2015 or 2008?…


Here’s something many of you may find interesting…

…from me to you…


…the current Gregorian calendar which everyone nowish relatively adheres to,

is off by 7 years.

That’s right, I have mentioned this before, but in case you still aren’t aware,

the history you think you know

…has been re-written and re-written and re-written and re-written…


I’ll actually give some starter-links below for you to do your own research…

It has to do with Jesus…


There have been numerous calendars obviously throughout history from all over the world. Funny how many of those are more accurate then our “modern” one…

Nonetheless, many calendars from all over… 

for instance…

…have you ever thought about the Chinese calendar?

Or the Indian calendar?

Those cultures go back thousands of years prior to the Jesus-based calendars…

…yet here we are,

in this paradigm of using a calendar that has been intentionally manipulated for some reason…

…and what reason might that be?…



Here’s link One: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gregorian_calendar

Here’s link Two: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julian_calendar

Here’s link Three: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethiopian_calendar

There is simply no way I can sum-up all of this info and keep this post around my 1000 word mark, so YOU will have to do some work for YOU…

Moving on…

Now if YOU read up on those links, you will see the recorded history of how these modern calendars came about, and why the 7-year gap exists because of a contested date around the life/death/resurrection/what-have-you of the one and only Jesus H. Christ… 


One major difference lies within the Ethiopian calendar…

Click this link>>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coptic_calendar

Said Ethiopian calendar is based on the Egyptian calendar,

which would also include the 7-year gap,

…and since the Egyptian calendar revolves more specifically toward astronomical cycles,

as does the Mayan calendar…

…could this in actuality be 2008 according to where the calendar “should” be,

rather than the date is has been manipulated to?…

Today, January 2nd, 2015…

…really the beginning of 2008?..

Why in the world would anyone do such a thing?


Well there is much to speculate on here,

but you/we have links to navigate your/our way through a journey of enlightenment…

…and here are some of my thoughts…

First off,

if the Mayan calendar is supposedly one of most accurate calendars in the world,

why did nothing significant happen on December 21, 2012?


By numerous scientists?


…now hopefully my readers by this time,

should understand that I don’t believe in religion.

It is a mass control mechanism…

…but that’s my trip, not yours.

Believe what YOU want.

However, my un-religiousity has nothing to do with my soul,

and I am extraordinarily spiritual.

Anyone who is awake notices what is happening around us all,

faster and faster,

day by day,

speeding towards something,

but what?

What is out there that we all should know, 

but most do not know

The unknown known…

…and all you really know is that you know nothing at all…

…but you are remembering…

it’s not that YOU do NOT know, 

it is that YOU have forgotten…

…but I won’t digress into that segue today.


Back to this 7-year gap…

…my spirituality tangent had to do with the notion that ancient societies knew way more about what most of us/you have been led to believe…

the God-damn pyramids weren’t built by slaves or men for that matter,

and were probably there prior to what we know as the Egyptians.

Same goes with numerous places all over the world…

Puma Punku, Gobleki Tepe, look those places up if YOU aren’t aware…

And countless, I mean 100’s, of ancient stories speak of a Great Flood…

…so my thoughts are that they knew things most of us/you aren’t privy to,

but the scum at the top are,

and they all have varying “pieces” of this information…

…scattered amongst themselves.


Yet THEY change the Egyptian calendar…


Why are they intentionally throwing everyone off by 7 years?

And furthermore,

does that mean the Mayans still might be right about a December 21st-like date?

…but in 2019, rather than 2012?

It would be an exceptionally useful tool to control the masses,

would it not?

And what leader throughout the reported history of this world has not contemplated altering and/or changing dates to further glorify themselves by making up said history in their own benefit?


So when I say over and over and over agin to not believe in shadows and echoes,

it isn’t to get YOU to read/watch/integrate the Allegory of the Cave…




Mass deception on an unprecedented level. 

They have known of the illusion far longer than YOU,

do YOU really think that knowledge isn’t used in every devilishly conceivable way at this point to get your power?

To enslave you to them?

They don’t care about bettering YOU,

they care about bettering themselves,

because they have fallen into the ultimate ego trap of this dualistic 3rd dimensional paradigm,

and they are fucked.

So don’t worry about them,

just worry about freeing YOU from their master/slave dynamic…

…because media manipulation, re-writing history, broadcasting programs, before all that whose to say they weren’t just changing calendars at will? 

Coincidentally, the Gregorian calendar was conceived at the beginning of the 16th century,

just when Columbus “discovered” America, 

and we all know what a bullshit story that is.

Note when the Jesuit order came to power…

…look into these things, more coinciding coincidental coincidences,

over and over add over again,

…so why wouldn’t YOU question when YOU are clearly being deceived?


Calendars are bullshit anyway,

you can gauge that for yourself from the links in this post,

so why would YOU give so much credit to what “day” it may or may not actually be?

It’s all about cycles, and I think the ancients knew this…

…and I also think their calendars have an almost flawless accuracy, 

when interpreted correctly. I’m almost at 1000 words, but in the next post, I’ll go to the Mayan calendar converter and see what day is what as far as it relates to 2019.

And for you Bible-thumping Jesus fear apocalypse doomers,

…does your Bible not say that the Tribulation lasts 7 years?

Now with that being said,

…see if YOU can put all these little puzzle pieces together…


so YOU can look at the complete picture and achieve an understanding for YOU,

and no one else.

