Grand Climax



If you look to the right side of the page, you will see the ticker, which I updated 11 days ago, and culminates on an upcoming “event” on the date of July 27th. Now when I updated said ticker, the only info I had was that it may have some sort of numerological significance…however, since then, more information has revealed itself. Now as always, before I go on, please integrate this fact:

I do NOT in any way advocate, believe, deny, and/or disbelieve in any of what I am about to share with you.

It is only information, and how it is discerned is up to YOU, not me.

I am only the translator…moving on…

Turns out that among satanists, July 20th through the 27th is a celebratory period known as the Grand Climax.

Here’s a link…CLICK HERE>>> 

Now if you take a glance at that link, you will find that the author denotes notions that the celebrations are what most may think. No wild orgies, no sacrificial rituals HOWEVER… if you aren’t some kind of idiot, you will also rationalize that the focuses of said celebrations are blood and sex. Hmmmm… nonetheless, the reason I am bringing all of this up and making it the subject of today’s post is that no matter what YOU believe, the dark cabal that runs this insane asylum from behind the scenes DOES believe in dark magic and secret rituals, all while worshipping a dark idol.


But are Lucifer and Satan the same?…

The answer is NO, they are not the same. Lucifer derives from the Latin word for “light-bearer,” as an astrological reference to the morning star, also refers to “God’s most perfect fallen angel,” who was cast down from heaven. Satan is more like an avatar for a direct oppositional figure toward God, although Satan was created by God, and is in service to God as he tempts men/women with “evil.” The two have been twisted and intertwined into a singular concept via the current versions of your bibles, but they are in fact two different entities. That does not mean that one is good and one is bad though, nor does it mean the two aren’t directly interrelated. The perceptions are somewhat subjective. As a reader, I leave it up to YOU to determine the truths behind luciferians and satanists. Are luciferians and satanists really “evil”? The author of the aforementioned link posted above has donned the name Aleister Nacht, clearly a reference to Aleister Crowley. Have you ever read about Aleister Crowley? The reason I am mentioning this dark figure from recent history as that this guy seemed to forge a bridge between the realm of Satan and the realm of Lucifer which, in many aspects, would further seem to pioneer the dark road that most of the members of the dark cabal now follow. 

Aleister Crowley was born into wealth and due to a family trust fund, spent most of his life pursuing his passions… said passions mostly revolving around his individual pursuit of attaining an anti-ascension into a world of the most powerful forms of black magic. Summoning demons, performing extremely lewd sex acts, the most depraved forms of debauchery, he embraced all of this.  He also happened to be a 33rd degree free mason and was highly connected to the world of the illuminatic dark cabal, whose worship of Lucifer also procured dark magic rituals and blood sacrifice. The difference appears to be that Crowley adopted a more direct approach via the medium of black magic, willfully attempting to summon demons that could empower himself as an individual, while the luciferian dark cabal likes to go with the longer rituals that affect the broad audience as they “broadcast” their spells over the populous, gaining IMMENSE levels of energy and power from the unwitting masses, empowering the whole body of the dark cabal, rather than the individual. And we all know by now how they broadcast said spells…via the televisions that so many sheeple are still programmed by, AND in what they put in the food and water that the sheeple consume, AND on the money so many scrape and slave for…take a look into my archives if you aren’t aware of the black magic spells flowing in and out of every single dollar bill YOU touch. There are numerous, seemingly countless means by which the dark cabal has extended it’s tentacles out to suck the life and energy out of who?…

YOU, yes YOU, but is it their fault for feeding off you, or your fault for allowing them to feed from you?


These psychic vampire parasites that make up the dark cabal are just that…PARASITES, yet most people think they need them. How crazy is it when the host is tricked into being the parasite? Crazy enough the over 6 billion of the 7 and ½ billion world population has succumbed to the notion?…don’t blame me, I didn’t do it, but it’s true. Parasites everywhere. Most of the 85 to 90% who are still asleep have actual parasites inside them, inside their gut, feeding, draining, bodies everywhere acting as meat puppets, allowing proverbial puppet master parasites to steal their souls, while actual real living parasites eat their bodies away from the inside via their intestines and gut. Man oh man oh man could I tangent off into that subject, but I have mentioned it all before, just look into my archives if you need a refresher and/or you can look all of this info up for yourselves, for YOU. And how does this all play into the upcoming “Grand Climax?” As mentioned in the first paragraph above, the party starts for those who worship Satan on the 20th, in 2 days, and culminates on the 27th with a big ritual celebration. Don’t forget this all centers around blood and sex amongst individuals, all meant to empower those individuals who are into it. That is more on the Satan side, while on the Luciferian side, they have already begun sucking up energy for the upcoming week. I’m sure you’ve all heard about the Malaysian flight “shot down” over the Ukraine. Yet ANOTHER Boeing 777(note the 7’s) and another Malaysian plane symbolized by the trident, which is a central icon amongst illuminatic luciferian globalist scum. 298 dead, although there are reports that it may be yet ANOTHER false flag, as they bodies seemed to be in a state of decomposition immediately after the crash, which is obviously impossible unless the plane was already loaded with dead people. Again, things YOU need to be looking into YOURSELF for YOU. In any case, this supposed plane crash is being used as a tool to further implement Agenda 21 and advance the new world order’s plan of total chaos and destruction before they come back and rebuild anew. Will they instigate World War 3 and get the biggest feast of soul energy and power they’ve ever had? Will they use this week of “Grand Climax” to blatantly initiate the next dire phases of their globalization plan? Like I said, YOU may not believe it, but THEY DO. They are out of their fucking minds and they control most of of the population because the population allows them to be in control.

