America…Fuck Yeah

As silly and funny as this vid clip may seem, it truly points out the fact that America is determined to be the world police. Why? Who made that happen? Regardless, Team America is about to unleash an attack upon Syria. Congressional leaders are already pointing out that a “down” vote would be “catastrophic” and would isolate the Der Fuhrer Obama for what he really is… a war-mongering puppet for the globalist pig scum. As I said in an earlier post, don’t expect Congress to side against the President. They want war and they are going to strike. Nevermind the warnings, nevermind the “intelligence,” nevermind the common sense, they have their agenda and their orders, so now it is only a matter of time before you all get brought into this global catastrophe they are instigating.

Something no one is really hearing about much though is Comet ISON. Do you remember the pics I showed you a few posts back of this thing? Check it out…

    …this is a normal image, but when you change the exposure, look what comes out…

Does that look like any comet you have ever seen? There is speculation, but to be honest, it seems like few people are aware of this at all. No publicized reports from NASA, nothing like that, only what has been revealed via the alternative media and amateur sky watchers. I have seen enough of these images and have watched a live video of the photo being rendered through a darker exposure and I can assure you, THESE ARE REAL, but what it is, I cannot say yet. I can tell you that in a month, around October 1st, this object will be close enough to Mars to have electrical interaction. Soon after that, it will be visible for all to see with the naked eye. There is a lot more to come from this supposed once-in-a-lifetime celestial event. I mention it because the arrival of Comet ISON happens to be coinciding with what looks to be the onset of World War 3. Are the two going to be connected in some way? You won’t be waiting long to find out, especially with time moving as fast as it is. It is already September of 2013, and if you still don’t believe time is seemingly speeding up, you are only fooling yourself. All has to do with the Fibonacci sequence, but that info is in another post, check my archives. Much more coming, I promise. Wide eyes open. Love to all.

The Last Week Before WW3?

Saudi Arabia has just demanded that international action must be taken against Syria, giving the impression that the US will have a major ally when it commences with it’s attack on Assad’s regime. This is a major move, because now the US can use this to strengthen their excuse to fire missiles into military targets in Syria. The decision apparently will be made a week from tomorrow, when Congress returns from vacation. These scum are always on vacation, but I won’t digress into all that. Again, note that I put a countdown to the right there about a month ago, leading up to September 9th. I can’t remember exactly where I found that date, but some intel led me to put that counter up, and now it’s starting to come together.

So now we have the president, der fuhrer Obama, stating yesterday that he wants to pursue military action against Syria, but will wait for Congress to approve when they reconvene. The Russians, Chinese, and Iranians all warned against “dire consequences” should the US in fact go through with that attack. The UK Parliament voted against using military action, losing an ally for the US…BUT… now the Saudis have just announced that international action is needed, giving the US an ally, a major ally, in the Middle East. Remember though, this is all an orchestration. The Saudis have been in league with the globalist agenda for a long time. They are tight with the Bush family, and most of you should know by now how deep the criminality runs in that family as far as their allegiance to the globalist pig scum that run everything. The US and the globalist media will use this declaration by the Saudis to strengthen their argument for the upcoming military strike. Looks like those “dire consequences” the US was warned about are irrelevant in their decision, doesn’t it? Why? Because THEY WANT WAR. Do you really think Congress is going to vote NOT to strike Syria? This upcoming week could be the last week you all have before the world succumbs to global warfare. Once Congress gives the okay, warships are ready to fire at a moment’s notice, and when they do, it’s going to be on. All part of their agenda and I told you, they will either be successful, or they will fail, but if they fail they will try to take as many of you down with them as they can. That is why you must stay ahead of them by knowing what they know. Information is the key to everything. Those who control the info, control the power. The power used to belong to them, now it can belong to YOU, if YOU can have the courage to take it. Take it while you can because it will not be here forever, and as of a week from tomorrow, life as you all know it may drastically change, from day to night in a flash, and then you all exist in a world at war. Don’t blame me, I’m just the translator. Wide eyes open. Love to all.