Hope everyone has a great New Year,

whatever that actually means…

…to rehash an earlier quip…

…it’s all about the spirit, right?…

Wide eyes open.

More to come. 

Love to all. 

Summer Solstice



And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.
~ Friedrich Nietzsche


Today is the end of spring and the beginning of summer, yes, the Summer Solstice is today, Saturday, June 21st, the longest day of the year. What will the summer of 2014 bring?… Good question. Beaches, barbecues, beer? Bombs and blood in Baghdad? Continuance of record weather extremes? Escalation of global tensions between nationalities? More waking up, while more people sink deeper into their caves?

Now I’m not trying to be macabre, or pessimistic, there is no fear here, therefore there is no fear-mongering. Nothing short of the act of YOU pressing a button brings YOU here. If I met you in real-life, you would hear none of this information, unless you asked. I used to press certain people from time to time about turning off their televisions, not eating processed shit, waking up, etc… but I quickly found that NO ONE listens to anything related to the notion of ascending from the cave unless they want to and/or are ready to hear it. The veil of the ego is strong, with a long-established foundation that the current humanity has built itself upon. Many people don’t even conceive of understanding anything beyond said veil, believing that everything their 5 little senses tell them is real. They are afraid, controlled by the fear that fortifies the dominance of the ego. Have you ever looked into hypnosis? Ever looked into mass hypnosis? Why is it that a person can be hypnotized, then told that something inanimate, like a pencil for instance, is really a cigarette let’s say, and then when the pencil is touched onto the hypnotized person’s arm, it actually has the same response as a burning cigarette, causing pain, a blister, etc… as always, if you doubt what I tell you, look it up, moving on…

How would an entity be able to conduct mass hypnosis? They would need to broadcast the procedure to many at the same time…hmmm…what would be ideal for that? And the answer is…that’s right, the television. Broadcast programming, it’s right there in everyone’s face, but I guess one has to know what etymology is before applying it to the terminology accrued in an individual lexicon, i.e. most people don’t think about the words they use everyday. Now do you think the puppet masters aren’t aware of the numerous weaknesses in the average human psyche? Of course they do, and even worse for you, they have mastered their craft, using the mainstream media to control what is real to you. Why do you think I tell you all over and over and over and over and over again to turn off the fucking television already? Try it for a week if it seems like such a loss to you. You might be surprised how the real world seems to really “wake up with life” you could say once you’re free from the spells being broadcast to keep you docile via those televisions you have in your bedroom, in your living room, in your den, in your kitchen, televisions everywhere, subconsciously keeping you docile and complacent and distracted from what is most important…YOU.

I am aware that those who watch television routinely don’t really consider the amount of time spent staring at the fake lives of those portrayed via the televised programming. This is time where you could be doing something creative, maybe meditating, maybe going outside, maybe connecting with others. So much time, precious time, all being wasted as we hurl faster and faster toward… well toward what? Hmmmm… another intriguing question. I’m no psychic, I cannot predict the future. The best you can do is to improve your puzzle-piece skills, because that”s all you ever will get, piece after piece after piece, eventually forming the picture of this 3rd dimensional paradigm we are all apparently currently stuck in together. And guess what? Turning off your television allows the pieces to fall into your life more effortlessly, first as a drip, then a little stream, eventually becoming a torrent, raining down information puzzle pieces. It doesn’t take long to come to the self-realization that the puzzle you once thought was being put together is, in actuality, an entirely different picture, but that’s okay, because is it not better to exist from the divinity of a true reality, rather than ignorantly selling yourself short by believing in the illusion? In the shadows and echoes?

If you do not know the reference to Plato’s Cave by now,

I implore you, PLEASE either Google it and/or just search my archives.

What is the picture being formed in the great puzzle? Going back to my emphasis that I am in NO way being macabre when I illustrate the current condition. Focusing only on what is wrong rather then accentuating what is right is NOT productive, but neither is ignoring the numerous elephants quickly filling up the dwindling space in the room. Is the difference between said wrongs and rights relative? An opening question for an intro philosophy class… the answer is yes and no. Yes, because it IS relative to YOU as the center of your universe, where YOU are seemingly in command of YOUR own free will, choosing to do what is right and wrong based upon said free will. And No because as a being of energy bounded by the universal bonds of unconditional love, there is no relativity between love and fear other than that they oppose one another. If you act from ego and fear, then that is the world you will create around yourself, and you will come back into this dimension over and over and over and over again until you remember the fact that you are a being of light and energy bounded by the aforementioned universal bonds of unconditional love. Oppositely, if you choose to become free of ego and fear, embracing your higher self, your soul consciousness, then you may ascend from the slow vibration of the 3rd dimension back up to the true bliss and timelessness of the 5th dimension from where we all fell eons ago. Again, if you have never read and/or are a bit lost right now, just Google anything yo see here or dive into the archives. This is here for YOU, not me. 


