For None and All



Yes, this is a 10 our long audio book.

I know I have mentioned this book at some point… any of you who do not know of Nietzsche…






I first read this on my first trip to Europe when I was like 18, which in some ways, I did by myself…wrapping itself right into the very situation I found myself in, backpacking around Europe for 3ish weeks,and thus,  it blew my mind before I even knew what mind I had. And over time, certain aspects would intertwine with mine own psychology, particularly at times when I’ve found myself alone. Or notice crowd psychology, the way certain types of people act certain types of ways, nothing specific, just things you put together in your head…again, when one find’s one’s self all alone as an individual  observer. 

In case you haven’t put this together yet, this knowledge tertiarily vines around yet again upon all and none of those who are and/or are not finding themselves in some current state via self-enlightenment and/or self-unenlightenment. I’m keeping this post short, you have 10 hours to play this as you maybe go to sleep, or while you drive, or whenever you EXERCISE, which YOU all should be doing…detoxifying, freeing yourselves from your egos, reconnecting with the mighty Mother Earth, Nature, the Sun, outside of the cave, get outside of the cave already. Or do not, the choice as always has been YOURS and yours alone, no one else can free YOU except YOU…so… AT LEAST LISTEN FOR THE FIRST DAMN 10 MINUTES…

All these keys to all these doors, can YOU all not see what YOU really are yet?

When is the time to wake up going to be now for YOU?

Or just keeping changing the fucking channel….

Love to all.

Unknown Known

animated question mark photo: animated swirl alphabet pink question mark anna_marek w_que.gif

Oh how this world throws you, me, us, all around and around and around again. All the while, drenching everyone in some backwash brew of seemingly infinite melodramas. All is a spiral, all is sequential, go back through my archives if you are reading this and are already getting lost. You’ve seen the many images and read through the links, yet do you ever question why this information is unknown to 6 out of every 7 people? It all seems rather obvious, once you know, do you know what I mean?

No worries though, …when you are all dead, what will the minor setbacks really mean to you? I don’t mean that in some ominous and/or threatening way, I just meant in general, what will all these little episodes add up to after this incarnation? Do you remember your last incarnation? Do you remember being here before, doing all of the things you are doing right now? We know what and where dreams occur, but do we know why? The questions can go on and on and on, but there is less and less time to answer them all as these moments hastily fall away.

Since I’ve been uprooted into nomadism, I am quickly finding out that a new macbook is going to be a handy investment, although my mac mini does the job, as long as I have internet access. I would in some ways like to document this time of no home to call home. Not sure what tomorrow is bringing, that whole sort of vibe, you know?… No one knows definitively what sort of tomorrow will come, so why stress? This is what I always tell you all about the moment, living in the moment. Yesterday kind of sucked, sometimes negativity is unavoidable, but it’s in the past though so fuck it. Contrarywise, as I aforementioned, the future is not written, at least in a language you can understand, so why hassle with the stress of an encroaching future that you cannot change, even if you think you can?…

In this moment, I have both my literal and figurative shadow, a few close people, my connection to all of you, so as you can see, this moment, this one right now, re-la-tively isn’t so bad, is it? No concerns about any fake MSM hypnosis broadcast programming. That’s the herd’s trip remember?…not yours, ours, the 10 to 15%, the quickened if you will, or enlightened, or the all-time fad favorite that the new-agers have raped…awakened. Yes you new agers, just because you can see the windows and doors, doesn’t mean you know how to open and/or walk through them. Get out of your uber-positivity fluffy fake clouds,…no one is always fucking chipper and exaggeratedly happy content, not in this dimension.

Oh no, this dimension is barely above primality,…that’s right, apes with the ingenuity to create just enough to stay in conflict with each other, that’s the majority, that’s the mumpsimus herd. Look in my archives if you don’t know, I repeat myself constantly and tag a lot of stuff, so use the search widgit accordingly. You will find a virtual treasure trove of knowledge, knowledge that ALL should possess, yet few are aware of. Knowledge that should be known from the earliest of ages, yet here are 6 out of every 7 of you, running around clueless, bumping into one another and breeding more of yourselves. Again, YOU know which YOU I am referring to, so if what I say doesn’t apply to YOU, well YOU figure it out. I am only the translator, your translator, whether you like it or not. It really has nothing to do with any of you, but that is for another time. I could dive in, but not right now…my mojo is hurling through some kind of asteroid field. I wouldn’t say I am off, but I’m not quite on either. Anyway, I digress, and that’s enough for now. Until the time when thoughts become words again my dear friends, readers, watchers, listeners, those of you who have the courage to see what is outside of the cave. Wide eyes open, love to all. 

The Kybalion


One of my discoveries for today. i just picked up the book so I have no real insight until I read it, other than the fact that it seemed to jump out at me, wishing me to gaze at it’s pages. So gaze I shall, and what i find, I may or my not share with you. Perhaps you should get your own copy and read it as I do…just a thought. The authors are only known as the three initiates, have a look: Image    and here are some more:

ImageImageImageImageImage     Various covers, interesting illustrations, I’m excited to see what the contents of this book reveal. For those of you who must jump ahead to get your insta-fix, here is a link:  Like I said, just got it, now i will be reading it and I recommend you check into it as well. Always learning, that is the key to the door of enlightenment. Stay informed. Much more to come as I learn. Love to all.