Smart Meter


I wasn’t sure exactly what one looked like so I put up 2 different images. Do you know what these do? They monitor the data that comes into and out of your house via wireless devices. So when people say your dishwashers can spy on you now, this is how. The reason I put this post u is because I got a random call to my cell phone the other day apparently from the FBI or some FBI representative asking me if I would like a  smart meter hooked up where I live. Had it not been an automated call, they would’ve heard, “Go fuck yourselves and shove your smart meters up your evil asses.” Nonetheless, I just hung the phone up and no more calls, but I just wanted to inform everyone that the FBI is randomly soliciting to install as many smart meters in peoples’ homes as they can. They want to know what you do, all the time. You know we all sit here and tell everyone about these things, and it’s true, many people are waking up which is good, but the sad part is, most people are still so fluoridated and brainwashed that they would accept these smart meters no matter what they do. Nearly a half-billion people have entered this existence since I started writing this blog just over a year ago. Think about all that data to be mined, think about those who are going to go down in flames trying to control it. There is no longer any magical American dream. The world is becoming less and less and less interesting by the day because a fractional power-hungry elite mixed with an overwhelming mass of zombie drone sheeple are ruining it for everyone. All this talk of this and that coming soon, some great change, needs to hurry up and get here already. A lot of us are just plain getting sick of this shit. I signed up for peace and happiness and love, not strife and conflict and fear. So I encourage the pot to go ahead and boil over already. It’s necessary. Too many of you wasting too much of your time wasting other’s lives and vice versa. Most of you are barely above caveman level. Don’t believe me? Watch some documentaries of life as it is around the world. The USSA is only about 350 million out of nearly 7 and a half billion people. Do you know how those other people and cultures spend their days? Can you even imagine the sheer magnitude of their numbers? Have you ever been to a real shithole part of the world and seen the and smelled the raw sewage, the garbage, the filth? It’s fucking gross. There aren’t street cleaners and public lights and all of these wonderful 1st world necessities everywhere. It’s a dumping ground for the cancerous plague affecting this planet like a cancer we call humanity. No of course it’s not everyone. If it were everyone, it wouldn’t seem as bad because no one would care. But it certainly isn’t a majority that gets it. “That’s enough,” they yell, “change the channel.” They aren’t even alive, but they think they are in their little caves. Your fear stinks. Your ignorance stinks. Your lack of understanding disgusts me. Yet here I am, still here trying to help you help yourselves. What do any of you do to make a real difference? Do you think your commute means anything? Your 9 to 5? Your cubicle? Your bills? Some job you do but you hate? This is a straight up hell to live in unless you are born into the upper stratus of the monetary system. And with that essentially being about 1%, most of you are fucked. And what do you tell yourselves…”this is just the way it is.” Makes me sick. I am no part of your world, I am no part of your smart meters, your fear, your debt enslavement. I’m just a translator passing through, but not for much longer we hope. There is a whole universe of mystery to explore, higher realms of consciousness, why the fuck would I want to stay down here and vibrate slowly in this 3rd dimension, stuck inside form and matter. Oh, but I’m the crazy one right? This is all just the ramblings of a person losing his mind. Stick to what you know if you think you know what you know. This is just a flash to me. A quick flash, a long breath, then outta here. This is the hell, the other side is the reality. What happens to one who becomes so detached from this paradigm that they become like a real-life ghost? Guess I’m going to find out because I have nothing left but to take the plunge. You can either dive with me or watch from the shore. You are you, I am only a translator, traveling through this dimension. What you call an end is really the beginning. Oh but none of you listen. You hear, but to you it’s just echoes, echoes from an insane asylum. Oh, and don’t allow smart meters to watch you and your home and your life. They are going to put them in anyway because you will let them, but I just thought I’d warn you. Ugh…enough is enough… some days it’s enough to make me feel physically sick. Today is becoming one of those days. Wide eyes open. Love to all.


3-D Printed BioMech Spider

I’m still looking into 3-d printing and what it is all about. When I know, I will get back to you. From what I gather so far, it’s a highly advanced way of creating machinery at a fraction of cost. But I could be wrong. These things come as small as mosquitos I’ve read. With cameras, weapons, etc… But like I said, more to come. Wide eyes open. Love to all.


Plato’s Cave

My description of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave from the Republic. Have a look. Thx for watching. Eyes wide open. Love to all.

Whistle Blower

If you have been under a rock, you may not be aware than a former CIA and/or NSA employee named Ed Snowden is revealing to all of you via the MSM that indeed the government goes to great lengths to monitor and spy on anyone and everyone they choose. How do they do this? They watch your emails, read your texts/IM’s, look at what websites you visit, all via the internet and the social media. They have had the ability and have been doing it for years, yet only now has someone finally been brave enough to stand up and say enough is enough.

