Law of the Sea and Law of the Land



Jordan Maxwell speaks for himself,

and I’d wager that more than the 85 to 90%,

who are still asleep,

have no clue about this knowledge. 


When EVERYONE should know…

…all in the logos,

the words,

right in front of everyone’s faces…

…yet they don’t see.

Take 15 minutes out of your time,



For YOU, not for anyone else. 

What are YOU waiting for?

Or YOU can,

as always,

YOU can change the channel.

More to come…


Love to all.

Sumerian Connection


If you read my last blog, you would know that I gave you the knowledge of the mysterious hexagram on Saturn’s North Pole. Now we will connect some dots and extend the info out a little further. Okay look carefully at this picture, particularly in the top left cornerish area, at the planets and the sun type figures… Look…

 Image   We have all the planets apparently encircling the Sun. Keep in mind this glyph is about 5000 years old. So already we are alerted to the fact that they somehow knew of the relative nature of this Solar System. Maybe that big one is not the Sun? Or if it is, why the hexagram, just like on Saturn? Is there a connection we are all missing that is right in front of our faces? Some think the Sun is hollow. Now you have 3 things today that you didn’t know yesterday.

And going even further with the Sumerians, you know how I tell you all how we are all existing on a vibration, a shared resonance. The changes in that frequency determine our reality. Certain frequencies make us more complex, some less complex and chaotic. Did the Sumerians know this, way before us? Let’s look at something…

The first is another Sumerian glyph, 5000 years old remember…

Image    Notice the shape inside the circle, we get the hexagram in there but we also get something else…

Image     This is salt on cardboard on top of a speaker resonating certain frequencies. The similarity is quite striking, too much so to be coincidental, don’t you think? So how did they know this, who was this ancient society really? Those who control you know more than they relay to the mass public. Hidden secrets from the past that could redefine our entire humanity into something greater than what it is becoming. And why do these illuminati scum do this? For power, and control, they have such a taste for it and no empathy for any of you. Ironically, you are the hosts and they are parasites that feed from you all, but most of you don’t know that, hence their dominance. No longer. Their tyranny over real knowledge and real information is crumbling fast. We are here, here to help you help yourselves, to help you wake up, open your eyes, and see the light of truth in this dark hour of existence. Enough of that for now though, today is about getting yourselves smarter. You have some new foundations so I will leave you to research some of this on your own. Here are some more pics of the salt adjusting to various frequencies. This is all real, but you don’t hear about these truths in science class do you. Think about that. Enjoy the gallery.


~Thanks for reading. Stay informed. Love to all.