This Video Answers Questions ~ CLICK HERE

A repost of an earlier video. I am emphasizing that everyone give this video a look. Take an hour of your time, I know you do not have much, but take an hour and help you help yourself. Change is coming. Many of your questions might be answered here. Instant gratification around the 30 minute mark for those of you who may be anxious to get to the point. A listing of facts, one after another, with evidence. Believe, do not believe, but be aware. Love to all.


Start Finding Out For Yourself

Pay attention to this information and yes, there is so much more is out there for you to find. All of you that still latch on to a bible or some form of religion, Christian, Jew, Muslim, whatever watch the first 10 minutes, just the first 10 minutes. Enlighten yourself. This info is not publicized through the mass media. The mass media is used to control you with fear and misinformation. Stop watching what they program for you. Believe in us, believe in the social media. At least believe in the dynamic of being fully aware of what is really going on around you. We are here to help you, not scare you or control you. We are here to help you detach from your enslavement, to awaken to your Divine Self. Believe what you want, watch what you want, accept what you want, but at least afford yourself the chance to gain insight through greater wisdom. The responsibility of choice is on you. Time is running out. Love to all.