Now of course there are already extremists making accusations that Snowden is still active with government intelligence and this is a set up; yet another psy-op to feed into the general public’s fear. We are not buying that at all, it makes no sense. What would be the CIA objective if they were in fact behind this revelation? There isn’t one, so Snowden is just informing all of you of the truth, helping you help yourselves.

It was already a conspiracy theory… mass government orchestrated internet monitoring, so in-depth that your private chats and private emails could be read, but like I said, still in theory a theory up until now. Now we have this 29 year old guy not allowing himself to give in to the globalist pig scum agenda. They said,” Sell your soul,” and he said, “Fuck no I’m telling everyone about you.” And so he has and is now hiding out somewhere in Hong Kong, awaiting what is sure to be some sort of swift incarceration for what the USSA government might deem as espionage. Call the real terrorist a terrorist and you get punished for it, that’s the way the new fascist USSA puppet government regime works.

This guy is not afraid and no matter what happens to him, he can die knowing that he lived for his fellow humanity. He has stated that he does not want this to be about him, but about what the government is doing to the people. He does not want personal fame from this, he wants everyone to be aware that they can be watched at any time for no reason. This brings me to another topic relating directly to this topic…do you know about the dual release of both the new Xbox and Playstation this Fall? Do you know what those devices are going to be doing?

Allow me to enlighten you. Remember, I am just the translator, you can look all of this up on your own time to prove that what I tell you is factual and documented. If it is not factual and documented, I do not report it to you, but you all should know this by now. Anyway, back to topic. Yes, there new gaming consoles will be monitoring the activities within it’s range, even when it’s off. It will not be compatible with old Xbox gear, so forget that hard drive you’ve put so much of your time in to. They are going to rape everyone on the price, then rape everyone by disclosing the personal activities inside the home of the new Xbox/Playstation owner. Click Here>>> People Are Worried Microsoft’s New Xbox Will Be Able To Spy On You

Sound extreme? Ed Snowden, the aforementioned whistle blower, just proved it isn’t extreme at all and in fact, has been going on for so long already that it has been refined into an exponentially more organized system that can pinpoint specific targets and locations in full detail. Imagine everything that everyone texts/emails/IM’s, everything you do via your personal social media, being monitored by some government intelligence agency… can you imagine? I don’t really have anything to hide but that is no reason for such a gross violation of personal privacy….yet here they are, being outed for having done just that for years and years now.

This is just one sliver of the bigger icicle dangling over everyone’s heads. There is so much that they know and you don’t. The forces tell me that the general public is roughly 40/50 years behind the technology that they government really knows. Free energy, fast travel, unlimited food and water, all of these things exist, but then the globalist pigs who have monetary control would lose some of that control, therefore YOU get nothing. Why do you think we refer to them as pig scum? They have no empathy for humanity, their only goal is the accumulation of power and wealth so yes, instead of you thriving and enriching your lives via higher technology which they have, YOU stay in the dark ages just behind them, paying and scraping day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year, til one day you die and you  leave a whole life which has been in servitude to the globalist pig scum money-making human debt enslavement machine.

Ohhhh….. but I am just translating here. As always, I could go on and on, but you have to have some time to digest in between meals you know… I’m sure you can see the picture we painted together there clearly, so we move on. Do some research into these new gaming consoles coming out. If you think that Ed Snowden is really part of a CIA psy-op, then why would he come out with this info just before the release of these gaming consoles? Just another reason why Snowden is legit as he is simply a human being trying hard to show his fellow human beings the light of truth. This real-life Orwellian Big Brother 1984 shit is very real and it isn’t a fucking joke. What if you were having sex with your partner and all of that was being monitored via your Xbox that you think is turned “off?” What if you were having a private phone call, what if you had just gotten out of the shower, what if you were taking a shit, what if, what if, what if, just picture all of the scenarios that aren’t necessarily unsightly, they are just private, yet this machine and other devices like them are and have been able to monitor your every move and word?….

I’ll let you digest this for a bit before the next round. Again, do YOUR own research. We are here to help, but you must be willing to help you help yourselves as well. We are all in this shit together, let’s be a team instead of falling into the globalist pig scum strategy of divide and conquer. They want to win, they want beat you; do you want lose, do you want to be beaten? Fuck them and fuck their pig scum agenda. Enough, enough, I am only the translator. Til next time, wide eyes open. Love to all.