Friday the 13th Full Moon




That’s right readers and watchers and brothers and sisters, today is Friday the 13th AND… there is going to be a full moon tonight, which if I’m not mistaken, will not happen again until 2049. Makes it kind of a notable day, doesn’t it? Does it mean anything? Probably not. We have seen these “dates” come and go and ebb and flow with nothing coming out of it other than usually a nice and normal day, as far as normal can be defined in this dimension anyway. However, let’s not forget that your masters seem to associate lunar and celestial events with their secretive ritualistic behind-the-scenes antics. Just because YOU don’t worship Lucifer and a giant owl, doesn’t mean that they do not. And I’ve gone over all that before, if you still don’t know, just search my archives. Or if you have a dollar bill on you and a smartphone, just google “owl on dollar bill,” to see where to look.

Or just look here:




Yes, their sacred owl is on the most transacted form of paper currency in the world. And as far as the entire bill, and the other USSA bills, are in actuality an ant farm of magic spells in themselves, but again, you have to go into my archives and do some of your own work to discover the real truth for YOU. I’ve gone over this numerous times before. And if you don’t know about the owl, google  “Bohemia Grove.” These are actually things that many of us have known for a while, so if you don’t know, maybe you should catch yourselves up,

or change the channel…

Moving on, so we have this full moon tonight, on the ever-superstitious Friday the 13th. Do any of you know why this day is considered a dark day? Well, the movies obviously didn’t help, especially to generations of TV babies. Let’s start at the beginning, well there is really no beginning, because if you know how to push a button, you will find that the origins of Friday, the number 13, and anything unlucky stem from centuries back Christian folklore. In fact, the number 13 is often considered the most sacred of numbers, the beginning and the end, Alpha and Omega, yet in this backwash post-modern society semi-founded on Christian ideals, it has been systematically demonized. Buildings without a 13th floor….really? Why? Because those who control you don’t want you to know the real you. They have so many of you focused on a trip that isn’t even real, based on the wrong number, as simple as that. Why do you think they instigate the “unlucky” attributes of the number 13 to you, while they use it all over that dollar bill I mentioned above? 13 founding colonies, but let’s leave out the 13th floor because something bad might happen, and the masses consume it up, amassing greater amounts of fear for the puppet masters to feed on. 

Now, as always, I do not claim to offer any of my energy at all toward the validity, or the un-validity, of any of this information. However, it appears that many others do. First, there’s the sheeple, feeding into the fear frenzy, putting that kind of energy out into the world, and then there are the Luciferian owl worshipping globalist pig scum who use that fear energy as a power boost for whatever rituals they have going on at the time. They always have the money ritual, every time anyone transacts one of their spell-enhanced dollar bills, they get energy. Always feeding, right in front of everyone, even putting the evidence in plain view ON THE BILLS, but they’ve made it appear as though you need that money, that magic monopoly money where one number means this and one number means that, all distracting you front he fact that it is really just helping to drain more of your energy. It’s an illusion, a spell, and it’s always working all the time all around you and right through you if you let it. Speaking of which, before I completely tangent off, was anyone wondering how “Friday” got wrapped up into this fake 13 superstition nonsense?

Friday was the day Jesus was supposedly crucified. It would appear that many people have, had, and still do, underestimate the blatantly fraudulent misuse of historical knowledge by the Church to instill fear through superstitions. Easter bunnies, fish head hats, friday the 13ths, it goes on and on and on and on, and people take it at face value when they quote from their bibles. It’s absolutely astonishing. Are you putting together how this fairy tale came together yet? You know, in a true calendar, there would be 13 months, but they changed that. So yes, that means there are actually 13 full moons every year. 13/12, 13/12, 13/12, you can look into this all day and find so many bizarre circumstances where 12 has been used instead of 13, while simultaneously inferring that the number 13 is “bad” in some way. Oh, and for the Christians, if Jesus had 12 disciples, followers, whatever you want to call them, wouldn’t that make him number 13? The beginning and the end, the death and rebirth? Have you ever actually looked into 13, or Friday, or Friday the 13th?

All the answers at a button’s push, yet so many still sleep….

