looking through mail slot

If you look over to your right there, you will see that I have updated the world event ticker to the beginning of the Sochi Olympics. There have been numerous terrorist threats made, warning of some kind of attack during said Olympics. Now I know we have all heard this before. “Something will happen, something will happen,”…. NO, NO, NO, NO, NO. We are NOT here to fear monger, only to illustrate the paintings which are being painted for you. If a threat is real, and I am telling you about it, how is that inciting fear? If you don’t know, if you don’t inform yourself, how can you expect to understand the probability that false flag events are going to occur more and more, and to greater extent, to further a globalist agenda? So is a false flag coming? I don’t know, I’m not saying anything is coming, all I am telling you is that the MSM(mainstream media) is broadcasting a spell upon all of you that there have been confirmed terrorist threats specifically aimed at targeting the upcoming Olympic games in Sochi. If anyone is spreading any fear, it’s them, not me. What I am telling you is that the air is ripe for a FALSE FLAG event. Everyone knows what a “False Flag”  by now is I hope?…. if not, just click on the term there and you can educate yourself. It’s okay if you didn’t know, because now you do. Continuing…

One of my Youtube friends that goes by the name Dahboo7 pointed out something interesting earlier. Do you all know what this is?… Illuminati New World Order Card Game (<<<CLICK for more)  Click and inform yourself if you don’t. Now I know some people think this is just a game, created in 1981, that happened to coincidentally be extraordinarily accurate on many of the card faces. Watch this video to see all the cards, and you can se what I mean…

I am not going to go through each one for you, but I am going to show you one that directly relates to the upcoming games in Sochi. There is a card called the “combined disasters” card. In this card, you see people looking semi phantom like as something collapses behind them, particularly a clock.

See here…                             At first, one might think of Big Ben, the great clock in London, but it actually doesn’t look anything like Big Ben. What it DOES look like is the big clock at the central train station in Sochi. 

Look at this image…      …. and it’s at a train station, which is not only a choice target, but is also where two prior terrorist attacks occurred only weeks ago In Volgograd. Coincidence that these two images look very, very similar? And check out the shirts on the people… all colors of the Olympic rings. Double again, coincidence? Guess we will see won’t we? Again, and please listen and understand this, no one here is promoting fear or advocating that anything at al is going to happen. You all should know by now that there are always people saying this or that is going to happen at such and such place at so and so time, and then poof….NOTHING happens. I just find this interesting, especially since these cards, which were created way before nearly everyone had no clue what the illuminati was, have matched up to so many events that have happened and are happening… which would imply that some of the events are still to come. This isn’t anything fictional, this is not made up, that is why I linked the video above, so YOU can see for yourselves what these cards may or may not reveal. Take it for what it is, or don’t take it at all. We are only here to help, if you do not see it that way, you are more than free to move along and go somewhere else. 

So yes, there is now a counter on this home page, which will more than likely count down to nothing more than the start of another Olympics. Only information here. There is so much more going on, but I am pressed for time at the moment, so I will have to give a more thorough update later. More to come. Wide eyes open. Love to all. 

Happy New Year To All

With a gentle twist and squeeze of the cork, it works up the neck of the bottle till the bottle can no longer hold it back then POP, the cork gone in a flash as an uncontrolled projectile bouncing and ricocheting about the room capable of putting an eye out followed by the steamy fizz and spurting bubbly all over the new carpet.


That’s right, it’s the last day of the year, according to the Gregorian calendar anyway. Whoa… what a year. Once again, ALL doomsday-type predictions have faltered, no World War 3, no armageddon, apocalypse postponed…again. Not that I am advocating any of those scenarios, but every year they say this and they say that and as of yet, they still haven’t even gotten a man on first base with their hype. And now here we all are, on the precipice of the year of 2014…

What will this new year bring? I wish I could tell you. At this point in my research, anything and everything is possible, therefore narrowing down the future to a plausible sequence of events is quite impossible, for me at least. Lots of people make plans, resolutions, ultimatums when the year changes. Why should it take e new year for anyone to decide to improve themselves? Strange…. but I suppose at least there is some effort there, although you and I both know that most people break New Year’s promises, often rather quickly too from my experience. What are your goals for this New Year? What are YOU going to do to better YOU in 2014?