Now back to that grand picture being painted…uh oh, we’ve hit the 1000 word mark. No worries, I’ll keep going for a minute to finish the illustration. Sadly, this picture being painted isn’t pretty, at least not in the short-term. The dark cabal of globalist pig scum running shit from the shadows has never been so exposed, but these devils don’t seem to care, forwarding their evil agenda of global domination. They care not for you or me. To them, we are numbers, consumers who fatten their deep pockets, yet are deemed expendable when necessary. Well guess what?… FUCK THAT and FUCK THOSE owl-worshipping luciferian zionist banker parasites. I don’t rely on and/or offer belief in   isms, but your dark masters DO. Don’t blame me, I didn’t create this insane asylum, I’m a traveler, same as you, but when YOU follow their lead, and succumb to believing and giving part of your soul and your energy to their isms, they gain power from YOU, because they control the system YOU allow to control YOU. So I say to all of YOU, dear readers, watchers, brothers and sisters , I say rise. Turn away from their spells, their programming, their infomercial reality, have the courage to let that material shit go. It means nothing, absolutely nothing. You are here for a flash, and then you’re gone, and you take nothing with you, so what does money matter? What does material matter? IT MEANS NOTHING, they have only tricked YOU to think it does. Let go and rise up, turn off the tv, stop eating sugar, get back out into nature, for YOU, not for me. It’s YOUR soul on the line here, not mine. My consciousness is expanding exponentially, what about yours? This 3rd dimensional reality we are all in is coming to a head, where there will be a split. You can either allow your fear to seal your fate inside the cave of your ego, or you can let go of all you fear, including all you fear to lose, and ascend from your cave out into the enlightenment of a higher reality. We are here, we are guides, helping you help yourselves find the way back to your real home, but YOU have to want to find YOUR way for YOU. You have gotten here, if you are new, you are taking the initial steps that will take you back to YOU. If you are seasoned, well then you should already know this, and be playing whatever part it is you play to fulfill your soul’s purpose while still manifest in the density of this dimension. Despite the bleak picture being painted for the not-so-distant future of this current reality, do NOT let it affect YOU negatively. The dark cabal gains strength via the fear of their sheeple. Are you a sheep? One of the herd? No one is saying you are, but only YOU know the real answer. Whatever is coming, DO NOT BE AFRAID. Trust in yourself and the power inside YOU. There is nothing to fear, ever. Afraid of dying? Why? You’ve died and been reborn countless times, you have only forgotten. Death is only a transition, either the transition back here to the 3rd dimension, or it can be your soul’s ascension, ascending back to the 5th dimension. Think of the 5th dimension as the best dream you could ever have, where one’s thought becomes manifest, free of the bondage of time. An endless perfect dream, but it is up to YOU whether or not you can resonate with the truth of multi-dimensional consciousness. I am only the architect of the information, YOU choose whether or not to open the door to come in and see the paintings on the wall. On that note, I’m wrapping this post up. I hope it offers some of you a direction, or something positive you can take away.

Summer is here, be brave in the days ahead.

Wide eyes open. Love to all.


Roller Coaster World




Sometimes I come across information that is… there really isn’t a word, because the word disturbing isn’t strong enough, information that is so beyond disturbing, it just confuses one to see how low humanity has sunk and continues to sink. While many here in America will be celebrating Memorial Day tomorrow, where will Der Fuhrer Obama be? He apparently just surprised some soldiers with a visit in Afghanistan this morning, so can Air Force One really get back here and have him ready to go by tomorrow? Or will he be conveniently out of the country, should something occur. Now before you read further, make a mental note that I am in NO WAY advocating any sort of false flag and/or globalist staged event tomorrow.

IN NO WAY…continuing…

Back to the disturbing stuff, because I know you are itching to know what that might be. Let’s start with disturbingness number one: Ever heard of ISIS? Not mentioned very much via the MSM. until earlier tonight. They aired a report via 60 minutes about a group called ISIS, the letters break down into something like Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, and apparently they are, and I quote, “ultra-extremists.” So extreme in fact that Al Qeada, or Al Qiada, (seems like they change the spelling at random)… anyway, the group known as Al Qeada, who is really run by the CIA, have denounced the atrocious violence this group unleashes. I’ll leave it up to YOU to run the term “ISIS terrorist” through a search engine. What you find will be shocking, VERY shocking, so YOU have been warned….

I have sadly bore witness to numerous video clips of graphic footage throughout out my time on the Internet, as I’m sure many of you have. Some I wished I never watched, yet to just ignore the depravity of humanity play out via the high technology of current modern media just isn’t how I roll. As a soul traveler, gathering as much experience and knowledge is part of the big game, remember? Now with that being said, what I watched these ISIS guys do earlier was in two big words… FUCKED UP. I couldn’t tell who was who, everyone was yelling Allah al Akbar, “glory to Allah”(Muslim God?)…after watching this I’m pretty sure these guys are all absolutely out of their fucking minds. Forcing people to dig their own graves, then executed, BLAM, right in the back of the head. I watched a gun battle where apparently these ISIS guys OVERWHELMINGLY slaughtered the other guys. Tremendous overkill, riddling dead bodies with hundreds of bullets. Absolute savages, assuming the footage is real of course. Again, they all looked alike to me, like seriously, how the fuck do they tell each other part? Guys getting shot of their mopeds as they sped down the street, moving car drive-bys, all wearing the same shit, speaking the same language, so surreal. Basically I ended up seeing about ohhhh…. 50 to 60 live murders as I looked into this, so again…