Despite all that you just got informed of, today is notable, yes, in the sense that apparently another full moon on Friday the 13th doesn’t occur until Friday, August 13th, 2049. This 3rd dimensional paradigm, if you are still here, will look nothing then like it does right now. Look outside, you see the sun shining, the grass, the colors, the life, I cannot tell you all what will be there in it’s place in 2049 but let’s just say there are going to be some big changes on this planet over the next 35 years. The plausible singularity, man/woman merged and fully integrated into computerized machinery will have come and gone, a next plausible nuclear 3rd world war will have come and gone, something we weren’t even expecting will have come and gone, and for those of us left, what will there be? Uh oh, I have passed the 1000 word mark once again. Do not offer any of your energy into any fear-mongering around this date. Do the opposite, because those globalist owl-worshippers I mentioned earlier are going to be particularly hungry today. Give them nothing to eat. They are the parasites, starve them until they die. So many of you are thinking backwards, still stuck on the wrong number. YOU are the ones with the real power, harness it on this uniquely lunar day. Turn off the fucking television, get up, go outside and take your power back.

Make it a powerful day for YOU, not for them.

Wide eyes open. Love to all. 

Your Reptilian Brain



Cool GIF animation, right? Not mine, the credit goes to this cat named MiRon. However, making these really isn’t that difficult, at least the basic concept. Check it out sometime. Now I sort of dove into this with absolutely no direction of where I would take it. The tightrope gets tighter everyday, and the tighter it pulls, the thinner the wire gets. It would be interesting to see something of importance occur globally that was NOT negative. One thing after another being propagated via the MSM that so many rely on for the “truth.” Shooting after shooting after shooting, are they really happening, who knows?…but most people just accept it as their reality, thus they believe what they are told and what they think they see. How can you really see if your eyes are closed though?

Or shrouded in the darkness of a cave?

Besides these scripted productions being broad-CAST, like spells, to most of you via your damn televisions, when you go into the real news, you might find that the tension around the world is really reaching a point of no return. One thing that is real is that there are some people around this planet that are beyond subhuman, lower brain reptilian behavior at it’s worst…I’ll get to that in a minute. Look into ISIS or ISIL… these people may be the lowest form vibrating consciousness plausible in this dimension, minus those who may have mental or brain issues, no offense. Do you know why people act like savages? Do you know why people act impulsively when they become frightened or anxious? Do you know anything about that grey organ inside your skull where your thoughts seem to derive from? Ever close your eyes and focus on where exactly in your head specific thoughts, ides, whatever seem to be manifesting from? 

Well I’m going to give you a little lesson on brain anatomy right now. Ready? Are you sure? Some of you may not like what you are about to read, but as always, and specifically this topic, THIS INFO HAS BEEN THOROUGHLY RESEARCHED, DOCUMENTED, AND IS PROVABLE as far as any way those who can “prove” such things can be proved. GOT IT? One more time, ARE YOU SURE?…

Moving on…

There is no better way to tell you all this, so here it comes: YOU HAVE A PART OF YOUR BRAIN THAT IS REPTILIAN. YES, it’s very, very true. Look it up. Need an image?



How about a link? Need one of those too?…


In the lower back of your head, as you can see in the above image, is the reptilian part of your brain. Why is that there? Well, one obvious answer would be that it was put there by the advanced race that initially genetically engineered “humans” as we now know them. Why would they put that there? The Reptilian part of your brain is responsible for your instinctive responses to the environment specific to this planet. You all know the “fight-or-flight” response, yes? When you have an adrenaline surge, you either fight, or you run, that instinctive split-second reaction comes from your Reptilian part of your brain. Breathing, heart-beating, movement of your 3rd dimensional body, all derives from the reptilian part of your brain. Those who engineered you knew that part was necessary in order for the “body,” as it appears in the density of this slow vibrational paradigm called the 3rd dimension, to be able to handle this world of dense matter. It is directly connected to the top of your brain stem. That’s how the zombies in the Walking Dead are able to still somewhat function. How many humans do you know have zombie-like attributes, seemingly functioning at just enough of a conscious level to basically breathe, consume, sleep, shit, repeat, all while being hypnotized by their television messiahs? Think about it. Click the link above and read more, in fact, use it as a stepping stone to really know more than you did 10 minutes ago…or as always, you can just change the channel…

