Giant African Snail

Every day I find something, everyday I learn or un-learn something from the day before…never fails. They are like new little gems for the treasure trove of knowledge inside me. Have you discovered your treasure today, your little gems? Do you even look or better yet, do you even know that you can see them? Maybe you cannot, Idk… that’s your trip and another tangent.  For now, here’s something I found earlier: Image

Yes, it’s a snail, a giant snail, a huge fucking snail…wow, look at that thing. If you want some specifics, here you go:  So naturally after seeing this initial pic, I had to know more, which led to more pics: ImageImageImage   I have seen big snails in my life, but these have definitely acquired the 1st place position. Another link and then I have something to share and then even more coming after that:

Yes, the term “gross” could be applicable here. Now I love animals so I am not bringing up the term gross from appearance at all. No they are quite beautiful actually, but along with the majesty of it’s rare size, these snails are mainly considered pests, as are most snails. They adapt and breed quickly, ravaging plants and disrupting the natural way of life. They can potentially carry any one of numerous parasitic organisms so if you like escargot as I do, make sure you know what you are getting into before you find yourself facing it for dinner. Here’s a link to some info on the subject of eating these things:

And for live footage:

As you just saw, some people actually call someone to remove these in Florida. Calling a professional to remove a snail from your space. That is a reflection in itself and so the answer is yes. Yes, there is plenty of metaphorizing going on right now… or is there? Nonetheless, now you know about Giant African Snails should you ever encounter one. Be careful, eyes wide open. Love to all.