Flowing with a roller coaster theme, let’s shift real quick to some other reported extreme violence, right here in America. You should have heard by now, Elliot Rodger, rich kid son of Hollywood director, prescription drugs, Asperger’s Syndrome, video games, manifesto, crazy fucking Youtube videos, guns, knives, blah blah blah blah blah. ALWAYS pouting a finger at anything other then the mind that plotted to commit the act. Now of course, right after this reported event, a supposed victim’s father openly blames the NRA and guns themselves, at least this is what the MSM is spinning. DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT YOU SEE. Were YOU there? Now I’m not saying this is or is not legit, but it STINKS of yet another staged scripted bullshit story to promote an agenda. Numerous fallacies, this kid reported kills ALL THREE of his male roommates with a knife. His Youtube channel is still up, take a look at this insanity. How could a little scrawny guy like that successfully murder THREE male roommates with a knife? Notice this rampage didn’t begin with a gun, but with knives, yet the MSM shows a “victim’s father” blaming guns, blaming the NRA. See where I am going here? His father, a successful Hollywood director, part of the Hunger Games franchise, not too hard to create some scenes, create a story, and in particular, offer his own son as a sacrifice for globalist illuminati devil worshipping Luciferian scum to gain more power for himself, spinning it all out via the MSM, who just follow the script they are given. Would it really be so hard? I can tell any and/or all of you, as an amateur film-maker, it would not be hard to put this all together.

Check out the Youtube channel… see what you think. Put Elliot Rodger in the search query. Yes, they left his channel up, at least it was up earlier, while I have COUNTLESS friends who have had videos removed for content, yet this supposed psycho killer’s channel just stays up, no problem?…hmmmm….

And the roller coaster turns again, so what about tomorrow, Memorial Day here in America, big day for patriots and veterans and soldiers, yet where is the President going to be? As I mentioned in the beginning…he was in Afghanistan this morning, will he be back in DC tomorrow, or conveniently out of the country? Again, NOT SAYING ANYTHING WILL OR WILL NOT HAPPEN. However, say this were a game of Risk, and I had my territories in Russia and China and Iran and India and Africa and Southeast Asia, I’d be taking Australia real quick, fortifying my troops along the border with Europe, preparing to invade North and South America, posing myself for total global domination, just as the New World Order globalist scum are doing. The US launched a “secret”(LOL) rocket into space earlier. What was on this rocket? Something that could be detonated on an important holiday in America? A nuke? An EMP? Something they can blame on someone else as an excuse for war? Or will it just be another Memorial Day as always in the good old USA? Beer, cook-outs, fireworks, fun at the beach? The game of Risk doesn’t get quite so involved, but the concept is the same, total global domination. I have played this game a lot, and one thing I can assure you of is that in order to win, you must be able to think as your enemies. Your enemies weakness is your advantage. Sun Tzu probably has something similar, but that’s not important. What IS important is that if YOU were in control, if YOU were Putin, and YOU had to deal with a pathetically weak President, who holds valuable territory and wealth and resources, what would YOU be contemplating? Better yet, what are the globalist scum who are playing this game for real thinking? 

And here comes the big loop, take your hands off the rail, don’t be scared to THINK… roller coasters are fun, aren’t they? Before I leave you all, since we’ve crossed the 1000 word mark, you all get a bonus on this ride. Here comes the biggest story I came across today, announced TODAY, YES TODAY, just before Memorial Day in America, and that story is this:


Not making this up. Look it up. Now how ironic is it that the President is out of country, secret rocket launch, reports of  potential World War 3 being insinuated on a global scale, crazy fucking terrorists, all while Americans are being distracted by numerous special interest agendas or are too programmed and brain-dead to turn off their televisions, but even more distracted particularly tomorrow, because so many will be grilling out, drinking, off work, whatever tomorrow, it’s a national holiday, and a relatively patriotic one. Seems like an ideal time to strike if you are an enemy, does it not? Even better, to MAKE IT SEEM LIKE AN ENEMY STRIKES, in order to further the ultimate agenda of total global domination. Do you think all this information that numerous other sources besides myself have cited and documented is not real. These globalist pigs REALLY WORSHIP LUCIFER. THEY REALLY WANT A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, YES A NEW WORLD ORDER. NOT FAKE, VERY REAL. They are into all sorts of secret shit that YOU would be clueless about had the Internet not been released from military control. Perhaps that was part of their plan however. Control the information, control what the society thinks it believes, right? It just spins and spins and turns and loops and gets crazier and crazier. One of these days, the roller coaster is going to derail and fling humanity out into the void in the process, at least that is one plausibility, maybe humanity can still save itself. Good luck with that, to the 85 to 90% still asleep. Keep eating crap, getting fat, polluting your bodies, remaining docile and complacent, good obedient humans, good slaves, shhhh… just keep watching the television and NOT thinking, that’s exactly what they want. Or will YOU finally have the courage to take YOUR hands off the handrail and really ride the roller coaster? When the changes come, they will come fast, and doing something I’ve never done before, I will steal a quote from a movie here… “My soul is prepared. How’s yours?” (From Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade)… irony everywhere. Life is irony, comedy blended with tragedy, at least the life in this lower dimension of duality, but I am not going to re-re-re-digress into all that now. If YOU don’t know, maybe it’s too late for YOU. This blog is filled with bridges and walkways, but it is YOU who decides to make those steps happen, not me. All the answers for YOU lie within YOU, I am just here translating, remember.

Enjoy the day off tomorrow. Cheers. Love to all.  