Next, there is the limbic system, which contains your pineal gland, the “seed of your soul,” as I have mentioned numerous times before. A functional pineal gland resembles a small pine cone…however, most peoples’ have shrunk into something that resembles a tiny shriveled raisin. And why has that happened?… because most people one, don’t have a clue that they have a pineal gland, therefore they have no idea what it does so they do not know to use it, and two, because of their own ignorance, they have accelerated the degradation of their pineal glands by toxifying it to the point of calcification. Once calcified, it’s hard to come back, maybe impossible. But that’s their problem, not yours, if you are still reading this, there is hope for you. Back to the subject, your pineal gland is also referred to as the “third eye.” Close your eyes. Picture the Reptilian part of your brain. Feel it. Like when you close your eyes and think of a specific finger, and your brain gets the message and you feel said specific finger. Do you feel it? Now shift your feeling power to your inner brain, doesn’t that feel more like the origin, the command post might be a better way to put it. That is where the you that balances the conflict between the higher brain and the lower reptilian brain resides. Remember, lower brain is impulse, middle brain is mostly the cognitive part, unless you have empowered your pineal gland, then your middle brain becomes the bridge to your higher brain.

Moving on…

Your higher brain, where your inner energy concentrates as it flows from your crown chakra, is where you originate creativity, you philosophize, you are an artist, offering your soul back-and-forth between the Source, resonating at a higher frequency. Now close your eyes again and get the attention of your feeling ability again. Move it up to your higher brain, from the command post in the middle, remember?….now up to your higher brain, then back to the middle, then down to your Reptilian brain, then back up. Got it? The internal struggles that people allow fear to over-dramatize within themselves, all stems from the connection between your higher brain, middle brain, and lower brain. For most, it’s between the middle and lower, reasoning mixed with instincts, enough to survive, and that’s good enough for most, because they don’t know any better. The savage terrorist animals I mentioned in the beginning are nearly completely reptilian lower-brain-wired, existing purely from a fight response, but overall, across this vast globe, that’s why so many fight, and conflict, usually over trivialities, because that is their response to survive, quite similar to a reptile or an animal in general, is it not? When people stare at television for hours, they no longer give any energy to their middle brain, much less their higher brain, they just stare, hypnotized, programmed into Reptilian brain docility. Don’t blame me, I didn’t engineer you, but now that YOU know, what are YOU going to do about it? I would suggest looking into any and/or every way possible to revive, regenerate, and invigorate your pineal gland while YOU still can. And if you wanna know more, YOU will have to find the door that takes YOU there. I can only point out the way, and I’ve passed the 1000 word mark, so it’s time to go dear readers. Take it while YOU can, we cannot emphasize this to YOU enough.

Take as much knowledge as YOU can, while YOU can. For YOUR sake, not ours.

More to come. Wide eyes open. Love to all. 


I know I have mentioned the singularity of the descending Fibonacci spiral of time we are all experiencing. Remember?… 21, 13, 8, 5, 3, 2, 1, 1, and then zero point. If you are lost right now, go back through my archives, I’ve detailed zero point countless times. Terrance McKenna’a novelty and time-wave zero theories speak of the descending spiral toward singularity. However, there is a whole other definition of singularity that I was completely unaware of until about 10 minutes ago,… hence today’s first discovery.

Anyone know who Raymond Kurzweil is? Me either, until as I said, only minutes ago. I heard mention of his name and who he is in a talk show. So, as always, when we don’t know, we look it up and discover for ourselves. All I can say is wow, wow at what I found, wow that I find new shit like this EVERY SINGLE DAY, and then a final wow bc I share it with all of you. This guy believes in something that right now may seem a bit outrageous, but in that bigger picture I always talk about, this plausible future is quite real.

Here we go,… this guy Kurzweil believes in a singularity. His singularity is that in the year 2045, man and machines will fully interface and integrate with one another making man/woman immortal. Yes, I am totally being serious. i know, I know, what a pill to swallow. It’s true however and there are numerous articles for you to research. Here’s the first link I clicked: Singularity: Kurzweil on 2045, When Humans, Machines Merge – TIME …and the first thing I noticed on that page was this image: Image

Along with this thousand-word image, this link begins by taking us through a brief history of Kurzweil, then leads up to the now, where Kurzweil claims what machines will surpass man, thus leading to a man-machine combination that lives forever. Now I am well-aware of how outrageous that may sound AT FIRST, but if you really think about it, could it not be definitively inevitable? I am not saying it will or will not happen, remember I am only the translator here. Let’s be objective here, keep our minds open and think about this. The rate of technological development has literally sky-rocketed… look at this graph: techgraph

The numbers and math do not lie. There is no arguing this, this is the reality of humanity’s technological progress. The spiral of time, just like I said, in plain view for all of you to see. I’ve said over and over that time is the temporal 4th dimension that exists in a fractal manner along a never-ending Fibonacci sequence. Fractal because the illusion of beginning and ending is just that, an illusion. But, that illusion is perceived by us to interpret those ends and beginnings as indeed real. Here, I’ll explain. Look at the graph above. now think of an ascending Fibonacci spiral… 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 35… can you see how that relates to the technological advancement as shown on the graph above?  Now, while the progress of humanity appears to progress, so does the perception of time as well. Does time not appear to be moving fast, faster than ever? Anyone can see that and no, it is not a phenomenon of aging. Time is really moving faster. “How?” you may be thinking, “how is time moving faster?”