Those messages I have told you about before in previous posts, CLICK HERE>>>   …these messages that are reportedly received via Channeling  from the The Ascended Masters   (click on either of those words for more info)  …these messages speak of an upcoming great change across the entire planet. I myself have been telling you all about something big coming for a while, but I don’t know what that entails exactly. However, these channeled messages claim that this great change will involve worldwide disclosure of our true identity as it is among a supposed galactic federation of planets. Yes, a full disclosure from world governments to the masses about our connection with entities from outside the planet we all currently reside on. Also, that there will be a planetary reformation of government that will insure EVERYONE has not only what they need to live, but also has access to the tools necessary to further develop one’s self, in turn bettering society as a whole. Now as always… I DO NOT CLAIM TO BELIEVE NOR DISBELIEVE ANY OF THIS. It is only information. If you click the link above and watch/listen to a few of these short vid/messages, you can look below the vid and see that there aren’t too many people who know or are even aware of these messages and/or who the ascended masters are…. and I’d be willing to bet that most people don’t even know what channeling is. But this is for those of you that do, those who are awake, those who seek to expand their consciousness, and/or those of you who seek to find answers for themselves. 

Like I said above, I give no credit nor dis-credit toward those messages, but I do think that 2014 will be a year of greater awakening, more people becoming aware of what is really happening to and around them. At the same time, these globalist pig scum illuminati devils are going to do what they can to keep this whacked out machine running…although at this point, how much more can it keep pressing on?…especially with more and more sheeple becoming people again every day, letting go of their fear and ignorance, embracing love and compassion. But will it be enough? The herd is still massive. Remember when I kept telling all of you NOT to sign up for Obamacare. No one signs up, it fails. When I made that post, only about 40,000 out of 300+ million Americans signed up. Earlier today, I saw that after a big push in December, now over 2 million have signed up. What the fuck are you idiots doing? DO NOT GIVE IN TO FEAR. But those people will never read this nor do they have the capacity to do anything other than eat, shit, breed, sleep, and work as slaves for their masters, so I am well aware that what I say, should they ever hear it, would fall on deaf ears because they aren’t able to LISTEN and/or comprehend because they are relatively brain-dead. Is that a mean thing to say? NO. Why? Is it my fault that so many are clueless automaton mumpsimuses? NO. That’s THEIR fault, or maybe YOUR fault if it applies to you, but certainly not MY fault for pointing out the problem. How can you solve said problem unless you know what the problem is? There are some very extreme sensitivities in this country, the once mighty USA, now become the USSA after being overrun by globalist pirates. STOP SIGNING UP. Tell your friends DO NOT SIGN UP. God damn, are you fucking people that afraid?…apparently 2 million are, couldn’t wait to turn over for their puppet masters. Slaves.

I bring up the Obamacare issue because that is something that apparently will be affecting many of us in 2014. FUCK YOU OBAMA and FUCK YOU GLOBALIST SCUM and FUCK YOUR AGENDAS. Guess I’ll be getting penalized, possibly thrown into debtor’s prison, at least these are the threats should you refuse to sign up to this bullshit program. But I won’t be alone, oh no, so does that mean that the MILLIONS of us who refuse this nonsense are going to be deemed as criminals in some way? Hmmm… sounds like the makings of a revolution. Let’s look at the past, how long does it take for a tyranny to suppress and harass the people before they say “FUCK YOU” together and stand up to said tyranny? History is a seemingly un-ending theater of war, war for oppression, war against oppression, back and forth, over and over, but it’s been a while since something happened that re-defined reality. I am NOT promoting war, nor am I some revolutionary, nor am I a Communist, nor am I anything that YOU might think to put a label on, I am simply an entity here to translate knowledge from one place to another. I didn’t create any of this, nor can I alone fix it. All one can really do is empower themselves with knowledge. Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge, but the sad part is that there is a tremendous LACK of said knowledge, particularly in the new USSA. Between the fluoridation, the processed GMO food, the drugs, the television, the apathy, the fat, the hypnosis, the programming, people en masse in this country have become exceptionally ignorant and lazy. Again, only pointing out the obvious, and if you cannot see it, maybe you should stop and think about YOU for a second.

