Allah Pigs


This is very PC,


…SJW BLM Liberal Swine…



They are a plague,

invading our nation,

like they have invaded Europe.

Not gonna happen here in the once mighty USA,

once President Trump takes office…

…and Barry goes down in history,


Fuck you Obama and your cronies,

for facilitating terrorists…

…fucking traitors.

You are a disgrace to the title of ‘President,’

and deserve a traitor’s justice.

You will answer to a higher power,

for your atrocities against REAL Americans someday.


the days are ticking away,

until you are outta there dunce.

I wish Trump could say to you,

“Get him the fuck outta here,”

ya Allah pig traitorous scum.

In the meantime…

…scratch your “wife’s” balls,

light up another Newpie,

and go back to playing golf…

…Allah Pig…

…a REAL leader is about to replace you,

in only a few months.

Can’t wait until POTUS Trump is in,

and your shit is OVER.

Get the reference there?

Watch the video.

…and feel free to share everyone…

More to come.

Love to all,

except Allah Pigs and Barry.



Trump 2016 MAGA

This is a MUST WATCH,





This is what PC SJW BLM,

Liberal Scum Amerika,

is sinking to.

It’s embarrassing and shameful.

These people are not true Americans.

Get em out.

Time to change this country.

Make the right choice.

Make America Great Again

Trump 2016.

More to come.

Love to all.



The Greatest Truth Never Told


This is Chris Duane, the creator of the TruthNeverTold Youtube channel I mention in the previous post. This is a good intro video for his channel. Be part of the project, be part of the awakening, be part of the quickening, whatever you want to call it, free your mind and ascend to become your higher selves. Do your part to make a difference for the betterment of humanity. Rise above the competitive mentality of the beasts. We aren’t sharks or ants or wolves, we are humans, great beings of energy and light and thought and consciousness. Make sure to have a look at these videos on Truth Never Told’s channel.

Here’s a link again for you >>>   Nearly 500 videos…yeah, that’s a lot of information. Use it. Don’t be one of the herd, you are not sheeple, you are people. You choose to make the difference, the power is inside you. Let go of your fear, detach from your programming, open your heart and mind to the bigger reality. Wide eyes open. Love to all.


Know Your Cosmos

I’m glad I came across this cat’s channel on YT. Very informative, it looks kind of like something a professor might present. Again, this is GREAT knowledge to know for YOU, not for me or anyone else. Inform yourselves for YOU. It appears that most of his vids are limited to 5 minutes, so for those of you with short attention spans, these are perfect. He has 29 uploads on his channel and here is that link:

Take some time to have a look at some of these vids. As I mentioned in an earlier post, these appear to be, for the most part anyway, uploads from 2010ish, so roughly 3 years old. Never came across them in my research until this evening, so I consider this to be one of today’s great discoveries. Only 5 minutes, have a look, wide eyes open, love to all.

The Marathon


Do any of you nitwits even know where the term “marathon” comes from? And by the way, you are only a nitwit if you acknowledge that YOU are one, therefore, when I say “nitwits” it applies accordingly, most of you probably just don’t know and that’s all that must be said about that. Now, onto the origin of the term “marathon.” Here’s the most interesting fact of the word marathon; the guy that originally ran it, a Greek messenger, ran the entire distance which is a little over 26 miles, gave his message, and died. 

Yes, he died, Don’t believe me? Here’s a link:  I’m pretty sure you can find the information you need there to confirm what i just informed you of if you had not previously been informed of what and where, the word marathon comes from. Something everyone should just know by like age 8, but sadly, global education is just hindered that way one could suppose. Instead of stories that have no real meaning, the story of Marathon, and/or the Allegory of the Cave, these should be the bricks at base of humanity’s foundation. On and on and on and on I could go, like Marathon, to give my message, and then…. like I said, NO MORE PREDICTIONS. Wide eyes open, love to all.