2016 Begins…


Methinks 2016 is going to be a very exciting year. Lots going on around this insane asylum planet, lots of chaos and madness coming to a head. Crazytown everywhere…yikes. Political correctness is a fucking joke and I hope that pseudo novelty dies with deathly silence in 2016. Nazis came up with PC by the way, think about that next time you have a mind-quandry about if what you are saying or thinking is PC. Fuck PC, and fuck the far left liberal faggots that keep trying to make everyone “progressive” with this special interest PC agenda. YOU AREN’T PROGRESSIVE MORONS, get over yourselves….smh. And then there’s the new agers that think they can save the madhouse by loving everyone in some heavenly unconditional manner. Not gonna happen. Realize that the battle is futile, and move on. 85 to 90%, still clueless, the numbers aren’t really changing, because for every ONE person who snaps out of the fluoride coma, 1000 more drink the Kool-Aid. Like I said, a fucking madhouse, an asylum of ignorant stupidity at its finest. No negativity here, just raw pragmatism. It’s not that I’m not into the love, oh I love, and I love to love, but have YOU seen it out there? My God, there are bloody savage mutants everywhere, and they’re exponentially breeding more of themselves, just like Idiocracy. Yes, it is real, IDIOCRACY, even though it’s not recognized as a word on spellcheck apparently. So where will this dumbed-down hoard of mental morons pull this flailing humanity with the great weight off their mass retardation?  When will these masses of asses finally sink the boat? Maybe something is on the way to alter that course, to stop them from drowning themselves, and everyone else in the wake of their proverbial obesity…Black Swan Event perhaps…because if this boat keeps plowing on this way, there is only doom on the horizon. That’s truth, that is just a fact, probably mathematically and statistically very accurate even. Nope, NOT fear porn here, you know we don’t roll that way round here…and besides, it’s way beyond that. This is just a cold wake-up call, and by now you either get it, or you don’t…if you are still scared to get out of your Cave, stay there, and wait for your masters to come sort you out. However, if you have freed yourself, be ready, because I don’t think anyone really knows what one can expect is going to happen in the New Year, but tis looking like rough seas ahead…

Oy vey, what’s to come, what’s to come?

Whatever happens, just remember what I always say…

“Do NOT give in to fear.”

Learn to transform fear into power, then use that power to free yourself from the shackles of the Cave,

 or don’t…

up to you, not me.

And that’s where I stop for the year before I digress into a few 1000 words and blaze out of 2015 with a bing-banging wahoo…

…thus the rootin, tootin GIF above…

So be brave hermanos y hermanas,

and Happy New Year. 


Love to all.

Ides of March


I’m sure most of you are familiar with this phrase, but do you know what it means? Do you even know when it is? Here’s your link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ides_of_March

Be aware of the significance of this time, as it is literally around the corner. I cannot illustrate exactly to all of you what is coming, and whether you believe me or not is up to you. I am only translating the messages I receive. I told you, it isn’t intuition, it isn’t psychic, I am predicting nothing. I just back up and look at the bigger picture, that’s it, simple.

It is like the beginning of a scene in a production, everyone and everything gets into place, then action, and the scene plays out. Productions are formulistic, they have patterns, there is even some math equation involved I’m sure. If one can observe objectively precedenting productions, and see the similarities and differences in the varying outcomes, eventually one gains more and more and more understanding of novelty. Here, refresh yourself: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Novelty  Each new novelty spawns a melodrama to go with it. The more you can see that, the more you understand that it is all only the melodrama of novelty, over and over, faster and faster, until the novelty of this dimension ends at zero point, then begins again into a new dimensional paradigm.

That time is coming, sooner for some than others, but eventually for all of you. Once you make the soul connection again with your HIgher Self, once you are awakening, quickening, whatever you want to call it, your cycles of existences, the incarnating and re-incarnating back into this 3rd dimensional life we all are resonating together, ends. Remember though, nothing ever really ends or begins, all just is. Watch a Mendelbrot fractal video…just Google it on YT or search my archives here. All is infinitely small and great at the same time. You all know these things, you just do not know that you know. Is the concept of learning valid, or are you just remembering what you have forgotten? 

Think of the caterpillar and butterfly. Everyone is a caterpillar, crawling around, consciously unaware of what they truly are, convinced they are hopelessly bound to the mundane world of a caterpillar. Many do not become butterflies. Many are consumed by predators, many get squished, there are all sorts of obstacles to overcome before the great metamorphosis. Here’s a link to that life cycle so you can make a good visualization for the underlying metaphor: http://www.thebutterflysite.com/life-cycle.shtml  There are stages to go through as you can see. So there are all these factors attributing to the caterpillar(YOU) not evolving into your True Selves, your Higher Selves, your Enlightened Selves, the REAL you.There is this mass ignorance preventing you from seeing what you really are. Remember, not everyone knows so if you are reading this and you are in the know, think about those that do not. Give them a light in their dark cave. Show them, don’t shun them. Do caterpillars know they are truly butterflies? 