St. Peter’s Bones and ISON Update

Pope-peter pprubens.jpg

This is just one image of Saint Peter, you can obviously find many more if you look it up. Saint Peter  traditionally holds the keys to the gates of heaven, hence why I thought this image appropriate. This of course after he was reportedly martyred, being crucified upside-down because he felt he was unworthy of being crucified upright like Jesus supposedly was. So is this the origin of the upside-down cross? Sure, it’s definitely arguable, but most people relate upside-down crosses to evil, hmmmm… strange how that seems to be the reality, once again boiling down to people not knowing the real facts. You can click “Saint Peter” above and read all about his life, and work, and eventually death. His bones are entombed below in his tomb in St. Peter’s Basilica…

St. peter’s tomb… 

…where they have been resting since ohhhh… a long time. However, the Vatican has decided to bring them out for display. The bones are only fragments, contained in an interesting little grey box...

Yes, apparently that’s him or what’s left of him. Long after this clearly painful event…

     So now whenever you see an upside-down cross, you know the real story instead of equating it with evil and Satan. Satan, the real definition, is not what most of you think it is by the way… certainly not a red, horned, pitchfork-wielding devil, but I won’t go into that right now…just another avatar .

The whole point of enlightening you on who Saint Peter was is because the Vatican has decided to bring his bones up from their resting place for display to the public. What at this time? Has something to do with a holiday they exercise amongst themselves, holiday usually meaning ritual to the devil black pope and his minions. Again, I DO NOT BELIEVE NOR DISBELIEVE IN GOD,DEVIL, JESUS,BUDDHA,MOHAMMED, LUCIFER, but… these globalist pig scum illuminati who control all of you DO. So what does this ritual coincide with?…

Well, there is the Hanukkah/Thanksgiving/Comet ISON perihelion all occurring on the 28th, yes 3/4 days away. Possible?… That there is a connection?…Of course it’s possible, doesn’t mean anything will happen. Many have been waiting to see this “comet” for a long time, most don’t even have a clue it’s out there. It’s out there all right, and soon, all of you will see it whether it does anything significant or not. The light show is inevitable. A few days ago, a large solar flare blew off a big chunk of ISON’s tail and coma, but it has yet reformed and is further getting back intact, glowing bright enough to see with the naked eye before sunset. Some of the latest images…

      …quite beautiful, isn’t it? And this comet including tail and coma is SEVERAL times larger than Earth. What will happen, will it make it around the Sun? Will it collide into the Sun? Will it break apart and come back this way, will it just put on a magnificent show in the night sky?  Soon, soon, soon, and by the way, these images are from Bruce Gary’s site, he is apparently the frontman on the latest ISON info. Here’s his link again…

Comet ISON Observations – Bruce L. Gary

Be sure to bookmark it, there are daily updates and images. Before I wrap this up…I want to share a thought…

Suppose the universe is a giant womb, and only appears so vast because we are so infinitely small in this universe. Now suppose comets are sperm, cosmic galactic sperm, that seek to impregnate stars, stars being the eggs. Most of the time, the Sun/Egg deflects the comet sperm, sending it back out to space, but from time to time, a certain comet, so big, hits directly into the Sun, impregnating the Sun in some currently unknowable celestial manner, causing the Sun to do…. well I don’t know, be “born?”… Just something I was thinking about while I watch and wait for Comet ISON to reveal it’s purpose. Maybe you will find it some interesting food for thought as well. Only a few days to perihelion, more to come. My apologies for the delays between updates, I have been busy with other projects and really into some new knowledge that at some point, I am sure I will share with all of you. Wide eyes open. Love to all.

The Strike is Imminent


                                             ^^CLICK THIS LINK ABOVE^^

What is all this about? Are these pig scum fuckers going to make their move or not? I’m being sarcastic…this IS their move. Gradualism at every angle, even right into this impending nuclear war. That’s right, a nuclear fucking war,…radiation, all sorts of sicknesses and mutations, look at the aftermath of what happened to people who got bombed in Japan in WW2, Google it, one mutant after another, in the name of peace and democracy. They want you all to think that North Korea is propagandizing to their own people that America is Imperialistic and deserves to die in the flames of their own corporate greed. But America isn’t doing that, America is a puppet, just like other countries are puppets. Puppets to real-life Risk players, the globalist cabal of elitist banker pig scum. They no definitive affiliation to any country, yes the illuminati if I have to spell it for you,…THEY are the real imperialist. Do you know why?

Because they have their agenda, agenda 21 is what they have leaked, but their real agenda, the real details, are known only to the inner, inner circle. It is a game to them, they use the world, this planet, Earth, as their gameboard, just like Risk. They have a problem though right now,… there are too many people taking resources from the self-designated elite 1%, so therefore, time to depopulate, but they call it eugenics. Genetically modified food, fluoridated water, sterilization, baby poison they disguise as immunizations, mass media hypnosis, drugs, you have the means, go see how far it goes. And YES it’s real, and YES, they are and have been and will continue to do it until…well…until what? What comes next? Next is now, so what is coming?…what is happening now?

