Hyperbole…Word of the Day

First off, DO NOT sign up for Obamacare. Fuck this puppet fascist president and his globalist pig scum agenda. I repeat, DO NOT REGISTER. Continuing on…the word of the day being zapped right at you is Hyperbole (<<<CLICK<<<). Yes I am sure many of you know the term, but do you know the definition? You’d be surprised, or maybe you wouldn’t, as to just how few out of a random selection of the populous know what this word means. Ask 10 random people. Anyway, it’s very simple, if you clicked the word above, or you already know, then take what YOU know and share to those who do not know. Especially a word like hyperbole, which is a term intertwined inside nearly every conversation you have. When you say, “damn, it’s hotter than hell out,”… that’s hyperbole, just an exaggeration to point out a strong sentiment towards something. Now think, how many times do YOU yourself do this daily? Now think how often you hear others do it. Now think about how often hyperbole is over-used to emphasize factuality when in fact there is a lack of factuality present. See where I am going?…Many of these sites that offer information use hyperbole as a tool to garner belief toward whatever notions they are presenting at the time. YOU must be aware of this when researching, YOU must be able to see through exaggerations to find out what is really true and what is not. Do YOU understand? I’m sure YOU do, now use this day to pay attention to the hyperbole around you as well as your own hyperbole. Maybe even use hyperbole in a sentence, but the point is just to be cognizant of hyperbole, now that YOU have recalled what hyperbole is. And as mentioned earlier, if YOU already know, great, good for YOU, so what are YOU doing with your knowledge? Hoarding it for yourself?…or sharing and trying to help others help themselves? Remember Plato’s Cave(<<<CLICK<<<)… even under the price of death, it is the task of the enlightened to risk descending back to those still trapped inside shadows and echoes, in order to help them ascend and free themselves from their own shackles. Are YOU outside of the cave, in the enlightenment of the Sun? Or are YOU still content being locked inside your prison? It’s up to YOU, not me, I am only here to show YOU the way. YOU must choose to walk through the door, here is YOUR key, what will YOU do? More to come, wide eyes open. Love to all. 



Not only is this a fun word to say, it’s a fun science experiment as well. A tincture has several definitions, but for today’s purposes, it is an extract made with alcohol,… so one could think of it as your favorite booze kicked up with herbal effects. Here’s a link if you need further definition…Tincture – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   I will also add a video link in the paragraph below that shows you in only 8ish minutes how to make tinctures from any herbs. Why use/make tinctures? 

Tinctures are very concentrated, very potent. So for those who enjoy the effects that various herbs give you and/or rely on herbs for medicinal reasons, tinctures boost all of those herbal benefits ten-fold. I came across this video… http://youtu.be/4dloPF1QDuw …which is very informative and like I said, only around 8 minutes long. Do you know how to make a tincture? No? I didn’t think so, but in less than 10 minutes you CAN know by watching this vid. It is actually quite easy, and I consider this a discovery for today as well as a word for you all to use in a sentence today… tincture

What led up to the tincture today?… yet another discovery, although this other discovery has been around for a while. Still, many people do not know about it and that discovery is dabs. Do you know what dabs are? Here’s a link: Urban Dictionary: dabs … the 1st definition.dabs are a wax made from an alcohol or butane extract of ganja. Take a look…… … I know, yummy right?…Here’s some more…     …. as you can see, there a 2 consistencies depending on temperature. When it is colder, the gooeyness becomes more solidified, like a wax, hence the name. Check it out…      

Now this stuff can have a potency comparable to hash oil,… anywhere from 70/75% and up THC. And as you can see, kinda looks like hash. Surprisingly, this process is actually quite easy. From what I have read so far, the ratio is roughly 5 grams to every 1 gram dab wax. Like I said, very easy to concoct should you want to try it out. There are numerous tutorials on the internet, and since I haven’t actually tried it yet myself, that’s going to be more reliable at this time. I’ve watched several vids and have come to this…

The basic method goes something like this: first, what you will need, you will need some 91% or higher isopropyl alcohol, yes the kind in your medicine cabinet, also you will need some coffee filters, pyrex dishes, razor blades, a mason jar, some form of heating plate, and of course, your herbs. Here’s a link..http://youtu.be/DrB9PfidqJQ  … continuing… next make sure that the area where you do this is ventilated. Alcohol fumes are not good for you. What you do is take the herbs, trimmings, stems, make sure they are ground, then combine your herbs in a mason jar with enough iso to cover the herbs. Swirl or shake, then dump through coffee strainer over pyrex dish. Some places say that it is better to freeze both the herbs and the alcohol before you do this, but it doesn’t appear to be necessary. So after the first “wash,” you are going to do this again, and then once more, 3 times wash total. Then once you have the washes in your pyrex dish, you want to heat that on a heating plate to around 120/125 degrees. You will see the wax appear as the alcohol evaporates. Not finished yet…

