For None and All



Yes, this is a 10 our long audio book.

I know I have mentioned this book at some point… any of you who do not know of Nietzsche…






I first read this on my first trip to Europe when I was like 18, which in some ways, I did by myself…wrapping itself right into the very situation I found myself in, backpacking around Europe for 3ish weeks,and thus,  it blew my mind before I even knew what mind I had. And over time, certain aspects would intertwine with mine own psychology, particularly at times when I’ve found myself alone. Or notice crowd psychology, the way certain types of people act certain types of ways, nothing specific, just things you put together in your head…again, when one find’s one’s self all alone as an individual  observer. 

In case you haven’t put this together yet, this knowledge tertiarily vines around yet again upon all and none of those who are and/or are not finding themselves in some current state via self-enlightenment and/or self-unenlightenment. I’m keeping this post short, you have 10 hours to play this as you maybe go to sleep, or while you drive, or whenever you EXERCISE, which YOU all should be doing…detoxifying, freeing yourselves from your egos, reconnecting with the mighty Mother Earth, Nature, the Sun, outside of the cave, get outside of the cave already. Or do not, the choice as always has been YOURS and yours alone, no one else can free YOU except YOU…so… AT LEAST LISTEN FOR THE FIRST DAMN 10 MINUTES…

All these keys to all these doors, can YOU all not see what YOU really are yet?

When is the time to wake up going to be now for YOU?

Or just keeping changing the fucking channel….

Love to all.


Caral and the Cloud Warriors

2 different things you do not know about in one 7 min vid. Well you may know of one or both, either way, it’s great info. The first half provides a quick sum-up and some good footage of the Lost Pyramids in Caral, Peru. As old as the ones in Egypt that’s right, and a much greater complex as well but they don’t reveal too much about it yet for some reason. The next section is about the Chachapoyas, and the Cloud People, Cloud Warriors as some interpretations say. Some reports state that they had blond hair and Euro-features. Dwelled in the northern part of Peru near the rainforests often in the cliffs and slopes. Peru sounds like a very interesting country doesn’t it? Have a look at these places deeper than the 7 mins I give you. You’ll find that there is much more to peru that many do not know about. Good luck in your research. Love to all.