My advice to any and all and none would be this: No matter what happens, DO NOT give them ANY of YOUR energy.

Do not be afraid. Fear is what they feed from, it is analogous to the parasites in your gut getting sugar. Internal human bodily parasites LOVE sugar, so stop eating it already. Like sugar, fear feeds the parasites that most of the sheeple call master. STOP FEEDING THE GOD DAMNED PARASITES. Pay particular attention this week, because these scum have no boundaries to the depths they will sink to fulfill their goal of thinning out the herd. Are you a sheep, one of the herd, being blindly led to your slaughter? Fuck no you aren’t, wake up and wise up already. I’ve been doing this for over 2 years, and still so many do not see and/or listen, but that is on YOUR shoulders, not mine. I am only here to help, an enlightened entity descending to the cave to free prisoners, most often one at a time, and that is okay with me. What are YOU doing with your enlightenment? What will YOU do with the power inside YOU? Will you serve yourselves, or serve your masters? The choice, as always, is YOURS, and yours alone. I have superseded the 1000 word mark by ohhhhhh… almost 500 words, so it’s time to go for now. I will try to get something up as this “Grand Climax” week approaches, but do not rely on me, rely on YOU to arm yourself with the power YOU will need to get through to the other side.

Or you have the option to just sigh and change the channel.


Be brave and do not fear my friends, readers, watchers, brothers and sisters. More to come.

Wide eyes open. Love to all. 


The Final Day

1 day and 4 hours left. And then… oh, if only you knew what was in that ellipses. What you will see and what becomes of this existence is not like anything most of you could ever expect. The change has already occurred I told you, what you all think you see is real is not. But Most of them , of you, will not listen or ever listen. What can you do about it, right? You love that excuse. When someone comes knocking on your door telling you what you now are allowed to be and not be, try that excuse then. All this that you have assumed from the time you were a child to be reality, is a great orchestration. That’s why you scramble around at the bottom while those who control you look down and laugh from their palaces. And you give in to it. You accept it as life. Is there no honor or integrity left in our humanity? When will you stand up and open your eyes and take back your freedom, your true freedom? Let’s see, I had like 20ish views yesterday, so only 7 billion to go. But I still come here and write some message of enlightenment or personal awakening or it could all be total word vomit. Do any of you even care anyway? No, this is some personal thing of mine to believe their is hope in all of you. I write this for mostly selfish reasons, just to keep up an appearance that Unconditional Love will save me and not any of you. Sure, I’ve done my part, in some way, wrote some books, some stories, spread a message of universal love amongst all humanity. The fact is, most of you could never handle it. I can barely handle it, if I even am handling it. These ways of thinking aren’t for most of you yet, something must happen, something must change to open your eyes for real. I don’t know what it is. I can see what is coming, and it’s going to engulf all of you, just not the way your television says it will. Good luck on your trips. Love to all.

Eyes Wide Shut, yes, Like the Movie in Many Ways

The time is almost upon us when you will all have to make decisions you have yet to conceive of. It is coming for you all. Do not fear it, understand it, as best you can, so when those decision making moments are upon you, you’ll have a chance. My time of being your messenger is almost at an end. You will have to rely on yourselves. These are unprecedented times in the near future. If all you had was gone tomorrow, what would you do? If everything you ever wanted came to you tomorrow, what would you do? This is the gravity of the events coming our way. The only way to prepare is to be right inside yourselves. When i look around, I see people grasping and struggling for scraps of information that some of us have already known for a long time. I see chaos, building anxiety, panic at a moment’s notice. I see so many of you still lost, helpless little sheep, starting to freak out because you cannot see a shepherd. You are not sheep, but these words fall deaf on most of you. I am aware, I am no idiot, I see the numbers of those who are aware as opposed to those who aren’t. Those who have no idea about anything I have told all of you the last several months outweigh those that Do know. Most of them are negative drones, debt slaves, with no real capacity for unique and individual thought. So I wonder, maybe it is time for some mass purification? Who knows? Not me, I just know that those who control you, your elected leaders have an agenda that doesn’t include most of you. To them you are expendable, you are taking up their space, and they are about to go even further over the edge. We are at the dawn of a new age alright. Not gonna be the new age I think most people idealize when they hear the term “New Age.” What it is, you would not believe me if I could explain it, so you will have to wait and see for yourselves. Like I said, not an end, not a beginning, but something none of you thought possible. The final hour is at hand. All you can do is be as good as you can be. What you are inside will either save you or doom you. And if you are already afraid, your fear has already done you in. If you cannot see and feel this change already happening, open your eyes, but even now, it is too late. You either get it or you do not, nothing I say will change what is already happening. I wish you all the best and hope that whatever you discover through all this helps you get to a place of true happiness. Love to all. 


Stop wasting time. Get out there and vote for your next dictator. Whatever happens, it’s at least nice it won’t be for long. A little over 6 weeks left. Don’t waste it in what’s left of this crumbling reality. And of course I was being sarcastic, voting is for the masses, and the masses are asses. They already have a winner, they already have a plan you aren’t part of deciding anything at all about. But you just stay in it, love the melodrama. This cup has run out. Up to you from now on. Worry about yourself, worry about this, worry about that, doesn’t matter. You know what you know, I do what I do, they do what they do, let’s see how all that works out. Stay on your trip. Listen, don’t listen, do or don’t do, be or just wait to die. Your trip, not mine. Yes, the cup has run dry. Love to all.