The Kybalion


One of my discoveries for today. i just picked up the book so I have no real insight until I read it, other than the fact that it seemed to jump out at me, wishing me to gaze at it’s pages. So gaze I shall, and what i find, I may or my not share with you. Perhaps you should get your own copy and read it as I do…just a thought. The authors are only known as the three initiates, have a look: Image    and here are some more:

ImageImageImageImageImage     Various covers, interesting illustrations, I’m excited to see what the contents of this book reveal. For those of you who must jump ahead to get your insta-fix, here is a link:  Like I said, just got it, now i will be reading it and I recommend you check into it as well. Always learning, that is the key to the door of enlightenment. Stay informed. Much more to come as I learn. Love to all.