As I said earlier, their gradualism is reaching apexes on many levels. They have been conditioning you all for global war, catastrophe, chaos, violence, desensitizing you to the reality of a dark time in our history approaching very fast. So fast in fact, their finger would literally seem to be on that proverbial button, wouldn’t it? But who is they really? Is the world really being held hostage by the threats of a new, young, 28 year old leader of a rather mysterious country? I mean, what do you really know about North Korea, other than that your MSM fake news says that they are are a threat to be feared, a naive nation, led by a regime of dictatorial madmen bent on world destruction, so what do YOU really know? Any attack on their part would initiate the greatest type of violence we have in our our known history,…nuclear war, on a global scale. Do you understand the gravity of that?

Apparently they do, OR the MSM of the Western world wants all of you to think that they do. But why would anyone want to do such a thing? Because the globalist pig scum love war because….IT MAKES MONEY. They are nonhuman pig scum remember, no empathy, they only live for wealth and power. They have orchestrated every war since the Civil War, and that’s just this era, imagine how many cabals have done this tyrannical mind game people harvesting sinister evilness over the centuries. They use information, most of you people are idiot sheep, not all of you, but most, 85 to 90%. That isn’t meant to be mean, or even subjective for that matter, because it’s a fact that the mass majority of this humanity are completely oblivious and clueless about the existence of a shadow government who really run the world through the via monetary manipulation of the world banking system. And when you tell them, YOU are the crazy one, that’s the insane asylum you all consume and exist in.

I have a link somewhere in the archives, search “albert” and/or “pike.” This guy was a 33rd degree free mason, all involved in whatever the master plan for world domination is, not exactly one of the creators of the idea, but he helped lubricate the machine that fed that idea into the minds of the cabal that is controlling your world now. Anyway, that link, or you can find a link yourself, but that link goes to letter he wrote to someone…I can’t recall who the guy’s name was, but that’s not the point. Oh, Manzini, Giuseppe Manzini was the guy. When you see the letter you’ll see why this is so important,… because Pike details the orchestration of world wars 1, 2, and 3. Detailed so finely in fact, actually here…I’ll post part of that letter, this is an actual excerpt and this letter was written in 1871 I believe:

“The First World War must be brought about in order to permit the Illuminati to overthrow the power of the Czars in Russia and of making that country a fortress of atheistic Communism. The divergences caused by the ‘agentur’ (agents) of the Illuminati between the British and Germanic Empires will be used to foment this war. At the end of the war, Communism will be built and used in order to destroy the other governments and in order to weaken the religions.

The Second World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences between the Fascists and the political Zionists. This war must be brought about so that Nazism is destroyed and that the political Zionism be strong enough to institute a sovereign state of Israel in Palestine. During the Second World War, International Communism must become strong enough in order to balance Christendom, which would be then restrained and held in check until the time when we would need it for the final social cataclysm.

The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the ‘agentur’ of the ‘Illuminati’ between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion.

We shall unleash the Nihilists and the Atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute Atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.”

Now considering how close Pike details how both world wars 1 and 2 were callaborated and sold to the public under the guise of something other than what their actual intent was, why would his world war 3 be any different? Read the damn letter, what he says is happening RIGHT FUCKING NOW. The Arab world over there in the Middle East is a hell that gets worse every day, yet still keeps going, it’s bizarre. Civil unrest everywhere, uneducated and miseducated, uninformed and disinformed, all running amuck trying to figure out what exactly?….do they even know what all their animosity is about? Or is that just another image being sold to you through your MSM? Always maintain that open mind, always look from all angles. It’s a deceptive and treacherous trap of traps everywhere you step these days. land mines and grenades going off, unleashing fury on this dying spirit of humanity. Devolving faster and faster into chaos, because that is what they want.

And that is what North Korea will be, their launch pad, their trigger, and it’s right there in front of all your faces being sold as something it is not, but you will all say ” Go America, kill those slant-eyed bastards, make that fuckin country glass,” it is, that is what most of you will say in some way or another, 85 to 90%, the herd, the mumpsimus herd of ignorance. You love to hate, think about that,… think about it because YOU DO… you, yes YOU, LOVE to HATE. If you cannot distinguish between which you I am referring to, then it is most likely YOU that are one of those love-to-haters. How has that become the norm? How did it devolve, and even more important, why are we even fucking devolving at all?

The Fibonacci sequence I have mentioned, the spiral, 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21,… well as i have explained many many many times, you are all conscious in a 3rd dimension spatial dimension of reality moving through a 4th durational dimension of time. Fractals bring all puzzles together in the dimensions we currently experience. Check out this link: http://mathworld.wolfram.com/Fractal.html  Fractals give everything it’s infinite greatness and it’s infinite smallness one could say. One can also say that this 4th dimension of time, this durational dimension, exists as a fractal. Google “fractal images” to see or here for you who need it insta-quick: Image This is how that makes sense; think of a time 1000 years ago. Now think of the progression of advancement up to this moment right now. 1000 years ago would be the outside of the spiral, and as we move inward, the spiral appears to tighten, spiraling faster and faster. We perceive that illusion of acceleration as progression. More progression brings more novelty, so as that spiral gets core condensed, the novelty comes faster and faster as newness increases with the progression of the spiral. So the tightening spiral is a Fibonacci sequence in reverse, but only seemingly, 21, 13, 8, 5, 3, 2, 1, 1, 0….here, look: Image  See how the sequence applies.Image  it is in everything, in a seashell: Image  in a storm: Image a flower: Image  when you flush your toilet: Image    and as I said, in fractals: ImageImageImage   