The final process is called purging. This is very important bc we don’t want to inhale burning alcohol fumes. There is another method of doing this where you substitute butane for alcohol,… again, purging is needed to remove those chemicals before inhalation. There are a few methods for this, and since I am yet to venture there myself, you will have to rely on other sources than myself. I’m just giving you some insight into something you didn’t know about yet. So for today’s discoveries thus far, we have tinctures, and we have dabs. As a side note, ganja is NOT the only herb on this planet. You can make waxes, oils, and tinctures out of many, many, different herbs, plants, and flowers. Use your imagination, check out some herb stores near by and see for yourselves what you can make. Most herbs are legal, so you are breaking no laws by experimenting with your own various concoctions. Valerian root, as mentioned in one of the vids links above, is totally legal and often sold ground up in capsules for sleep aid. By the time you get it this way though, it has lost most of it’s potency. But if you get valerian root in bulk from an herb store, you can use it to make your own CONCENTRATED oil, wax, and/or tincture to get the true benefits. As an insomniac I can assure you that capsulated ground up valerian root is useless and will do nothing for the seasoned insomniac. So as a future experiment, I am going to buy some bulk valerian root and use it for my first attempt to create a tincture. You will all be the first to know the results when said experiment has been completed. Check out some of these things for yourselves and do not focus on any sort of legalities amongst particular herbs, this is only information. Information is only negative in perception, it is neither good nor bad, and at this point you all should know very well that I am just a translator of that information. These processes are hardly limited to particular herbs, so have some fun with your favorite ones, maybe a tincture of basil, or oregano oil, just remember you must have the natural form of your herbs for the processes to be able to extract their essence. Pre ground up and processed herbs are useless. You always want fresh herbs, organic herbs. On that note, this post has come to its end. Enjoy your Sun-day. Wide eyes open, love to all. 



In the post before this, I hinted, but did not directly give you all the details of the great irony of marijuana prohibition. Do you know what that great irony is? The government, the regulators of these out-dated restrictions on personal cannabis use, are the biggest drug dealers in the world. Cannabis is not a drug, it’s a flowering herb. It’s a natural plant, here to benefit mankind, not hurt it. So what drugs do the government specialize in? 

Well, where does one begin? Let’s start in Afghanistan. Do you know why we occupy that country now? No, not terrorists. It’s for the opium. Afghanistan supplies 90%+ of the world’s opium. Opium is the pain-killing ingredient in every narcotic. The real definition of narcotics vaguely puts any “numbing” substance in this felonious category. Click this link: 


As you can see, the LEGAL definition lumps cannabis in together with cocaine and heroin and LSD, all of which have very different effects, pros, cons, etc…  All classed schedule ONE felonies in the USSA. As I was getting to above, who now occupies all that opium? America does, so now the government, your government, has control of the pain medicine that so many in this country are addicted to and/or use for legitimate reasons. Control the drugs, control the money, control the military, control the people. 

Roughly 2 million Americans are arrested for drug possession every year, and the number is skyrocketing. Look here at this link: http://bjs.gov/content/dcf/enforce.cfm These are legit government statistics and as you can see, the number is going nearly straight up on the graph. A war on drugs, a tremendously failed war, has cost the American taxpayers trillions. And then the irony kicks in, because the ones who control the drugs at the start, are the same ones prosecuting those who distribute their drugs. It’s fucking insanity. 

If you do not have the common sense to reason out marijuanas effects as compared to alcohol, heroin, cocaine, etc… it is apparent how relatively harmless cannabis is. How many people kill other people driving drunk each year? How much overall chaos is caused by alcohol consumption? Now think about when anyone you know and/or yourself consumes cannabis. See the difference?

The ripple effects of marijuana demonization in the mid 20th century are still being felt, but not for much longer. Common sense seems to be trying really hard to squeeze it’s way into those you elect to make your laws. Before that aforementioned demonization, cannabis was always looked upon as valuable and beneficial for man/woman’s use. Medicinally, ask any cancer patient how well it affects their appetite and nausea. And for recreation, there has never been an overdose. People don’t fight and argue and babble incoherently as they do on alcohol. They don’t nod off into oblivion like they do on heroin. They don’t get all jacked and talk a lot of shit about nothing like they do on cocaine. Cannabis is natural. But it is still categorized as something dangerous. Common sense…where’s the danger?