Here is this humanity, 7 billion of you, almost all of you crawling around, looking from the perspective of a worm because that’s all you think you are. You get off from the shadows and echoes you see. You think that is real, but you don’t know what real is because you are still in your cave.(See the blog before this one for the 8 minute long animated version of the Allegory of the Cave by Plato) … where were we… ah yes, so here you are, 7 billion caterpillars, crawling around this planet consuming and consuming. If the caterpillar knew they would become a butterfly, how would that effect what they do during their time as a caterpillar? Well…for those who still haven’t put it together, YOU ARE AWARE. I just told you something you already knew but didn’t know you knew, I translated lost knowledge for you to use. Understand? You already know you are a butterfly, you know you are a great energy, you know you can fly, you have only forgotten. 

7 billion caterpillars… many will never become butterflies because they are mumpsimuses. Remember what a mumpsimus is right? Here, just in case you forgot… http://www.wordnik.com/words/mumpsimus   If you tried to convince a caterpillar mumpsimus that one day they would be given wings to ascend into a whole new existence with, that they would no longer just crawl around helpless and clueless, do you think that caterpillar would believe it? It’s just like the Allegory of the Cave. The caterpillar must find it inside itself to become enlightened, to ascend from the cave, to transform from the mundane to the beautiful. We have caterpillars everywhere, so many, without any sort of inkling about anything I am telling you all right now. That is why they will remain caterpillars, slow and weak, food for the predators.

As you can see in that link above to the stages of the life cycle, you see there is the stage 1, egg stage. As I illustrate this, make the metaphor in your head of YOU being the caterpillar. You begin as an egg, innocent and simple, but with seemingly unlimited potential. What does the egg think of the caterpillar?… and from egg, caterpillars arise, manifesting an illusion of a body that can move around, but in a very limited fashion. In fact, all a caterpillar can do is crawl…or be carried. Their movement is so slow, just like slow vibration of 85 to 90% of the population, the sheeple. You following the metaphor? I hope so….

Stage one is egg, stage 2 is caterpillar, unlike stage one and two though, stage 3 is more subjective than objective. Here’s where the metaphor gets good. Stage 3 is the pupa stage. You now, the part with the cocoon. Now as this applies to an actual caterpillar, this stage is obviously not subjective, or at least AS subjective, as it equates to YOU. For you, the pupa stage is when you finally get it, when the switch turns on and you get enlightened to what your reality really is. The metaphor isn’t difficult to understand. You are all caterpillars and will always only be caterpillars until you get to the point where you have the realization that you are so much more than form and body and matter.

You crawl because you do not know you can fly. Stage 3 is for those who know that they ARE that Greater force, that one day they will ascend into their true form. Subjective for humans because YOU and YOUR free will choose whether or not you want to evolve. Many people, like I have said many times before, are just ignorant. Ignorance comes from fear. Instead of trying to learn and progress and understand, the ignorant go the other way. They are mumpsimuses. They rely on shadows and echoes, that’s why they will always just crawl around, slow, weak, useless, just worms at the bottom.

For those who want to answer all those questions they have inside, for those who are ready to know what they really are, for those who live from love and have let go of their ego, they are all in stage 3. Just as the caterpillar encloses itself for a brief period before re-emerging as a radiant butterfly, so are all of you who are waking up. You were caterpillars, I was a caterpillar. Now we are evolving, we are transforming, our DNA is going right along with this metamorphosis, same as the butterfly. Stage 3 is about isolation…so for those of you who are just waking up and still adjusting to your new eyes, remember that you only need to worry about you during this time.

Although enclosed in a shell of ascension, the evolving caterpillar sees through it’s protective cocoon…and what it sees is a world of caterpillars below, still crawling around, just eating, crawling, and shitting, everywhere, all the time, that is all they do. That isolation is needed in order to begin to make sense of what their illusion is and/or to distinguish their fake reality and the true reality. Along with these realizations, comes knowledge…exponential knowledge. By that I just mean that the knowledge seems to double over itself at a faster and faster rate. A butterfly must have the knowledge of a butterfly, not the limited comprehensions of a caterpillar.

The world of the ascended butterfly is much greater than the small world of a worm. The metaphor becomes wide open at this point. Let’s sum up:

Stage One: Caterpillar is fertilized egg with potential coded in DNA, human is fertilized egg with potential coded in DNA.

Stage Two: Caterpillar egg develops into caterpillar which crawls, eats, and poops. Fertilized human egg becomes baby which begins by crawling, eating, and pooping, just like the caterpillar. Some are caterpillars their whole lives…entire lives of crawling, eating, and shitting, make a metaphor in your head.

