Obamacare Slaves…SMH…




All of you who have chosen to roll over and sign up for Obamacare are SLAVES…useless, no courage, braindead, hypnotized, programmed zombie slaves. When your Nazi leader finally goes over the cliff, I hope each and everyone of you who support him go right over with him. All the info we have given you, all the corruption, lies, and deception we have exposed, and STILL a large percentage of you are so weak and clueless that you will do whatever your masters say without question. Why? Because you slaves are so calcified, you have no clue who and what you really are, and you are just as much a part of the cancer as the globalist pig scum who you allow to rule you. Fucking pathetic. Keep eating the processed food and drinking fluoridated water and watching your fucking televisions. That’s all your meaningless lives amount to. Such a sad and tragic waste of the true potential of our decaying humanity.” When will you robots wake up and free yourself from the chains that bind you to the shadows and echoes of your cave? YOU ARE NOT HERE TO BE SLAVES. How fucking hard is that to comprehend? Scrapping and slaving for your shitty little paychecks…do you think your masters worry about paying bills? Do you think they eat the same crap they offer you to eat? Do you think they drink the fluoridated water? Do you think they sit on their asses and watch television and not communicate with one another? That is why they continue to dominate you, because YOU keep feeding into their agenda. But I’m no idiot, I’m well, well, well aware that this falls on mostly deaf ears, but as long as one of you gets it and discovers how to self-empower yourselves, a difference is made. All anyone can really do is play their part to make a difference toward the good as opposed to not doing anything while your masters continue to feed from your energy like parasites. YES, they are the parasites, but they have you all thinking backwards. Such a mess, such a tragedy, and you can hate me all you want for telling you this…that’s YOUR problem, not mine. I would rather be dead then to ever be a slave like so many of you are. Keep them ignorant, keep them docile, keep them complacent, keep them consuming, whatever it takes to distract YOU from YOU. At least I am trying to help, what are YOU doing about anything? Now obviously this post doesn’t apply to those of us/you in the know. “It is the task of the enlightened to help free the unenlightened, even under a prospect of death”…Plato. But if most of you are simply just incapable of waking up because your so consumed into your egos, there is nothing I/we can do to help you. If you can’t help yourself, how are we supposed to help you? It’s impossible, not because of us, because of YOU. The separation lies within the ignorance of the masses, not with those trying to help all of you. But again, I know it all falls mostly on deaf ears. The time when the great change comes grows closer and closer and closer. When it all goes down, what will YOU do? Is your soul prepared?…because relying on your ego means you are already dead. Living as a slave, means you’re already dead. If you aren’t living free, then you’re just dying as a slave. YOU make that choice, not me, not this Nazi idiot fascist puppet terrorist president and his regime, not the globalist banker scum giving you scraps from their table, it’s YOU. YOU have the power to rise up, but what do most of you do?…change the channel. Like I said, it’s YOUR issue, not anyone else’s. Wake up before it’s too late and YOU no longer have the choice. Heed what I say or don’t, up to YOU. Wide eyes open. Love to all.

Be Careful


As the police state attempts to crackdown here in the USSA, the FBI is resorting to some devious tactics in order to monitor all of you more closely. I received a call from this number yesterday>>> 9145302333. DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER. When I answered, it was a recorded message from the FBI, asking me if I wanted a FREE surveillance system installed in my home. That’s right, the FBI is randomly calling Americans and asking to install their surveillance equipment at YOUR home, for FREE of course so you all think they are doing you a favor. 


Now since 85 to 90% of the population is clueless, many people will go along with this, thinking they are being protected. It is not for your protection though, it is so they can know even more about what YOU are doing. I almost didn’t think it was real when I heard the call, but then when I realized that most of you will buy into this, I had to get a post up warning those of you in the know about this hustle being propagated by the globalist pig scum who run this sham of a government. Do not let them install anything. Do not give them any of your information. Use your head. Wide eyes open. Love to all. 


My Lotterial View

My latest vid on my Youtube channel. Just some extended thoughts on how real or unreal the lottery is. Don’t believe the hype, it’s part of their plan. They want you to hope unknowingly in vain. They are globalist scum remember, they care nothing for you. you are all just the herd to them, you are the proles. Read 1984. Open your eyes. See what is truth and what is deception. Stop blindly believing what they tell you. We’ve all been conditioned to trust these malevolent elitist bastards. Fuck them. they are profiteers and deceptionists who care only for themselves and their own power. Bottom line, do not play the lottery. The small payouts are real, just to keep you coming back. The big jackpots…pipe dreams and illusions. Money is not everything even though they convince you otherwise. Smarten up. Love to all.