NASA ENLIL Solar Wind Radar >>Watch Previous Post Video First<<

This is NASA’s ENLIL Spiral. Earth is the yellow dot to the right. You can clearly see the CME, and yes, it looks kinda ominous, doesn’t it? Nonetheless, NOT A DIRECT HIT, but there will be some great auroras. Just wanted to post this for your knowledge, here’s the link again…    This is updated regularly and is something interesting to look at from time to time, especially when there is an increase in solar flare activity.

This other ENLIL wind prediction radar shows relatively the same thing. If any of you watch SO, Suspicious Observer, you will see the he goes over these every time he does his daily report. Of course not all of you know that, which is why I am here helping you help yourselves. If you feel inclined, save these in your bookmarks or reading lists or whatever, or don’t. They are here for you to use as long as the power and/or the internet stays on. Wide eyes open. Love to all. Wide eyes open. Love to all.


Tornado/s on the Sun, Yes, on the Sun

This is happening as you watch this if you are watching this on January 21, 2013. These tornado like vortex events on the Sun are just at the edge of Earth-side I believe so no real worries there, but wow, aren’t they neat to watch, especially if one considers how massive and powerful those truly are? Humbling. So as you can see I have discovered and it is not only fun, but quite educational and fascinating. So many views of the sun you do not normally see. You have different viewing options as well as time and date options. Have a look for yourselves. I started today by just looking for that giant triangle. Then I figured out it is real easy to highlight any spot you want and record real-time vid clips. You can do it too. All of this is free and for all of you to use. Don’t take these luxuries for granted. This knowledge we can access through our fingertips is vast, but what would happen if the electricity suddenly went out, and stayed out? Think about it. Love to all.