So these globalist pigs make it illegal because it’s difficult to regulate. But instead of spending money to work out said regulations, they waste it on guns and bombs in some sham “war on drugs.” It’s such a joke, has had no impact, and has even given steam to the escalating violence as a result of this war. War on drugs, war on terror, who is profiting from all of this ultimately? You know it, the globalist pig scum. War equals money to them, just like Risk, but with Monopoly added in somewhere. YOU are part of their game. YOU let them use YOU as a piece on the gameboard. And if you get wiped out, oh well, it’s just a game to them, remember?

Until 1937, cannabis was great and dear friend to man/woman. 30/40/50/nearly 60 years of demonization led to a change in the 1990’s. Education, information, the truth, shared to anyone and everyone who could hear and listen. Magazines like HIgh Times, books, knowledge helped get grow info out and illustrations and articles helped give shape and meaning to the novelty of recreational and medicinal growing/consuming of cannabis. That novelty became a cause, and a statement for personal freedom. It was/is part of the great call awakening everyone to the reality of this reality. Now look where we are…

2 states… legalization, Washington and Colorado. Next is Nevada. Besides those that are allowing decriminalization, nearly 20 other states allow cannabis for medicinal reasons. People are smartening up. Common sense I told you, kicking in with a big foot. Look around, all this crazy shit going on in the world, and you wanna harass people who smoke some weed? Duh. Stop wasting time and energy and manpower and all your precious tax money fighting something that isn’t a threat. 

And, as I said earlier, the irony, YOU government puppets, YOU operate the biggest drug operation ever. The USSA government controls that 90%+ of the opium in Afghanistan now. Just like the depictions of how gangsters and mafia-types operate. They use their military might to wipe out the competition and take over nearly the entire world opium trade. America, us, if you live here, is the biggest, most ruthless gang in the world now. Domination is their agenda, I told you, just like Risk. They aren’t going to stop, and if they fail, plan B is to take the whole ship down with them in flames. 

Illegalization, demonization, education, information, semi-legalization, realization, and now here we are, still schedule 1. Why? When will these dinosaurs finally extinct themselves? There’s much more to this life than concerning yourselves over some marijuana. It is only novelty because of its criminality. No legal, or illegal, just let it be as it is. Then it is no longer such a novelty, then it becomes the unbig deal that it should be. Learn, read, educate yourselves before you condemn something that is so trivial in the bigger picture. Is marijuana a threat to you? No, it doesn’t lead to other drugs. The criminality, the novelty of doing something illegal is what leads to drug use. Oh, but I forget sometimes, 85 to 90% of you are thinking with a herd mentality. Still, common sense we can only hope…

Enjoy this day. If you get down, get down, think about this restriction on your personal freedom. If you are subject to any restriction, are you truly free, especially when that restriction restricts something as unimportant as marijuana? Where is the freedom in the fact that you will handcuffed, arrested, tried, fined, and sentenced for taking a bong hit, charged with both possession and paraphenalia, where is the freedom in that? But they do it, get away with it every day, suppressing you more, taking your energy for themselves. If you like pot, smoke your pot. Fuck them. If you get caught, use their system against them. It’s a God damn plant for Christ’s sake. Speaking of Christ, what do you think Jesus would say about cannabis? He looks like a hippie stoner to me, does he not to you? Think about it. 

Yes, the USSA government is now the world’s biggest drug dealer, biggest gangster, biggest overall terrorist that has the nerve and hypocrisy to accuse and prosecute others for doing the same, but on much smaller levels. They can, YOU cannot. How much sense does that make? Stop being afraid of these globalist pig scum fucks and their army of thuggy brain-washed cronies with badges and guns. They are beyond programmed, they are subhuman Delta robots. They only follow orders because their brains do not function on a higher level. Did you know that if you are too smart, you cannot be a cop. Now why is that? Because dumb ass people follow dumb ass orders. So fuck them and their dumb ass lackie chump puppets. These parasitic pig scum think they have the control, but the people have had enough. keeping pushing a dog in a corner, and watch how hard it bites…

The world is moving so fast now, from the 2 to the 1 + 1, faster and faster toward zero. Seems oxymoronic doesn’t it? Their prohibitions are part of their program, not yours. You only give in because of fear. STOP BEING AFRAID. Everyone is so scared of the shadows on the wall,… why? Let it go. You are already dead if you aren’t living free. YOU have a brain, use it. Enlighten yourselves, acquire knowledge, improve, progress, build your power, then learn to use it for a greater good. So much is coming, so much to YOU, this upcoming bump on the evolutionary superhighway. Do not be afraid, let go of the fear, let go the ego. Feel your soul, feel your true self, your divine self inside. That is the real you. The ego plays to their illusion. Fuck their illusion. Now you know how to leave your cave, so do it. Find enlightenment, find the light that will brighten the darkness in your life. You have the power, inside YOU, so much. Have fun, be safe today, how are those wide eyes looking? Cheers 4/20… Love to all. Image