Every new day can be a first day though. Instead of getting mad at me, or mad at them, or mad at or about anything in this current reality that bothers you, learn to let go. Anger and madness comes from fear, fear of loss, fear of losing what you think you have. No one really has anything though, other than knowledge. What is in YOUR head can never be taken from YOU. When you die, is your car, or your house, or your wife, or your kids coming with you? No, the only thing you take with you is what’s in your head and in your heart. Maybe you have been striving towards the wrong things in life. Maybe you are finding that you are very alone. Maybe you’re strung out on drugs. Maybe you’re pregnant, and dad is no where around. Maybe you just lost someone. Maybe you’re locked up. BUT… ON THE OTHER HAND… Maybe you just met someone. Maybe you just opened the business you’ve always dreamed of. Maybe you just had a baby with the girl/guy you love. Maybe you just got out of rehab. Maybe you just woke up. Let’s look at that last one…”maybe YOU just woke up”… what does that mean exactly, this “waking up” going on? “Waking up?”…to what? The term “waking up,” and/or “awakening,” is just the easiest way in the English language to, in one word, illustrate the process of becoming aware of the Oneness that YOU possess with YOUR higher self. You realize the distinction between your ego, your fear, your higher self, your love, and the connections amongst all of that. You realize your connection with everything, but it’s as if you knew all along, only could not remember. Then it turns on, like a light switch, illuminating the darkness. Once that light is on, you begin to see clearly, not at first, but more and more and more every day, your real eyes open. Like waking up, hence the term “awakening.” Got it? I know, I know, many of you don’t need to hear that, but more DO need to hear it. And if YOU are awake, what are YOU doing to awaken others? This isn’t some kind of movement, or a religion, it is a phenomenon, happening to millions all over the Earth. Why this awakening? Why this surge of enlightenment? Why now? Perhaps this year of 2014, we will finally see. Or maybe at this time next year we will be rolling into 2015, another year gone, another relatively “usual” year gone. Maybe there will be no 2015. Maybes and speculations and plausibilities, blah blah blah, let go. The time is NOW, the moment is NOW, not yesterday, not tomorrow, NOW. Whatever is coming is coming, or whatever is not coming, will not come. Let it go. What happened in the past is past, it’s gone. Let it go. Take a deep breath. Feel the energy inside you. Tomorrow is the first day of a new year and the rest of your lives. Thanks to all my readers/watchers. Wide eyes open. Love to all. 

Train Crash, Royal Baby, Outbreak, War

Yes that’s right, yet another train crash, this time in Spain. CLICK HERE TO SEE>>> Spain train crash on CCTV – horrible footage of impact in Santiago de Compostela – Truthloader  Notice that there appears to be some explosion or something else causing a puff a smoke to arise around mid-train just a split second before derailment. Will this turn out to be a bombing incident? We shall see. Or was the train just going to fast? It does seem to be haulin ass in that vid doesn’t it? And this is the second crash in just a few weeks. remember the one in Canada not so long ago. What is going on with the trains? Random coincidental accidents? More firsts? Regardless, condolences go out to those who lost their lives and/or those who know someone who lost their life in such a horrific manner. Can you imagine the terror, the noise,….horror.

So the week is proving eventful somewhat yes? I told you all to expect something on Monday and what happened, the birth of the new royal baby, another super-priviliged son of English royalty. Can’t blame the little fucker, but it’s disturbing to think he is already worth more than almost everyone else on earth combined. He will never want for money, he will never worry about his electric bill, all he has to do is be noble, and what is it to really be noble? There isn’t much real nobility among the globalist pig scum royal family now, so is this kid going to be an icon of change to better the world, or to do as his family does and control everyone via the monetary system. All of these things he must face, and he’s only days old. He won the baby powerball, if you look at life in terms of wealth and status. To us though, it’s just another elitist in the making. More to come from him I’m sure. And as a side note, he was born on an illuminati ritual day, something to do with the stars, you can look more into that on your research time.

An outbreak is occurring in the USSA. Yep, an unknown stomach virus is spreading, now to 9 states. Here’s a link>>> Stomach bug going around puzzles CDC   Apparently the CDC doesn’t know what it is. Could this just be one of those news stories designed to promote a heightened level of fear and paranoia among the population? Another distraction perhaps? Maybe it’s the beginning of a bio-terror attack? How else would one begin? You can speculate all day and night, but I would say that this story dies away in a few days. Another part of their script. Oh, you didn’t know that the news was scripted fake reality drama. Sometimes yes, it’s based on actual events, but more often than not, these stories are orchestrated to an extent, crisis actors are brought out, it’s a whole big production. Google “crisis actors” if you don’t believe me. YOU could get a job as one and when there is an emergency, you get called on to fill the role of a victim. No, I am not making this up, in fact I’ll give you a link, here>>> Crisis Actors – Trained Players and Actors Making It Real   I am just here to translate this information for all of you, remember that. What I report is all documentable and plausible and is for you all to better equip yourselves to process the real information from the misinformation. We are here to help you be free. They are here to take and divide then conquer you. Do you prefer the we or the they?

And of course there is always war going on. Seems that lately the news reports have been rather vague. What’s going on on the other side of the world that we are being kept in the dark about? I did come across some news that most people do not know yet. There is and has been a civil war going on in Somalia since ohhhh… 1991ish I think. Anyway, the report I cam across claims that our government, the USSA, is promoting a “secret war” there. What is this war and what is the purpose? Well we have to first back up and look at the bigger picture. The USSA wants an Islamist uprising so they can justify going to full-scale global war. That is the only way to get out of the financial mess they are in, at least in their eyes it is. So just like in Syria, America arms these soldiers and trains them to rise up and form militias. And when these militias get organized, they will be an army, which the USSA then plans to annihilate, along with significant collateral damage, so that they can then come in an establish their new world order. This government is a fucking snake, a serpent of evil, a tyrannical regime that is hell-bent on global domination. Here’s a link for you>>>  Is the US Ramping Up a Secret War in Somalia?

