Seasons…Waiting On You

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Spring Time

I don’t know about all of you, but I react directly with the season. I despise cold and winter,…fun for a visit, sucks to live through. If it could be warm and sunny and 80 degrees year round WITH ample rain and thunderstorms from time to time, sort of like Southern California mixed with Florida, meeting in the middle somewhere humidity wise. Anyway, it’s finally warming up where I am and I can feel the energy returning. If I said to any of you, “Recite the springtime song, as sung by Willy Wonka, the original 1971 version,” …Would you know what I was referring to before you click/ed the vid? It’s a refreshing little song isn’t it? I think so, and if you don’t find enjoyment in the original Willy Wonka songs, that’s your trip, not mine. How many people in the now do you think could relate to the Charlie Bucket avatar? Do you even know what an avatar is? Here’s a link, no shame, click it if you don’t know:

Think of an avatar as something spirit become manifest, but that spirit had more extraordinary qualities than the object being avatared. Got it? So what is Charlie’s avatar? That’s easy. He is an icon of boundless hope and living only from love, despite how wealthy you think you are. Then when he meets Willy Wonka, that love mixes with the wonder and imagination we find in the Wonka avatar, and a whole new entity emerges at the end, where Charlie’s avatar evolves into a greater being of love, now WITH all he could ever want. So to simplify, Charlie’s avatar ascends. Never looked at it quite that way did you? No worries. I didn’t really either until I just now wrote it down, so how about that…cheers. 

The weather is warming, the sun is shining, what will the weeks, days, minutes ahead reveal as they unfold? Hard to imagine almost that we are vibrating and spiraling and moving so fast. You do know that we are hurling through space don’t you? I know, I know, but you’d be surprised how many people do NOT know that. Or maybe YOU wouldn’t, I can’t speak for you. I speak to you, and the words I speak YOU already know, you just don’t know that YOU know. That is why I am here, to translate so you can all understand, to shine a little light into the darkness of ignorance.
And like Charlie, the warming to me is like getting the candy factory back. Whole different person when its warm out, ask anyone who knows me. I’m sure you will notice as I write more and more and more, translating, enlightening, helping you all help yourselves. That’s my role, do you know yours? At this moment, there are 6 billion out of 7 billion people playing roles that aren’t their own, so I ask again, do YOU know YOUR role?… Or are you caught trying to manufacture some avatar for yourself that isn’t real? Think about it. I’m not putting you down, plz understand that. We are trying to lift you all up, we aren’t separate from you,… YOU are separate from us. 85 to 90%, fumbling and bumbling around, bahing and mooing, breeding more and more of themselves, more and more ignorance, more and more mumpsimuses. If only they could all just stop for a second, just long enough to have that moment of self-realization where you open your heart and mind to get back to your higher selves. But if they don’t even know about any of these things, how can they get it? Maybe they aren’t meant to, who really knows?
This whole paradigm, this 3rd dimensional reality we are all in together apparently, seems to not follow any sort of logic does it? Look at the big picture; The world is controlled by a >1% fractional elite ruling class that controls everything via the world banks…i.e. the monetary systems. Then there is their herd, the mass of consumers that graze on whatever they are fed as long as they are made to believe it tastes good. They make up 85 to 90% of the populous. Yes, 6 out of every 7, I know, it’s insane. And in the flux between the slaves and their masters, is us, the 10 to 15%. Use the word enlightened, use the word awakened, use the word quickened, that’s your word, not mine. I told you what I really am, the translator, a translator, one of many but as a whole, we are few. We are here to help the herd, to help the herd help itself. One by one we shine some light into their darkened closed eyes, so they can see the true reality of the reality. Go ahead, use the word truther, again, your word, not mine. Call me/us whatever you want, we only have one word for you… mumpsimus. And the great thing about that word is that it’s hard to argue against. it isn’t just some slur or something like fucker or bitch or something like that, it has a very specific meaning and reference. You do remember what a mumpsimus is right? The mumpsimuses are the ones who get to a point in life where they feel they know enough to get by, so they stop allowing themselves to learn and grow. They are set in their ways as that most ignorant of expressions goes, but those ways are irrational, illogical, and arguably insane, yet they live by them as though they knew it all. That is the mumpsimus avatar, now how many people do YOU know that fit that role? Are YOU one of them?
On that note, I am out of the office for a while to soak up some sunshineyness. It IS a word as long as it’s grammatically correct and able to be defined. Who makes up the rules that say you CANNOT do that? I’ve never heard of real-life word police so I encourage all of YOU to do the same, but don’t get carried away. Use your head, common sense, when using undictionaried words. Got it? Get out of your house, get outside into nature. The Sun is warm, feels good, kinda fuzzy inside. It’s Spring Time. Wide eyes open, love to all.