However, in fractals the Fibonacci sequence is only created by moving, inward and outward, the sequence, the spiral, the fractal itself is never-ending. See here in this video: http://youtu.be/G_GBwuYuOOs  … the fractals become infinitely smaller and infinitely greater as you… zoom in or out you could say. Now suppose we are all moving, pretty easy…we are moving, are we not? We are 3 dimensional beings in this reality, and it is our moving through a 4th durational dimension of time that spirals on a Fibonacci sequence. Think of it as breathing. Right now we are inhaling, we are almost at full inhalation. You can see why, right? Because the spiral is tightened down, almost as tight as it can go. Look at this map oh human “progress” in the last 6000 years: Image     Look how sharp the curve has gone up. Because as the spiral tightens, time speeds up, our progress speeds up, when the sequence winds down, all appears to move quicker. So we are taking a big inbreath as humanity, 5, 3, 2, 1, 1, then to zero point. We are almost at zero point. That is why there are so many firsts, as I’ve mentioned. The gaps between these firsts and other coincidentally coincidental coincidences are shorter and shorter between occurrence because… why class?

The spiral is getting smaller, that is correct. Good job. And can you now understand why it makes sense and isn’t complicated? So many “professionals” put what they think is all of themselves into ideas, but they lack the real stones that it takes to keep your mind always open to all possibility and interpretation. There is a huge grey area between right and wrong, correct or incorrect, dark and light, yet so many like to keep it down to two options, one or the other. Too much thinking hurts, the bliss of ignorance tastes sweeter to the mumpsimus herd. I won’t digress into that though, back to the inbreath, outbreath, and zero point. As I said, we are almost at zero point, certain people know this. I italicized “people” because it isn’t only humans involved, there are  multi-dimensional entities, beings that you aren’t aware of, but nonetheless, surely exist. In fact, the forces that are my sources have information about how the Earth’s upcoming flux at zero point is a highly dynamic galactic event. And what happens at zero point?

That’s the big question, isn’t it? Like I said, and as you can see in the fractal video, the 4th dimension goes on forever, it only appears to end and begin because we are moving through it.  So we are moving so fast now, the world is globally connected via the internet, information is being shared at exponential rates, the masses of asses aren’t quite as far-gone but still need to wake up, 1% of the world population controls the world’s wealth and are trying to keep all of the power from that connectivity in humanity to themselves. There are more than 7 billion people on the Earth now, more than ever as far as we know anyway. 85 to 90% are clueless, that means 6 out of every 7. Should those 6 out of every 7 be depopulated as the illuminati agenda entails, that would leave a little less than a billion people to carry on. And that’s exactly what they want, and exactly what they are doing with their agenda. So back to this zero point… well, once that button gets pushed, when a nuclear war starts, it will only be after the other side of that horror when the sequence can begin again. The sequence right now is at the red umber here: 21, 13, 8, 5, 3, 2, 1, 1, 0. I feel we are at a 3, moving quickly into the 2 of the spiral. Now as you can see in the image above, this part of the spiral is tight, that means things are moving much faster here and now. When it gets into the 2, and then the 1 and 1, from day to night, all you know will change that quick. That is the great change I always tell you about and it’s coming, be ready however you feel is best for YOU, don’t worry about anyone other than your friends, family, loved ones, and most importantly… YOU. 

On the other side of this upcoming war, is when the sequence starts again, and what seemed like an end, when it all was in a zone of zeroness, lights up with a new beginning. There will be the void of the zero and the aftermath of ruins in whatever is left after their machine collapses and their flaming juggernaut finally comes to rest, the new time comes. The zero,… then the 1, the 1 and 1 come together making 2, the 2 make 3, and in time the sequence extends back out onto itself 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34,…. exhaling until it’s time to inhale again. That is time. This was an illustration of time, translated with visual aids so that you can all understand. We are here to help you help yourselves and you can help yourselves right now by looking through this bullshit propaganda they broadcast to you all on the fake news MSM. Remember, they have a program, they follow a program. You plug into their programming every time you turn on your televisions. Broadcasting programs, casting programs to a broad audience,…YOU, all being programmed. Stop watching, how much more must I say it? You have no idea how liberating it is to be free of the hypnosis of television because you have never been free, and if you aren’t free, guess what? You are a slave. Am I wrong? If one is not free, they are enslaved. You are enslaved to your broadcast programming. They even trick you to love your slavery, everything all backwards. That’s how they trick you, double-speak, and backwards thinking, keeping you so confused, you can’t think for yourselves. 

Speaking of broadcasting, since I began this post by talking about the North Korea WW3 instigation apparatus, it has been reported and shown that apparently North Korea’s singular state-run television station repeatedly shows interestingly edited videos of America being bombed, American soldiers dying, Americans being killed in war-like scenarios, “interestingly was italicized because the manner by which they edit and put these films together is something to see. Just go to Youtube and search, i’m not putting any links up, you all can find them yourselves. Now why are they and/or why are people being led to think North Korea is putting these propaganda videos out? Is that 2 different questions?