You can see the puzzle picture before it’s complete, I’ve told you this. So look at it now. It has been a plan for the last 20+ years that they have followed nearly flawlessly. They orchestrated the 9/11 attacks to justify attacking Iraq and Afghanistan. They didn’t take any oil, but they took over the world’s opium trade, making the USSA the world’s greatest drug dealer. The mess with Benghazi, the obvious lies and cover up, how far do you think they would go? We only know what they got caught with, and we don’t even know exactly how factual all of that info is. Again, they use misdirection, just like magic. How hard is it to make a news broadcast about anything? They have 85 to 90% of the public fooled, but more and more people are waking up. More and more sheeple are becoming people and they want answers damnit. This country is being run by a mafia, and you let them get away with it. “well what can I do?”…. I hear that so much. Maybe start a blog. Write down your thoughts and then broadcast them. I may not get a lot of viewers, but the ones I get are reading what I’m writing and getting it, and then they share with their friends and so on and so on more and more people become enlightened to the real living truth of this reality. Make a difference. YOU can make a difference. Knowledge is power. They know more than you, that is why they have power over you. Beat them at their game. learn. Improve yourself. Stop watching Dancing with the Stars, get off your couch, stop eating unhealthy food, and do something. Are you really happy to be brain-washed and fluoridated? Ignorant? A mumpsismus?

Every day that goes by brings us closer to something, but what? What is this something that is coming for us all? When will the spark ignite the fire? This chaos can’t go on forever. People are getting broker and broker every day. It’s getting harder and harder to survive. Most people do what they do because they have to, not because they want to. You have to have paper monopoly money just to live, while a fractional globalist pig scum elitist ruling class lives lives of luxury and leisure. Did you sign up for this? I don’t recall signing up for this. We have keen minds, we are smart, we are strong, we deserve more than to be forced to scrape paycheck to paycheck wasting our lives away for them and their bullshit system. This world monetary system is a parasite on our humanity. Money is the cause of so much pain and strife. Some might argue that money is what built cities and paved roads, but come on, let’s use common sense. When used to benefit society, money can make sense, yes. But the concept of money alone drives men to become greedier as they seek to profit more and more. That’s what their system is about, more, more, more, consume, consume, consume. And the USSA is the worst. So many people CONSUMED by their television, CONSUMED by their job, CONSUMED by bad eating habits, CONSUMED with drug addiction, CONSUMED with a relationship, it’s all about mass consumption, created by them, but ultimately, YOU are to blame for buying into it.

Everything must be given and taken in moderation, everything must have a balance. Otherwise, we get to where we are all now. This planet has nearly 7 and a half billion people, and with a population that high, it grows faster and faster and faster, which means more and more consumption. The mechanisms that maintain that mass consumption though are giving weigh to the weight of the demand. Where is all the trash going? What about the shit and piss and whatever else people leave behind themselves? The population is killing this planet. This planet is an entity, it’s own being, and we are like a plague. We can choose whether or not to be beneficial to our host, or to destroy it. Right now, the consensus is leading to more and more destruction. The Earth will only take so much before she shakes humanity into oblivion. Do you think this hasn’t all happened before? If a society like ours existed a million years ago, then got completely wiped out by mass cataclysms, how would we know? Maybe that would explain some of the unexplainable artifacts found around the world, many of which I am sure you aren’t told about. They control history, just like they control the media, because they want you all to be programmed the same way. But as I said, many people are waking up from that program, more and more every day and they are asking, “Why?”

A source of mine informed me that from 2013 to 2016 is when the Islamist movement will unite and rise up against western influence. Remember earlier I said their was a plan they had been following for like 20 years. Well we are in the next to last phase of that plan. 2013 to 2016 is the gathering and unification of the Islamic forces. Then after that, full scale global war will be unleashed. Millions, maybe billions will perish. That is their plan anyway. I cannot tell you whether or not that plan will come to fruition, just watch for the signs. There will be many signs along the road. You have to learn to pay attention and not to be oblivious to what is coming when it’s right in front of you. Most of you who read my blog know by now what it is to be awakened. You know that when I sound harsh or direct, it isn’t toward you. It is directed at the 85 to 90%. As blind and brainwashed and fluoridated and ignorant as they are, I have to help them. It is just like the Allegory of the Cave. It is one thing to be enlightened, it is a whole other thing to enlighten others. We must help them help themselves, while there is still time. Time, time, time. Soon, there will come a time that everyone will remember. A moment that will etch in the minds and eyes of the world. Watch these globalist pig scum. It’s about time for them to make a significant move. Know as much you can. The knowledge in your mind and the love in your heart is all you can take with you to the other side. Material wealth, possessions, it’s all just stuff. This is only a beginning, a beginning to see if some graduate, or if some have to do it again. Wide eyes open. Love to all.