It is only the perception that is faster. Time is fractal, remember, so what appears to be an end or a beginning is only illusion. When you dive into a fractal, and/or a Mandelbrot set(Mandelbrot set – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia), there is no end is there; it goes on and on and on forever, but to observe it, it appears to have an end and beginning as you move forward. that moving forward when you dive into a fractal is time. Click here to watch really quick>Fractal Zoom Mandelbrot Corner – YouTube  …do you see what I am explaining to you? Ok good, so now we can see that the progress of time can be observed as we dive into a fractal. Right now, in this time we are all in together, yes right now, do you know where we are in the Fibonacci sequence in this spiral of time we are all experiencing? This is where it seems tricky at first, but afterward, is as easy as thinking of 1 + 1…

Time is like breathing. There is an inbreath and outbreath. The inbreath is where the Fibonacci sequential spiral is descending, i.e. 35, 21, 13, 8, 5, 3, 2, 1, 1, and then zero point. That is where we are now, but I’ll get back to that. Oppositely, the outbreath is the ascending sequence, i.e. 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 35, and so on until the next inbreath. Now these breaths are the illusions of beginnings and endings that I spoke of earlier. Do you see? Stay with me here. They are only real bc we perceive them as such, therefore they directly impact this 3rd dimensional world we call reality. That’s right, time only begins and ends bc we perceive it as such, but in reality, it is an unending series of fractalization, only appearing to ascend and descend. Is all of this making sense to all of you? If not, read it twice, three times, use the links, whatever you need to do bc it really isn’t that difficult to comprehend.

Now, as I mentioned in the last paragraph, we appear to be at the end of an inbreath. One of those tricky parts is that as the spiral descends, time goes faster, like when a toilet flushes     do you see? That is why more and more and more is happening within closer and closer periods of time. That is why technological advancement is going straight up, that is we fly instead of sail, that is why everything is instant. If we are on a descending spiral, then we are in the 1+1. Know what I mean? 35, 21, 13, 8, 5, 3, 2, 1, 1, then ZERO POINT. DO NOT BE ALARMED. Enjoy the 1 and 1. I’ll explain further…

Back in say, ohhh… the year 1500ish, there wasn’t much more going on the the the aftermath of the Renaissance. Sure, as you can see in that chart above, there was a brief spike, but nothing compared to the technological advancement from the late 1800’s up to the present. In the 1500, 1600, 1700… 300 years, people did the same shit. No real advancement, nothing new, little novelty, just a long and drawn out time. Not that it was bad, it was just long. Long because that was when the spiral was at say… 35 … we can say 35 in 1500, 21 in 1700, 13 in 1800, 8 in 1850, 5 in 1900, 3 in 1950, 2 in 1995, then on to the 1st 1 as the advent of the internet created instant global connectivity and changed everything post 1995,  and finally up to now, that would be the 2nd 1, just before zero point. Mckenna was off by a bit, but not much, and he may have done that intentionally for all we know. He’s dead, so we can’t ask him, but we can look for ourselves, can we not? 

I don’t have an answer for what happen’s after the 2nd 1, all I can do is translate to you all what is relevant in this time. These things I write and tell you are what they are. There doesn’t have to be a religion or a science book or anything other than your common sense and your intuition to show you what is real and what is not. You can all look more into McKenna’s work here> Terence McKenna’s Timewave Zero Theory and the ‘Fractal Time  or just buy one of his many books. He has some very good thoughts about novelty as well. As always, I went off topic, but it all relates in some way. Unfortunately, I am pressed for time, how ironic. If I didn’t have things to do, I would go more into this right now, but as it is, those thoughts will have to wait until next time. As a quick side note, I discovered some new tricks with my computer. New discoveries every day, part of this time of the 1‘s we are in. More of this subject for sure, I was really enjoying the results of that excavation and I hope you were as well. Until next time,.. Wide eyes open. Love 2 all.