Stage Three: Caterpillar makes cocoon to evolve in, perhaps only instinctively, perhaps not, one can only speculate why the caterpillar does what it does. Maybe the life cycle of the butterfly and caterpillar is like a guide. Like the caterpillar, the awakening human goes into a pupa stage of sorts. They appear to separate from the others, but this is only temporary, only to gain perspective on what the caterpillar once thought was, and the butterfly will now see as is. As the caterpillar transforms, grows wings, and becomes the majesty that is the butterfly, so does the awakening human being. Once your switch is back on, you see that most everyone else’s is still off. You can see all of this from the inside out, and the more they crawl, the more you yearn to fly.

Stage Four: The new butterfly emerges gracefully from it’s cocoon, free to fly, no longer limited or restricted to the slow world of the caterpillar. As the butterfly soars, it sees below itself the billions of caterpillars crawling and eating and shitting, just living to consume. Now as it relates to humans, can a human being ever be compared to the abilities of a butterfly versus a caterpillar? Of course it can, not every human is a worm forever. Most are and will be, but not all. And those who are evolving can help others evolve. It’s not too late to let go of what you thought you knew and accept that the world you have always perceived in one light, actually has many different lights. Just like how the flying butterfly can now see the world from a more complex perspective than the crawling caterpillar, so too do those of you who have awoken. Now what do you once you are a butterfly?

Can a butterfly still relate to the world of worms it has just evolved from? Would the caterpillar understand, or even want to? It is just like the Allegory of the Cave: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allegory_of_the_Cave  All of this that I tell you connects, do you see? The butterfly is the one who leaves the cave, and what happens when the butterfly returns to tell the caterpillars that they too can evolve and grow wings and experience existing from a great perspective and/or dimension? The ignorant mumpsimus caterpillars dismiss the enlightened butterfly. They think the butterfly is wrong, they think backwards, that is what those who control you do, they give it all to you backwards so you stay confused.

They do not want you to know what you are, they want you all to believe you are small and weak, just crawling around, eating and shitting, consuming. So I throw this knowledge out here for you in hopes that I can save a few of you at least from the slow life of the caterpillar. They may not all know, but I know some of you do. The ones that do, you are growing your wings. Your DNA is changing to evolve right along into this new higher vibration and soon we will ascend from our cocoons. Your souls were once those who thought as the worm does, but now you see it from a much grander view. 

And in this grand view, you will see what I have been telling you all about. While these caterpillars and worms conflict and bicker over novelties and agendas, see it from the butterfly’s view and you will see just how meaningless their melodramas are. Nonetheless, we are all still here together. The reason I titled this, Ides of March, is because the famous phrase implies to “beware” this time. Do not be afraid and do not give them the satisfaction of owning your fear, but stay aware. The “Ides” actually points to around the 15th. I mentioned an alert in one of my last videos, that alert being around the equinox, which I am pretty sure is March 20th this year. Please please remember, I AM NOT NOR DO I CLAIM TO BE PSYCHIC or anything like that. I just back up and se the bigger view. In that view, there is…

I wish I could tell you all, I wish i could illustrate. All I can reveal is that the great change is coming closer and closer, faster and faster. When it comes it will be fast and dramatic, day becoming night in an instant, that level of change, yes. But what will all these worms do?Let them do whatever they are going to do…they are the caterpillars, YOU are butterflies. Their fear and the stink of their melodrama will wash them away, just like worms in a flood, you will see. That’s sad but that was their choice, not yours. We can only show them the door, they must be the ones to walk through. Everything as you’ve all known it is going to change. Think of how different a caterpillar and butterfly’s world looks?

Now here’s an even bigger trip… imagine that the Earth itself is in a pupa stage. She was born, then she crawled around for a long, long time. Now look at this planet and what it has become. Why is all of it coming so fast now? Why do caterpillars change to butterflies? As our vibrations rise, so does Earth’s, and vice versa… it’s called the Schumann resonance, remember? Here, refresh yourselves: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schumann_resonances  and if the planet is now in it’s pupa stage, what happens when she emerges evolved? Caterpillars, butterflies, awakened ones, mumpsimuses, evolution, devolution, time accelerating to it’s zero point,… do you see all the connections, the synchronicity, the ebb and flow, the before and after, the illusion and the reality? There is so much more to you than what they tell you. You’ve been butterflies all along, they just don’t tell anyone. If you knew you had wings your whole life, would you continue to crawl? They have you all in that backwards trip, thinking that crawling is better. It is better, for them though, not for you. They want you all to stay slow and weak, consuming what they give you. Fuck them. Fuck their program. Follow your heart, not their bullshit. They are the parasites, not you, but again, there is that backwards double-speak. That is why i am here…to translate their propaganda and to translate knowledge so that you can all see what I see. But it is up to YOU to ultimately choose, not me. I am helping you, but I am only helping you help yourselves. You do not need me, everything you need is inside you. Find yourselves, remember your Higher Selves, your Divine Selves, your True Selves. You have such power inside you. Believe in that power and one day, you too will emerge evolved with new eyes to see the truth and new wings to carry you to freedom. The Ides of March…eyes wide open. be safe everyone. Love to all.