Either they are really made by the one state-run television station to show to the North Korean people and to the world that they have a message of hysterical and irrational hate projected through the medium of a very…what could I say….amateurly edited film with an orchestral soundtrack. That’s the first possibility, the choice that you all are supposed to believe. Or… they are engineered psy-op videos uploaded to go viral to make everyone, everyone meaning the 85 to 90%, the masses of asses, the sheeple, the herd, most of you, these videos created to program you into having a negative image of North Korea. Oh wow, I just mentioned programming too, didn’t I? Imagine that. I am not a fucking idiot. I am no madman, I’m not crazy, I’m also nothing special, not a genius, not a prophet(lol), not any kind of psychic, any of you can see these things, the same truth in front of me is in front of all you, most of you just don’t have your eyes open to see it. 

Back to my point, so which choice is it, it can only be one of those two answers right? Either these vids are real or they are not real, at least not real in the sense that they were in fact made by professional directors and producers…anyone can clearly see that. Surely, if the North Koreans were to make vids like this for the world to see, wouldn’t their budget be greater, wouldn’t the content be more professionally crafted in a more cinematographic way? Those videos could have been made with a Mac laptop, iMovie, AfterEffects, maybe some Anime Studio, and GarageBand, and maybe, maybe a little Final Cut, but I didn’t even see anything that would need such high-end rendering, so wtf is going on with these films, this rhetoric, this propaganda, these “threats?” Again, I will pose one more time this question…

Would the state-run television programming station for the entire country of North Korea broadcast videos that were of this unprofessional quality, but with such a fierce message intentionally?


Were these videos created by some other covert, secret organization with intentions that go beyond any information that will EVER be released to the public viewing audience? Is it really feasible to just half-knowingly accept that what the MSM is telling you all is the truth and that these videos are in fact what the MSM claims them to be….state run televised anti-imperialist ‘America is our sworn enemy’ propaganda films? Even though they could have been made by a 12 year old with a Mac, possibly better even. Wouldn’t you think the country would want it’s best directors, it’s best producers, it’s…. BEST… to come up with something more…..unjuvenile. The message is “Death to the Imperialist America”…that is a very strong statement to proclaim, then to back it up with threats of nuclear force, yet the videos that are supposedly notifying the world of this serious impending aggression are anything but serious. So why?

Soon you are all going to see. Where will the first strike go? How will it happen? Who will use what excuse to justify their means to save their own asses? And all it rests on is the fat little finger of a 28 year old new leader. Or at least like I said, that’s what they want you to think, but who is really pushing all these buttons? This is a world of liars, thieves, cheaters, demonic entities, pirates, vampires, killers, is this hell? Could one argue that this in fact hell we are all in here together? And it’s about to get really fiery, isn’t it? Interesting train of thought. Stay alert on the situation going down on the Korean Peninsula. I can’t tell you what exactly they are going to do, but believe me, there will be a doing. Look at the pictures, look at the puzzle pieces rather, and you can see so much more than you will ever see on your MSM. So read up, study, research, learn, now, while you can, who knows what sort of crap they will try to use a “state of war” response to still throw shit in your face. The water is boiling now though, and when it becomes a rolling boil, be careful not to get burned by the steam. North Korea is the start, but this is so much deeper. Remember, the rabbit hole is truly abysmal, never ends. It never ends because it never began, it just is. It is beauty and horror, infinite and infantile, the fractal inside itself, trying to work itself out, just like any other entity. “Good God man, you’re entering the Haunted Forest,…got to have your wits about you,…”~ An allusion to Harry Potter, and one before to Alice in Wonderland, and do you know why? Because this is a fantasy world, because this isn’t real, this is a program. YOU are all in it, like the Matrix too. When you dream, you ascend briefly to travel between the 4th and 5th dimension in what’s called the astral plane. Here you are still bound by the constraints of the lower dimensions somewhat, but have variable access to the 5th dimension. Time distortions, unnatural but natural abilities, manifesting desires, all part of existing in the astral plane. You can go back through my archives to catch up on any of that. I mention the astral plane because that is the only time you are truly ever free, free from the confines of this limited reality. Dreaming and/or in an altered state of consciousness via substance and/or through meditation. These help you see through the veil of illusion. Again though, off on my tangents….

There is a greatness beyond this dimension, a higher paradigm awaits those who ascend. Do not get caught up in the melodramas of this slowly vibrating 3rd dimensional paradigm. The purpose of this dimension is to experience duality, soul and ego, love and hate. There is beauty, great beauty in this paradigm, but there is also so much misinformed automaton mumpsimuses. Seems like such a waste. Positive or negative, it will be worse before it becomes what anyone who isn’t an elitist globalist pig scum motherfucker would call better. Oh yeah, they love it, they have the control, the power, the money, the drugs, they are going for total global domination. But I have played many games of Risk. Enough to know that there will be a lot fewer souls left to see the world on the other side of this great change coming. Just always remember, fear is all you are ever really afraid of. What’s there to fear? You are all energy and light, eternal and boundless, you are only stuck here, vibrating slow enough to maintain your form and matter in the space you occupy. This is all only temporary. Learn as much as you can while you are here while you can learn. You cannot take any wealth or money with you, but you can take your heart and your mind and the knowledge inside both is the power that carries you over into the other side. Trust in the power of the knowledge inside you. Your body is only a shell, only a vessel, temporary. Do you notice your body or worry about your body when you dream? I can’t speak for all, but I can gamble wisely by saying that “no,” most people aren’t aware of your body. That is because everything you do in dreams occurs inside your mind. Inside you there is infiniteness. The universe is infinite and you are infinite within that infinite universe. There’s nothing to fear….all will be okay. Relax. Be cool. Love to all.