Storm is Coming

Tony Soprano has passed on, Michael Hastings is offed by vehicular explosion, world markets are crashing, an unprecedented early monsoon is wiping out thousands, a “flood as never before seen” is threatening about 100,000 people in Calgary, Canada, an entire Mayan city is discovered in Mexico, and much more as the Summer Solstice approaches finalizing with a Supermoon on Sunday. What can it all mean? Nothing maybe? Just more coincidental firsts?


No, that’s not what the forces tell me, quite the opposite in fact. The forces say that IT is coming, but who are they and who am I right? I am only the translator and the forces are only voices, but those voices say forecast dark and cloudy, strong chance of storms so it is up to me to inform you. YOU choose whether or not YOU want to believe in something, not us. We are just here to help you all help yourselves. Wide eyes open. Love to all.

Himalayan Tsunami

CLICK HERE>>> India grapples with ‘Himalayan tsunami’ that has left 150 dead

A view of the Hindu holy town of Kedarnath from a helicopter after a flood, in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand, India, Tuesday, June 18, 2013.         If you click the link above a read the article, you will see that a witness makes a statement, “the fastest onset of the monsoon season ever.”… yet another first. How many more firsts must happen before everyone wakes up and sees that a great change is upon us? The Summer Solstice starts tomorrow, the Supermoon on Sunday, what will happen this weekend?… I can’t tell you. Most of you wouldn’t believe me if I did, so there really is no point. Just look forward to an eventful weekend. Seems it’s already beginning. RIP to James Gandolfini. Thanks for giving what you gave. The next few days are upon the rest of us now. Wide eyes open. Love to all.