The Incurable Pain of your Reality

The Incurable Pain of your Reality

Just an image worth a billion words. Ian Curtis again for you. Do you now what real loneliness is? Do you know what it means to hurt so much your soul breaks right along with your heart? What do you all really know of pain? look at this picture. What do you feel? Do you even know how to really feel anymore? Where is the love in our humanity gone? Maybe some see it more than others and opt to just move on. Doesn’t seem so illogical does it? A flash, then you are …where, where do you go? You shall all see, but right now, look at how you live, consuming and consuming, devouring love and the light inside yourselves. It may not hurt you, but it hurts those of us who are trying to make a difference to help this crumbling humanity. Take what you want from this or take nothing….85 to 90% of you won’t get it anyway. And we wonder why we must walk alone? Love to all.

Words from a Song

We ignore refused consent

Animals do not repent

Courtesy to intervene

Weather down by selfish need

I suffocate

And promise me you won’t


If I change my mind

It’s far too late

I’m wasting the day

Like I’m wasting the night

And I’ve wasted my youth

You’re waiting for something

But you’ve waited in vain

Cause there’s nothing for you

I suffocate